Statue of Love

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because it's november 1 I have a special update. This story was supposed to be Soosun story and chaptered but I looked at my story board and I realized I've got a lot of stories to update! Haha so I decided to throw it here as a one shot and Taeny. Hehe. About the Grumpy,  I will update soon but I'll be telling this straight,  it's not a fluffy ending. Hehe. Typos and errors sorry ^_^


Anyway,  Enjoy!







Statue of Love



"In every school, there will be a horror or ghost story circulating. I don't really believe in those supernatural stuffs until one night, because of a dare at the Statue of Love's feast, I was left in my school until midnight. One of the school horror story came alive right on my face. The legendary girl carved in a statue came alive on the school fountain. I ran away while screaming at the top of my lungs. Hoping that the school guards will come for an aid."




My name is Kim Taeyeon, a 21 year old girl living in the city of Seoul. I am currently studying in a prestigious 400 year old university with a high grades on my card. Being a college student is extremely hard and tiring, so I am really happy that I am graduating this year. Every last day of school semester, we celebrate a school feast called “Statue of Love” in honor of the school founder’s daughter. My friends and I had a game.



“Alright, listen up everybody! Since it's our last day on school, let's do something fun!” My friend Sunny said as she sat on the teacher's table in front of the class


“And what do you suggest?” Jessica said as she yawned and stretched her hands up. As usual, she just woke up from her sleep.


“Oh, Jessica. I didn't know that you're awake?” Sunny said amusedly


“Because you're too loud like Sooyoung. Gee, you girls are always together that you adopt each other's traits.” Jessica stated


“Yah, Cold Compress Pale Ice Pack! Who's loud are you talking about?!?” Sooyoung walked in the room angrily


“Oh, you Brown Walking Stick.” Jessica said


“Whatever,Yul and I are going to shop this week end. And you are not included!” Sooyoung retaliated


“Y-You can't do this to me! First, I should always be around and present in shopping and Second, you’re taking away my Kwon from me!” Jessica gulped


“How dare you say loud to my Sunshine and I?!? Sunny is cute and so am I!” Sooyoung replied


“Okay stop it, alright. Sunny, what's the plan?” my friend Hyoyeon asked


“Remember the school undying myth about the statue on the fountain?” Sunny smirked and grinned


“Yeah, Hwang Miyoung, the daughter of Mr.Hwang our school founder.” I said plainly


“Yah, Kim Taeyeon! That's not the best description for it. Stories circulating that the statue awakes every feast at exactly 12 o'clock in the midnight.” Sunny said excitedly


“Oh come on, that's a 400 year old myth. It has no basis and besides, those Hwang's are living in peace up in heaven right now.”I said


“It has basis! 400 years ago, Mr.Hwang’s daughter which is Hwang Miyoung just disappeared without any reason. It was said that she was cursed by her ex-lover for leaving him in the altar at the day of their marriage.” Sunny stated


“Yeah, it's a sad tale... It was said that Mr.Hwang did everything to preserve his daughter so that she will not be broken through out the war. The water in the fountain is sacred and magical. It makes his daughter indestructable and alive every 3rd week of September midnight which is now” Sooyoung said as she clapped her hands excitedly


“So what is your point now Sunny?” Hyoyeon asked


“Let's play a game. Losers will stay here at school until sunrise.” Sunny said excitedly


“I'm in!” Sooyoung said


“I-I think I'm going to the bathroom.” Jessica said as she stood up from her seat and was about to leave, but Sooyoung blocked her way


“Don't be a chicken Sica, it's our last day you know.Or let’s just say you’re afraid” Sooyoung


“I'm not afraid!” Jessica said


“Then join the game!” Sooyoung dared


“Fine!” Jessica went back to her seat


“I don't like this idea.” Hyoyeon was about to leave too but Sica prevented her


“Don't you dare leave that door Hyo or else!” Sica threatened Hyo


“O-Okay, I'm i-in” Hyoyeon nervously said


“I'm in.” I said plainly not really believing the story but just for fun, I agreed


Just in time, a girl entered the room.


