On A Rainy Day

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I was reading Little Prince again last holiday so I came up to this. I totally ship the prince and the rose! And it was rainy last holiday. It rained last new years eve. So I write.

I hope you like it! :-) 



On A Rainy Day



On a lonely hour of a rainy day in summer, a small blonde girl on her yellow raincoat and her umbrella was waiting on a shed for the rain to stop. She was staring at the sky as she swirled her umbrella back and forth on her hands and holding a thin book at the same time. A tall tanned girl was staring at her. It’s been an hour, and yet the rain had not stop. The sky was in the middle of upcoming darkness and fading sun light. The tall tanned girl couldn’t helped to think and be bothered by the blonde, so she asked.



“Excuse me, miss? Why don't you use your umbrella to walk to your destination?” said the tall tanned girl who was wondering why the small girl was waiting for the rain to stop if she already is equip with an umbrella and a raincoat.


The small blonde girl looked at her and looked back at the rain drops hitting on her palm.


“Do you know where do the raindrops go when it fell to the ground?”the small girl asked all of a sudden


“W-What?” the tall tanned girl said in confusion


“Do you know where do the raindrops go when it fell to the ground?”the small girl asked again as she let her shoes be soaked by the rain


The tanned girl thought the question was childish but she answered anyway.


“It evaporates and become a cloud.” the tall tanned girl replied


“What happens after it become a cloud?” the small girl asked another question



The tanned girl thought that the small girl was mighty weird but she answered the question anyway.



“It falls back down again to the ground and the cycle goes on.” the tanned girl said logically


“It’s strange, isn’t it?” the small blonde girl said and laughed softly...so soft that it sounds so bitter despite of her melodious voice and cheerful disposition.


“Why?” the tanned girl asked


“It’s strange...the rain drops is said to be essential and yet, it has no permanent place to go.” the small girl said as she looked upon the sky.



“Do you have no place to go?” the tanned girl carefully asked but the small girl just looked up on the sky and looked down on her soaked socks as she lifted her shoes discreetly. The tanned girl looked at the small girl’s face and she saw how sad it was, so she decided to cheer her up through her words.



“But if the rain drops stay in one place, it will be bad. It can either cause flood if it stays too long on the ground and it can cause drought if it stays too long on the clouds.” the tanned girl said as she looked at the small girl and wonder about the question. The small blonde girl looked at the tanned girl and saw her ID and read her name out loud.



“Kwon Yuri...” the small girl said


“H-Huh?” the tanned girl asked surprisedly and the small girl just pointed on her ID. “O-Oh, right...My name is Kwon Yuri, and you are?” the tanned girl offered her hands to shake but the small girl just looked at it and smile and looked back in the rain.



“The rain drops fall down to people's clothes and make their socks soak... The rain drops falls down to umbrella and yet, it slips away...The rain drop falls down to the ground and yet it leaves no trace on it... “ the small girl rhetorically said



“What do you mean?” the tall girl asked


“Do you like a sunny day or a rainy day?” the small girl cheerfully asked


“I don’t like rainy weather because it is troublesome, I like sunny days. But sometimes the sun is too hot so I like the rain to come.” the girl named Yuri said



“The people feels the rain... They feel everything about it from it's cold breeze in the air, slippery of the ground, droplets on their skin and wetness of their socks but still, they choose to move forward and they’re too busy to enjoy it. They hate it for being troublesome... But they didn't notice that the rain is beautiful... It makes the rainbow comes after it. But the people are too busy to appreciate it. They don’t even noticed that the rain already ended, and when the sunny day comes, they begin to miss the rain because it’s too hot.” the small girl said as she smiled a little and looked at the sunset over the rain.



“There is a lot of things to do than to stare at the rainbow... You know, time is important.” Yuri said as she sat on the bench inside the shed, closely to the standing small girl. She put her carried office luggage on her lap and took out her phone and after a few minutes she was frustrated.


“Damn, no signal... I’ll miss my meeting.” she groaned in frustration. The small standing girl looked behind her to look at Yuri.


“You’re a business woman?” the small girl asked or more so stated


“H-How did you know?”


