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Round 1 Open!

Welcome to Be the Shield (BTS) Graphic Contest. Round 1 is now open. Feel free to join and show off your amazing design skills. Good luck!

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Prizes for winners in the final round:

— first place: 2,000kp

— second place: 100kp

— third place: 500kp

— 50kp each for those who make it to round 3



[!] update: we are currently accepting entry. feel free to participate.
— 19 august



01. Subscibe to the contest (upvote is optional but highly appriciated)
02. Create original artwork according to the prompts provided (no animation, old artwork, or collaboration...)
03. Can submit as many as you want but make sure they are in different prompt
04. Put your name and Be the Shield Graphic Contest or BTS GC in your artwork
05. Create a blog post about this contest with banner and link back to the page
06. Submit the form carefully
07. There will be 3 rounds. No late submission (must follow the deadline)
08. Always comment the form to submit
09. Respect each other (no bashing)

Deadline : October 10, 2015


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4 days to go before the deadline is up :) make sure to submit yr entry if you haven't
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