“Yo guys, what did I missed?” it was Yuri


“You're in!” we all said in sync


“W-What?” she asked confusedly


“We'll go ghost hunting!” Sunny grinned


“Aaaa, u-uhm...I'm out of here, bye!” Yuri was about to leave again but Jessica stood up and pulled her ears.


“You're not going anywhere Kwon!” she threatened Yuri


“O-Of course Sica...Of course.” Yuri said nervously





We joined school game fest, tug of war. We were divided into two teams; Sunny, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon vs Me, Jessica and Yuri. We started the fight.


“Okay, loser team will stay until sunrise here at school. Got it?” Sunny said as she smirked and held the right side of the rope


“Don't worry, we’ll win!” Jessica said as she gripped the other side


“Don't fool yourself Sica, you're so sleepy all the time, I bet you are right now that you can't even have a strength against us!” Sooyoung mocked her as she stood behind Sunny and gripped the rope


“Well, I have Kwon Yuri! She's an athlete.”


“Yeah, and only have two midgets on your team!” Yuri defended Sica as she positioned herself behind Sica and grab the rope


“How dare you Kwon! You have the smallest dwarf on your team too!” Sunny retaliate


“You're so right Sunny!” Hyoyeon agreed, she's right behind Sooyoung


“Yah! Who's the dwarf you are talking about?! I’m taller than you! You guys will lose!” I assured them as I went behind Yuri


“Let's just see!” Sooyoung said



The game started, we were in the left side and they were on the right side. The referee started the game


“In 3, 2, 1 go! “ We heard the whistle as the signal of the start


We pulled the rope with all our might, looks like we're winning. Ha! Sorry folks.

But happened when somebody cheered for Yuri


“Go Yuri!” a girl named Yoona cheered for Yuri.


Yuri looked at her and shouted


“Thank you Yoong!”


Jessica looked back and glared at Yuri


“Yah, Kwon! How dare you talk to your ex?!”


“What the fu% guys! We're losing!!!” I said in panic


The right team made their last pull that made us go towards the red line as a result, our team fell on the ground ,we lost.


“Ouch!” I winced in pain


“Yah, you Kwon. Get off me!” Sica complained because Yuri just landed on her back due to the pull of the rope


“Sorry” Yuri stood up and help Sica


“Right team wins!” the referee declared


“Whooohooo!” they cheered and hugged each other


“Urgh! Seriously guys?!” I complained


“This is all your fault!” Sica glared at Yuri


“Why... It was Yoona's!” Yuri retorted


“Whatever guys, we're going to stay here at school till sunrise...I'm going to miss watching Big Bang's performance” I cried inwardly


I really like T.O.P. and Taeyang... Urgh, no live streaming for me tonight.


Yoona went towards us


“Need a hand, Taeyeon?” Yoona offered help for me to stand up


“Yes, thank you” I grabbed her hand


“Hello Yuri!” she greeted Yuri


“H-Hi.” Yuri blushed


Sica smacked Yuri's head




“Hehe, don't worry Sica. Yuri is all yours!” Yoona chuckled


“Oh, how can I be sure?” Jessica still shooting daggers at Yuri


“Yoona!” A girl called her


“Oh, Ju Hyun. Come here!”


“Meet Ju Hyun...” Yoona put her arms around Ju Hyun and kissed her cheeks


“H-Hi.” Sica embarassly said



The right team end their cheer and went toward us


“Told you guys, will win!” Sunny smirked


“I-I'm not staying...” Sica said nervously


“Yah, Sica you chicken!” Sooyoung


“I'm not a chicken, nor scared!” Jessica defended herself


“Then prove it!” Hyoyeon dared


“Alright, I promised I'll stay here till sunrise.” Jessica said


“U-Uhm, Sica...I-I'm going to the b-bathroom for a while. Bye!” Yuri made her escaped But Sica pulled her ears.


“Yah, Kwon. You'll stay if I stay!”


“O-Okay...I-I'll stay...” Yuri nervously said


“Oh, Yoona. You're here... And this is?” Hyoyeon asked


“Seo Ju Hyun.” The girl smiled at Hyoyeon


“Aaaaw, cute!”