“You are too serious...” the small girl said “You didn’t even noticed the sunset...I just wish you’ll see the rainbow after the rain.” the small girl said


“I don't understand you... You speak so deep.” Yuri complained


“Because you use alone your brain in understanding...” the small girl shrugged


“Because the brain is use for thinking!” Yuri defended


“But thinking with brain alone is bad... It is evil and misguided without the heart. It is deceitful, prideful and proud without that.” the small girl sat beside Yuri


“You’re too idealistic.” Yuri replied


“And you’re too realistic... You didn’t even see the sunset because you’re too focus in your life.” the small girl said


“Well, if I don’t focus with my life, I’ll lose my job!” Yuri said



“You sound like someone I knew...She’s always busy and she always say “I'm a serious person!...I'm busy!” and because of that, she never see the sunset, she never danced in the rain, she never noticed the sunrise and she never was happy... She never learned how to love.” the small girl almost broke into tears but she bit her lips and remain still to refrain from crying. “She never knew how to love anyone so she only loves herself...”the small girl looked at the raindrops that keeps falling to the ground



Yuri looked at the small girl and listened to her as the girl keeps on talking as she held the thin book on her lap.



“Like the Rose in this book she was... Full of vanity and selfishness and yet she remained as the most fairest maiden for someone named Taeyeon. Like the prince in this book, Taeyeon took care of her Rose, Stephanie as a fragile treasure.Taeyeon served Stephanie and protected her and yet Stephanie was too blind to see Taeyeon’s love for her. All because, she doesn’t know how to love...







“Taeyeon!” a redhead girl called the attention of a young girl in front of her.


“Do you need something Stephanie?”


“Can you tie my shoe lace for me? I’m too tired to reach it.” the redhead said as she looked at herself in the mirror




Taeyeon tied Stephanie’s laces and speak. “I already prepared your lunch. I cooked your favorite food!” Taeyeon cheered “It’s on the table.”


“I’ll just have lunch with my friends later at the restaurant and besides, I'm not in the mood for eating carbohydrates, it will only destroy my figure.”



“O-Oh...Okay.” Taeyeon said weakly and disappointment was written on her face but she managed to smile as she stood up in front of the love of her life. Stephanie looked back in the mirror for a while...Taeyeon thought that Stephanie doesn’t notice her efforts so she was sad. Stephanie then, cleared and speak.


“I’ll get going now... Don’t wait for me.” Stephanie went outside and shut the door as she left Taeyeon alone on their house.




Taeyeon was excited, it will be their first anniversary together tomorrow. She planned everything already about her midnight surprised dinner with Stephanie, she was thinking happy thoughts until Stephanie called her attention.




“Oh, Stephanie?” Taeyeon looked at Stephanie and was stunned and amazed. Stephanie was beautiful on her formal dress and make up on. Her hair was curled in perfection. It was like an angel came to life.


“Stephane...You look beautiful.” Taeyeon blushed in her own statement


“I know right?...” Taeyeon was shocked how proud the girl can be but continued to appreciate her beauty “I have business meeting later on, I can’t be late or else I’ll lose my job!” Stephanie said worriedly


“B-But...What time will you go home?” Taeyeon asked


“I’m not sure, it depends on the clients.” Stephanie shrugged


“Can you come home at midnight?” Taeyeon said


“Why?” Stephanie asked as she straightened her dress


“Don’t you remember?”


“Remember what?” Stephanie raised her eyebrows


“N-Nothing...just be here on midnight...it means a lot to me.” Taeyeon smiled a little to hide her hurt.


“Okay.” Stephanie said as she went out the door, leaving Taeyeon alone again.



Before midnight comes, Taeyeon already did set up her surprised dinner date with Stephanie. She cooked especial food and rented a violinist to play on their date. When everything was done, she sat on her seat and waited for Stephanie to go home. She waited and she waited until she fell asleep.


Taeyeon was awakened by a soft tap on her shoulder. Taeyeon smiled wide at the thought it was Stephanie but it faded quickly because it was not.


“Miss? I think your date is not coming... It's already three in the morning.” the violinist said


“O-Oh... Yeah. Here's your payment. I'll call a cab outside for you. I'm sorry for inconvenience.” Taeyeon said apologetically


“It’s nothing ma’am... Don’t be sad anymore, you’re too beautiful and kind... You deserve someone better.” the violinist patted her back




Taeyeon cried on her sleep that night, she opened her eyes and saw the sun lit up through her window pane and saw Stephanie hugging her as she rans her hands from her forehead to her hair.


“S-Stephanie?” Taeyeon asked surprisedly. She never saw Stephanie cared for her that way. She was about to hug back but Stephanie quickly sat up and fixed herself away from Taeyeon.


