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It started from me adoring her from a far... Just some luck happens when she talked to me and we became acquaintances to friends... But now, she became the closest to other half. My love for her had undergo into 4 phase of personal zone. It started in a far distance to no proximity at all.



This is author nerd's one shot of Yulsic! Enjoy fellows :-) 

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HyoHyunLove #1
Chapter 1: I like it. Please write another chapter haha.
php502 #2
Chapter 1: yeah, u may add another chap n make it sweeeet like this. hehe..
KSeobang #3
Chapter 1: One word: Perfection.
RunningTRussia #4
Chapter 1: It was really god
soowonderful #5
Author, you are so nerd kekeke writing story on proxemics hahahahahaha jjang! XD
cooljags #6
Chapter 1: This was perfect.
DarkestAngel #7
Chapter 1: Nice one shot. Write more.