“Yah, Hyoyeon. Hands off! She's mine” Yoona glared at Hyoyeon


“Okay? Haha. Want to join the left team? They'll stay here at school til midnight.”


“U-Uhm...I-I'd rather not.” Yoona shook hear head


“Well, want to come with us instead? We're going to a distant club!” Sooyoung offered


“Sure, but if only Ju Hyun wants to.” Yoona worriedly looked at Ju Hyun


“It's okay Yoona. I'll go with you” Ju hyun smiled


“Okay, let's go clubbing!” Sunny cheered


“Yah! How dare you guys go to club without me?!” Sica complained


“Well, losers stay here til sunrise!”


( ´∀`)( ´∀`)( ´∀`)( ´∀`)

Every feast, the school get's cleared before 10pm. Because a lot of students are afraid that the myth will come true. They believe it's true because a lot of eye witnesses had said it's true so no one really go in front of the fountain because they are afraid of the statue. The tug of war is the last game of the feast so as expected, 10 is nearing , so students and including our dearest professors scram outside the school. Even the school guards locked their guard house.


“Okay, we'll take our leave now. Enjoy your stay!” Sunny winked at us and dragged Sooyoung with her


“We'll visit you guys tomorrow at sunrise!"  Sooyoung said


“Call us when you need anything, okay?” Hyoyeon bid her good bye and joined Sunny and Sooyoung.


“Take care guys!” Yoona said as she and Ju Hyun followed the others


“Urgh! So what now?” I said to Sica and Yuri who brought out their flash lights with them


“Well, it's only 10pm. Let's roam around the school lot.” Yuri suggested


“Eh, I'm tired. Let's sit first on that bench.” Sica said


“Okay.” I said


An hour and a half had passed, we played on our phones for a while.



“Aaaa, this is totally boring! Thank you Lord for the phone...” I said as I played Anipang on my phone


“Yeah, I'm starting to doubt the myth. It's already 11:30 pm and I feel nothing supernatural.” Sica said


“Because the myth said 12 am pabo!” Yuri chuckled


“Yah, Kwon Yuri. How dare you call me Pabo?!”


“Hehe, sorry Sica”


“I'm sleepy, let's find a vacant room and sleep.” Sica yawned





We went inside the department of arts to find some vacant room. Sica and Yuri decided to sleep for a while, while me, I keep playing games on my phone until the battery runs out.


“Damn!” I said in frustration


“Ding” The school clock tower sounded, it means the clock struck at twelve



I heard something outside the building so I decided to check it out. I saw a very bright light emitted on the school legendary fountain. I went closer to it and stood in front of it. One of the school horror story came alive right on my face. The legendary girl carved in a statue came alive on the school fountain.



The statue became a human being in flesh. The legendary girl stretched her arm and speaks.



“ feels so great to move again!” she said to herself, while me, I'm still watching in awe and speechless.



She noticed me standing in front of her, completely frozen on my spot.


“Oh, hi there!” she wave her hands and greet me







I ran away while screaming at the top of my lungs. Hoping that the school guards will come for an aid. I ran so fast and accidentally bumped at the newly awake Kwon Yuri who's busy rubbing her eyes.



“Why so noisy dwarf?” Yuri said as she yawned


“TTTT-THE...STATUE...IS WALKING!” I said while panting


“WHAT?! Hahaha! Kim Taeyeon, please talk coherently and in comprehensive manner.” Yuri chuckled and shook her head





“Okay, what?”


“THE FU#&% STATUE IS ALIVE!!!” I said in terror


“Hahaha. Save your prank to someone else okay?” Yuri continued to laugh



Then, I saw the alive statue in flesh at the back of Yuri. My eyes widen in terror.


“Y-Yuri...Run!” I said in horror


“Yeah Yeah, whatever.” she continued to laugh



“Oh, another person in here. Hi there!” The alive statue who shines in a golden aura said to Yuri.


Yuri looked back and greeted the girl quickly “Yeah, hi!” then faced me again.



“Wow, that girl kinda look like our statue and she's shining in gold!” Yuri chuckled and later on realized her statement and looked back at the alive statue



“Oh sh*t!” Yuri stared at the statue in horror.