“You're crying in your sleep and it's annoying me, so I have no choice but to comfort you.” Stephanie said flatly


“O-Oh.” Taeyeon looked down in sadness






“You see that small box beside the lamp shade?” Stephanie asked




“You can have that” Stephanie said as she looked away as Taeyeon opened the box.


Taeyeon saw a beautiful bracelet inside of it.



“S-Stephanie...I-I...Thank you...” Taeyeon couldn’t help to tear up because she was touched by Stephanie’s kind gesture. Maybe she remembers their anniversary after all.


“T-That is f-free on the dinner party, I thought you can have it.” Stephanie lied and she gulped. She bought that present for Taeyeon a week ago as her present for their anniversary but she was too prideful to admit it.


“O-Oh...But i-it’s beautiful. I appreciate it still.” Taeyeon tried to smile but her heart is aching deep inside... Stephanie doesn’t remember it... Maybe the violinist is right, she deserves someone better.










“WHAT?!” Taeyeon annoyingly replied because she was busy watching television with her favorite program on it and yet Stephanie kept calling her name.


“I'm hungry” Stephanie said


“I'll cook a bit later...” Taeyeon resumed to watch television but Stephanje keep on calling her name again.




“WHAT AGAIN?!” Taeyeon was getting pissed by Stephanie's demands


“Cook now...I’m hungry.”



“I said later, okay?” Taeyeon ignored the girl and continued watching until she was bothered by another disturbing sound, Stephanie was sobbing.


“Alright, Alright! Stop it, I’ll cook now... There, happy?” Taeyeon stood up. She knows that Stephanie was just faking her sobs to bother her conscience but she can’t resist the latter anyway




“What is it?”


“I...I-I... P-please cook now...” Stephanie looked away. She was about to apologize but too arrogant to do it.


“I was about to but you called me!” Taeyeon stomped her way to the kitchen and cooked food for the latter


“You ordered me to cook food but now, you’re just staring at it.” Taeyeon scoffed. Stephanie composed herself again and speak up.


“I lose my appetite. I want to go to the mall. Drive me there.”


“Okay.” Taeyeon said disappointedly






“Taeyeon, stop!”


Taeyeon keep on hitting Stephanie with the toy hammer she bought at the mall as she giggled like a child.


“Taeyeon, I’m reading a book. Stop being childish!”


“Can’t we play and have fun for a while without thinking work?” Taeyeon sat on the bed beside Stephanie as she sighed


“I’m a serious person!... I’m busy. I have no time for games.” Stephanie ignored her and continued reading her book.

“Stephanie, Let’s go out and watch the sunset!” Taeyeon called her again


“I don’t have time for sunsets.” Stephanie replied coldly


“How about tomorrow? Let’s watch the sunrise together!” Taeyeon cheered


“I don’t like the sun, okay?!” Stephanie groaned impatiently


“How about the rain?” Taeyeon asked softly “Do you like it?”


“I don’t like the rain.” Stephanie said.


There was a long silence afterwards until Taeyeon broke it.


“Remember when we first met?”





“We met because you forgot your umbrella...” Taeyeon said. Stephanie looked at her as she put down her book. She remembered that she met Taeyeon on a rainy summer day.


“Taeyeon...” Stephanie’s eyes softened as realization hits her



“Hearing you say that you don’t like rain, means that you don’t like me anymore... I’m glad you told me...That’s what I’ve been waiting for you to tell me. Now, I can leave you peacefully.” Taeyeon said as she wiped the tears on her eyes.



Stephanie chose to continue to read her book, unknown to Taeyeon, tear drops were falling down to the book’s pages.





Taeyeon decided to leave the house and go back to her parent’s house. On her departure day, she bid goodbye to Stephanie.






“I...I want you to know that I love you... But I have to leave.” Taeyeon said as she stood in front of Stephanie who refused to look at her




“Being with you...I felt happiness for your beauty and my love for you but at the same time, I’m hurt too...because you never loved me...” Taeyeon looked at Stephanie and bid her final goodbye. Taeyeon was about to open the door until Stephanie cleared .





Taeyeon stopped and faced Stephanie



“I...I love you too. I’m sorry... It was my fault that you did not know it. I hope you find your happiness...” said Stephanie as she refused to meet the latter’s gaze.




“It’s true, I’ve been selfish and inconsiderate towards you, but you’ve lost your patience and became selfish too... You chose to leave so leave now! It’s annoying me that you’re still here.”



And with that, Taeyeon left Stephanie.


After Taeyeon left her home. Stephanie cried on the floor...