“Hello!” The girl shining in gold greeted again



And right there, Yuri passed out on the bench.



“Oh, it's you again!” The statue pointed her hands to me


“Aaaaaah!!!” I screamed again and said “I'll come back to you Yul!” and run for my life




I run and run until I reached the science department. I enter the laboratory and hid behind a human skeleton board. I was shaking in fear. I fish out my phone, hoping for my two percent battery to extend it's life.



“” I said to my phone as I tried to dial Sica's number


“Sica...wake up and answer...” I said as I bit my nails in nervousness


I called Sica thrice but it seems like the other girl is still enjoying her sleep on the vacant room.


“Urgh...I’ll try Sunny instead...” I said and dialled my friends number.


“Answer please...”


Luckily, Sunny answered.


“Ayo, Kim Taeyeon!” Sunny greeted. I can't even hear my friend properly because of the loud music at the club


“Sunny, help!!!” I said


“What?” Sunny answered



“I said help! The statue came alive and Yuri's down while Jessica's asleep!” I said in panic as I heard the laboratory door opened.



“I can't hear you Taeyeon...The music is too loud.” Sunny said



“Fu#%& sh#t Sunny, I'm dying here!” I speak lowly and in panic because the statue is on the same room as I shook nervously and sweat in fear



“Yooohooo...I know you're here.” The alive statue said



I was crying in fear



“Taeyeon, I'll call you back later okay?” Sunny said


“Damn it Sunny, don't you dare to hang up on me!” then the line was cut and her phone shut down



“Urgh!” I muttered a curse and peek on the board I was hiding to see if the statue is there. The statue seems to get out of the room already because I can't see it. I sighed and speak ‘Where is she?”



“Hey there, looking for me?” The golden girl said and smiled at me. I on the other hand turned pale and was stunned and shock







“Aaaaaaahh!” I fainted in fear




The golden girl on the other hand said “Urgh, this happens yearly...Why do people faint every time they see me? I guess I have to carry you then.”




After a few hours, I opened my eyes and saw a girl smiling sitting in front of her and gently poking her face.



“Aaaaa, so beautiful...” I said half asleep as I stared at the girl in front of me, Her eyes are beautiful.


“Who, me?” the golden girl said


I nodded my head lazily while staring dreamily at the girl.


“I thought you were afraid of me...” the other girl chuckled


“Why should I be afraid of you?” I said softly


“Because I'm a statue...” the girl said


“Yeah...wait, WHAT?!?” I sat up immediately as I realized that it was the golden girl statue and screamed again and was about to faint but the other girl shook me and said



“Yah, don't faint and keep me company.” the golden girl pouted and I think that it's cute but the fear over drive my guts and I ran away again




“It's no use, I'll find you again!” the statue girl shouted and chuckled




“Aaaaah!!! Sica, Sica!” I called out on the hallway and made my way to the vacant room where Jessica was taking her deep slumber.



I immediately opened the door to the room where Sica is.


“Sica Sica!!!”


“Nngghh... go away Taeng!” Sica said lazily


“Sica, Wake up you lazy !!” I said seriously



“You better give me a good reason to wake up or else you're dead.” Jessica warned the shorter girl



“THE STATUE IS ALIVE!!!” I said in horror



“Statue my ...go away Taeyeon!” Jessica said and was about to resume her sleep when the golden girl opened the door



“There you are...and another person, Hi, I'm Hwang Miyoung!” The golden statue greeted and Jessica looked at her and said



“Oh look Taeyeon, the statue is alive...haha...wait, THE STATUE IS ALIVE AND TALKING TO ME?! Oh my goose fu#%# shizzles!” Jessica fainted back to her sleeping position



“Sicaaa!” I tried to wake her up but none of her efforts are working



“Urgh, that's the third person who fainted tonight.” The golden girl said




“Aaaaaahhh!” I was about to run away again but the other girl pick me up and carried me



“Bring me down! Bring me down! Aaaaah!”



“I had enough of chasing you...Gosh, I just come alive every year so keep me company and entertain me.” the golden girl carried me and walked out of the room.