She was selfish, she didn’t want Taeyeon to see her cry over her.





“They never see each other again after that?” Yuri asked


“Yes.” the small blonde said sadly


“That's sad. But don’t you think they deserve a second chance?” Yuri asked




“Because they love each other truly and yet Stephanie doesn’t know how to express herself and Taeyeon gave up immediately.” Yuri said


“Because like the rain...Taeyeon’s feelings were unnoticed” the small girl stared at the raindrops hitting the ground “It was there... It was known that it was there and yet it was being taken for granted by the people.” the small girl said


The tanned girl can’t help but to feel sad about the story.


“It’s a pity... But come to think of it. So what if the rain is being taken for granted? The people needs the rain. You said before that rain can bring happiness to people when they dance with it and at the same goes for it can cry with them when they are sad while the rain... The rain needs the people so it can have a purpose.” Yuri said what’s on her mind.




“To serve the people...”


“What do you mean?” asked the small girl


“Taeyeon should’ve stay...because Stephanie is her purpose.”


“But doesn’t she deserves someone better?”



“Well, my mother once said to me when I asked her why she stayed with my father then she told me this...There are a lot of better people but there is only one love... She invest all her time for him. That’s what makes him special... I think that’s what makes Stephanie special too.” Yuri said as she tried to remember her mother



The small girl remained silent for a while.


“It's the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.” the small girl said to herself and she stood up.


The small girl smiled widely and looked at Yuri.


“Take this.” the small girl handed the umbrella to Yuri.


“Why are you giving this to me?” Yuri asked confusedly



“Because I’m happy...I want to dance in the rain....Thank you... I will never forget you as long as I live. You give me courage to go on... You helped me realized my purpose. I hope you see your rainbow...” the small girl hugged her and smile for the last time.


“Y-Your purpose?”


The small girl just smiled and went outside the shed


“Till we meet again my dear friend!”


“Wait! Where are you going?”


“Home!” the small girl shouted happily


The small girl run happily under the rain.


“Gosh... She's really weird.” Yuri said and chuckled as she stared at the umbrella on her hands.



She saw the small girl's book on the bench.


“She even left her book...”


Yuri picked it up and read the cover.



“The Little Prince”



She scanned towards the pages and she saw a name... Kim Taeyeon.



Yuri opened the umbrella and carried the book with her. She walked in the side walk and looked at the sky... It was dark already.



“I guess I won’t see the rainbow after all.” she chuckled as she continued walking until she heard someone cleared a throat.



She turned around and saw a lady wearing a gray hoodie that is covering her head.



“Hi...uhm. If you don’t mind, can I share the umbrella with you?” the girl said as her hood started to be soaked by the rain.


“Oh, sure! Please do.” Yuri said kindly


The girl went under the umbrella and closer to Yuri. Yuri saw the girl’s face more clearly. She was beautiful... And Yuri found what she's been looking for when the girl removed the hood on her head.


“Rainbow...” Yuri said to herself softly but it was heard by the girl.


“A-Ah...Yes. I kind of dyed my hair in colors.” the girl laughed softly


Yuri can’t help but to stare at the latter.


“What's your name?” the girl asked as she went closer to Yuri avoid the raindrops


“K-Kwon Y-Yuri...and you?”


“Jessica...Jessica Jung.” the girl smiled at Yuri


“Do you like the rain?” Yuri asked Jessica


“Very much... And you?”



“I love rain.” Yuri said as she stared at the sky



“I hope Taeyeon find her home...” she thought to herself as she and Jessica walked hand in hand together on an umbrella under the rain.




Taeyeon ran as fast as she can towards a familiar house she’s been through before... Her home. She knocked on the door eagerly not caring about being drenched by the rain...


“Wait a minute!” a familiar voice said


The door opened up and the redhead girl was surprised.






Taeyeon beamed her a smile


“I miss you...I miss home.” Taeyeon said


“I was waiting for you for the longest time...” she said “I thought you forgot” Stephanie tears beamed her eyes


“It’s hard to forget...when there is such an empty space when you are gone.” Taeyeon said as she wiped her tears


“Welcome home Taeyeon!” Stephanie said as she hugged the latter


Taeyeon hugged back and speak “So, won’t you let me in? I’m all soaked and I’m shivering cold.” she laughed softly.


“Oh, please do come in...Oh, uhm Taeyeon?”




“I love rain.”


Stephanie beamed Taeyeon the most beautiful smile in the world... All because she was Taryeon’s rose. The only unique one over millions of roses.

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