No one’s POV



“Where are you taking me?!” Taeyeon said


“I know the coolest place in this school...” The golden girl said as she beamed her eye smile


“The computer laboratory, lover's lane or music room? I know enough.” Taeyeon retorted


“Oh no, this one is top secret...” the golden girl smirked



They made their way towards the library. Taeyeon’s heart was pounding really fast and her palms are sweating but she keeps her bravery.



“Don't tell me library is the coolest place on school...” Taeyeon scoffed


“Watch me...” the golden girl walk towards the corner of the library shelves while still carrying Taeyeon and took out a red book and read a passage.



“The Hwang’s property...The Hwang’s privilege.I, Hwang Miyoung, the daughter of the great Hwang.Open the secret door for me!”


The library shelves moved and the secret door was opened. The torches was lit instantly and a passage can be seen.



“Whoa!” Taeyeon said in amazement


“Cool, eh?”



“Where will this take us?”


“Just wait and see...”



The golden girl walked through the passage while still carrying Taeyeon


“You can put me down you know.” Taeyeon said


“I don't want to...You'll run away again.”


“Urgh, just tell me where you're taking me?”


“The Hwang’s mansion.”


“What?! The school is connected to the Hwang’s mansion? I thought it was destroyed by fire, i’ve read that in school’s history.”


“It was destroyed by fire... But my father rebuilt it so that I can see it every year.”


“So the legend is true...”


“Yeah, I am real Hwang Miyoung in a flesh.”


Miyoung and Taeyeon reached the end of the secret passage. Miyoung open a red wooden door.



“Welcome to my paradise little miss!”



Taeyeon saw the most marvelous place on Earth. It feels like she had bee taken a back to medieval era. Everything is antique. The house was no joke. It’s big, spacious and really deserved to be called as mansion.






“Cool eh?”


“Put me down please...”


“Okay, you can’t go anywhere anyway.” Miyoung slapped Taeyeon’s playfully before she puts her down





“Haha, you’re cute!” The golden girl pinched Taeyeon’s cheeks and gave her a kiss in the cheeks


“W-what was that f-for?!” Taeyeon blushed


“Oh well, how come I never saw you in front of the fountain before?’ Miyoung asked


“My building is on the back of school fountain so I prefer to stay inside my building than to get burn by sunlight”


“Yeah, but some students take pictures with me though” Miyoung chuckled


“So you’ve been observing before?”


“Yes, i can see everything though i’m not moving.”





Miyoung grabbed Taeyeon’s hand and speak “Come with me, i’ll show you the veranda”




Taeyeon was still afraid on the other girl and still digesting what’s happening, but the later seems to be not dangerous though, it seems like the golden girl really wanted some company. The golden girl took Taeyeon on the balcony of the mansion. Taeyeon saw the beautiful red roses and pink gumamelas on the garden.



“Seems like father’s magic is very strong, the flowers are well taken care of and the house looks like in good shape too.” Miyoung said


“Is there anybody who lives in here?”



“My mother and my sister used to live here but my sister moved out when she married her husband and mother was diagnosed by a sickness that took her life away. When my father was still alive, my sister and I used to meet here everytime i am able to move each year. Everytime we meet, she grows older while me, I stayed like this. Each year is equivalent to my days. In fact, it’s my 400th day to be like this so it’s equivalent to your 400 years...” Miyoung chuckled



“Is there anyone else who knows about your condition?” Taeyeon asked



“The last person who knows about me was my sister, but she died three hundred years ago... Now each year, all I have is my father’s magic to take care of me.”



Taeyeon was listening to the girl attentively. It must have been really sad for the other girl to experience this thing.



“Come, I’ll show you my room...”



Taeyeon followed the golden girl into her room. On their way to the golden girl’s room, Taeyeon saw a big family portrait.


“Your family seems to be nice”





Miyoung opened her room. Taeyeon saw an old style bed and old portrait of Miyoung and a man.



“Who is he?”


“He’s my fiancé”


“Isn’t he the one that cursed you like the legend said?”


“No, that’s a ridiculous lie. Siwon will never do that to me.” Miyoung said as she stared at the man in the portrait lovingly



“But who did it to you?”



“It was my father...”






“My father doesn’t want me to get married but I was stubborn and did not listen to him so I still pursued the marriage. I was my father to stop it or else he will do something terrible to Siwon but I followed my heart instead. On the day of my marriage, father came to curse Siwon but instead I blocked his spell so I was the one that was cursed. Siwon run away in terror and after that day, I never saw Siwon again.”



“Your father cursed you?!”



“Yes but unintentionally...”






“He tried to reversed his spell though but he failed. But I am glad he was able to make me move again yearly. I forgive him already, my father showed how much he loves me when the world war occurred. He was afraid that I might be broken by the war years ago he protected me by sacred the water. That sacred water took away all his power and make him sick. He died one month before I was able to move again yearly...”



“That’s sad...” Taeyeon was tearing up a bit



“He founded the school though to keep his presence alive and legendary... In this house, i can still feel his presence because of the permanent magic that he left here...” Miyoung smiled



Then they heard the clock


“Ding!” Its three am already



“Until what time will you be able to move?”


“I’ll come back on being a statue when it’s sunrise”


“Oh...I have a question”


”Sure, throw it away”


“You were born in medieval age right? But why do you not act like one?”



“I guess being an observer in this school made me adopt my environment quickly. I saw clothing transform from longest to shortest. I saw hair styles transform from black to rainbow color. I’ve seen cars transform from horses into luxurious wheels. I’ve seen rain and sunshine and experienced thunder storm fall down on me.” Miyoung said with a sigh



“It must be hard” Taeyeon said apologetically


“Yeah, but anyway that’s life”




Taeyeon observed the room. She saw a sewing machine and unfinished dresses beside it. She went towards it and asked the latter about it.


“You like sewing?”


“It’s my hobby” Miyoung shrugged


“You have many unfinished dress to sew though” Taeyeon said


“Well, time constraints”



Taeyeon looked at Miyoung and gave her a sympathetic look. The latter just smiled. The two continued to talk and know each other. Taeyeon is surprisedly becoming comfortable around the golden girl. Miyoung showed her the Hwang’s family photo book and started telling her stories about the past, the school and her family.


It is a saying that time flies when you’re having fun. It’s already 4am. MIyoung looked at the window to see the clock tower and sighed. She knew that she’s going to come back as a statue again.



“Want to head out now?” Miyoung asked Taeyeon







The two went out on the secret door and went back to the school grounds. The two saw Yuri still unconscious and lying on the school lobby.



“Fudge! I forgot about Yuri” Taeyeon said in panic as she held the tanned girl


“Let’s bring her back to your room?” Miyoung asked


“Yes, please”



Miyoung carried Yuri on her back and bring the unconscious tanned girl on the room. When they opened the room, they saw another unconscious figure, Jessica.



“Seems like I scared your friends that much. They are still unconscious until now” Miyoung chuckled and put down Yuri beside the latter.



“Yeah, you scared the heck out of me too” Taeyeon said


“Are you still scared of me?” Miyoung asked


“Honestly, not anymore” Taeyeon said with a smile then Miyoung held her hands and speak


“Let’s watch the sunrise together” Miyoung dragged the latter out of the room and went to the school grounds where the fountain is located.



The two sat on the bench side by side as they held each other’s hands. Miyoung can’t help to be sad because she just found a new friend but she needs to come back as a statue again.Taeyeon pats her shoulders and speak.



“What’s the matter?” Taeyeon asked worriedly


“Sunrise is coming” Miyoung said as she stared at the sky


“Are you afraid of sunrise? If so, you might be a vampire” Taeyeon joked


Miyoung laughed softly as a response “Then I will love to drink your blood if I am a vampire”Miyoung chuckled and Taeyeon laugh too


“Taeyeon, can you not forget about me after this?” Miyoung said


“Oh, I will never forget this day and that’s for sure.” Taeyeon smiled


“Can I be your friend?” Miyoung asked


“Sure, I’ll visit you every year” Taeyeon assured as she held the latter’s hand and gave it a light squeeze


“I’m glad” Mioung smiled and she stood up and went to the fountain


“I have a question”Taeyeon said as she stood in front of the fountain


“Go ahead”



“This fountain is a wishing fountain right? A lot of students here in school who threw coins in here said that their wishes came true.. If I wish in this fountain, will it come true?” Taeyeon asked



“I don’t think this fountain is made for wishing. If it’s true, I might be in human form right now.” Miyoung said



“Well, there’s nothing wrong in trying right?” Taeyeon get a coin in her pocket and threw it on the fountain and closed her eyes.Miyoung looked at her and asked



“What did you wished for?”



“I wish for you to be normal again so we can go out and hang out often” Taeyeon grinned



“Are you asking me out?” Miyoung said amusedly


“Well, it depends whether you’ll agree to be my yearly date” Taeyeon chuckled


“If your wish come true, I will accept your offer and we’ll go out everyday” Miyoung smiled


“That doesn’t sound so bad” Taeyeon chuckled



The sun is almost up and Miyoung looked at it and back to Taeyeon as she leaned and kissed Taeyeon’s cheek.


“Thank you for being my friend for tonight” Miyoung said


Taeyeon just stared at the girl as the girl steps inside the water and go back to her original position as a statue.



“See you soon” Taeyeon said as she stared at the girl who’ turning slowly back in being statue.



“I wish my wish will come true...” Taeyeon said to herself






After a few minutes of staring on the statue in front of her, Taeyeon felt a hand on her shoulder. It was her friends.


“Yo, Taeng.” Sunny greeted her


“Where is ice pack and monkey yul?” Sooyoung asked


“They’re inside a vacant room” I shrugged


“How was your experience Taeng?” Yoona asked curiously


“Oh, you’ll never want to know” Taeyeon said as she stared at the statue


“I bet Sica is sleeping...” Sooyoung said


Hyoyeon and Seohyun arrived with Sica and Yuri.


“We wake them up unnies!” Seohyun said


“These two is acting weirdly” Hyoyeon said


“I swear, I dreamed about the statue !” Yuri said confusedly


“Weird, I have the same dream too” Sica said as she scratched the back of her head


“How about you Taeng, got a nice dream too?” Sunny asked



“Oh, very nice...” Taeyeon said and looked at the statue






A week had passed, Taeyeon went back to her school to get her graduation requirements. She was shocked and confused when she visited the fountain. The statue was missing. She immediately asked the attention of a guard.



“Excuse me sir, where is the statue here?” Taeyeon asked


“It was stolen ma’am”


“What?! When?” Taeyeon asked in panic


“It’s bee missing for 6 days already.” The guard said


“But that can’t be!” Taeyeon said


“I thought so too.” the guard shrugged and went away




Taeyeon sat on the bench sadly and put her palms on her face in frustration.


"Oh,  what to do now?" Taeyeon said problematically



Then she heard a voice




“Don’t you think it’s too early to sulk especially when you got a lady to date?” the girl said as she sat beside Taeyeon



Taeyeon looked at the girl who wears a pink dress and got her hair curled and tied up. The girl looks very familiar.


“Miyoung?” Taeyeon said shockedly



“That’s right, Hwang Miyoung in flesh” Miyoung said and Taeyeon hugged her tight



“But h-how?”



“Let’s say there is a cute little blondie girl who wished for a poor statue to move” Miyoung smiled



“So...” Taeyeon said



“So what now?” Miyoung asked



“How about we talk about that date?” Taeyeon looked at the latter and held her hands



“That sounds good to me” Miyoung smiled 



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Chapter 45: This is so good ? i love the plot !
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Chapter 42: Cute
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Chapter 16: Chapter 16, is so inspirational ??
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Chapter 45: Owwww you came back,!! I love it please keep writing. :)
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Chapter 11: "What do i like about you" is so hilarious. Thanks author! Hahaha
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Chapter 45: this is so funny hahahahahahahaha XD
Chapter 36: Haaa it Tiffany. Way to go Taeyeon :))))
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Chapter 45: I freaking loveeeee this plottttt. The value of this story is also beautiful. What a lucky girl are you, taeyeon. You could meet your future that probably changes your whole life !!!!