First Dates

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 This is going to be short, simple and lame.



‘First Dates’


Taeyeon’s parents always set her up on blind dates. Unfortunately, her blind dates are always failing. She’s a funny person, well, at least she thought because her blind dates didn’t think so. She never had a second date. Everything ends up on the first date. Why? Let’s see…

“I’ll have Caesar salad and an orange juice, please.”

“I’m sorry sir, but we only serve sodas here.”

“Oh, diet coke.”

“Noted, how about you ma’am?”

“I’ll have double deck beef burger and large fries.”

“For drinks? Diet coke?”

“Nope, get me a large cola.” Taeyeon said without taking her eyes off the boy in front of her who was looking at her with ‘What the ? Are you a pig?’ look, But she didn’t notice because she’s as dense as .

“Uhm… coming right away.” The waitress said as she stared at Taeyeon oddly and left

Taeyeon was sitting in a diner with her blind date. They were sitting in silence. Taeyeon had been grinning towards her date the whole time and her date found it very creepy. They were waiting for their ordered food to arrive until her date can’t take it anymore and started to make small conversation to ease the awkwardness that Taeyeon caused.

“So, Taeyeon… What do you do in your free time?”

“I WATCH WEIRD STUFF ON YOUTUBE.” Her reply came off hyped as a cause for her date’s ears to cringe

‘No need to shout, I'm just inches away from you.’ The guy was annoyed, that’s what he wanted to say but out of politeness he chose to be passive aggressive and sarcastic “Oh, no wonder you are weird.”

“I AM WEIRD,” Taeyeon stated proudly

“What weird stuff do you watch?”

“Sophia the humanoid.”

“Who the is Sophia?”

“The robot from the Hanson robotics that gave a speech on a United Nation conference,” Taeyeon said and was ready to give out more details until their drinks have arrived and the guy sighed in relief.

“Here’s your drinks. Call me if you need anything. I’ll be right there on the counter.” The waitress informed them

“Thanks” the guy uttered

 And the quiet atmosphere between the guy and Taeyeon came back, Taeyeon decided to break the ice. She thinks her jokes would make her date happy.

“Baek.” She calls


“Why did the cat lose his fight to a dog?” she asked innocently

Her date raised his brows, she thought it’s a signal for her to tell him the answer because he so wanted to know the ing answer.

“Because he’s a .”

Baek sips his diet coke and stared at her blankly. His dark eyes intimidate her but she decided to try again. They heard someone coughing but they shrugged it off.

“Why do bears don't like shoes?”

The guy looked somewhere to ease his painful situation and looked back at Taeyeon and faked a smile. And again, Taeyeon thought he was signaling for her to spill the answer.

“Because they like it barefoot.”

Taeyeon heard a giggle. Someone is definitely listening to their conversation and laughing at her dry jokes, or maybe she was being delusional so she tried again.

“How do strippers on clubs greet each other?”

“Okay, what?” Baekhyun randomly scanned his phone to look at the time but Taeyeon still continued.

Hoe are you?”

Taeyeon thought she heard a sound of a sheep or was it a controlled laughter? She couldn’t decipher.

“What do hoes call their friends?”




“What do you call the love letters that single people receive monthly?”

“Jesus Christ, what?” Baek put his palms on his face


And then she confirmed it, she saw the waitress who was taking their orders a while ago laughing her out and clapping her hands like a seal and she then put her hands on her tummy. The waitress was trying to stop laughing but when she saw Taeyeon looking at her, she gave Taeyeon a beautiful eye smile. But before Taeyeon could react, Baek called for her attention with a serious look.

“Look Taeyeon, this isn’t gonna work. Let’s stop wasting each other’s time and move on from this.”

“O-Oh, I’m sorry I…”

“It was nice meeting you, goodbye.” The guy abruptly stood up from his seat and left Taeyeon alone, that’s when their orders arrived, the waitress carefully put it on the table as Taeyeon looked at the salad bowl and retreating figure of Baek.

“Wait! What about your salad?” Taeyeon was left unanswered, she slumped on her seat on defeat. ‘Another failed date’ she thought

“Cheer up, it’s fun to eat alone at least no one’s gonna steal half of your fries.” The waitress told her and smiled

“I…I saw you laughing a while ago.” Taeyeon tried to explain

“You’re funny, are you a member of 9gag? Why so many memes?”

“Well, people say I got dry humor.”                                                      

“Maybe I like dry humor.” The waitress shrugged

“So, Tiffany?”

“Oh, how did you know?”



“W-Would you like to dine with me? I-I mean… its lonesome to eat alone and it’s not every day someone laughs at my jokes” Taeyeon said nervously

“I still got 15 minutes for my shift to end and we can’t dine here with a customer.” The waitress regretfully told her but when she saw Taeyeon looked deflated she continued speaking “How about, you have this for take-away and we can eat this at the central park near here together after my shift?”

“Really? Y-You will eat with a stranger l-like me?”

“Well, it’s not every day I laugh at someone’s jokes anyway. And I would be happy to steal half of your fries” Tiffany gave her a sweet smile

“Sure, you can have them all if you want.”

“Oh, I didn’t get your name.”

“It’s Taeyeon.” Tiffany shook her hand and Taeyeon thought that maybe, the date didn’t fail at all because she found someone better.





“What do lesbians can’t eat for breakfast?”

“What is it?”

“Eggs and sausages.”

“What the ?” Tiffany laughed and pinched Taeyeon’s sides. Taeyeon let out a sheepish grin and resumed to eat

“Taeyeon, you eat like a boy.” Tiffany giggled as they were eating on a park bench together

“Doesn’t matter, I’m gay anyway.” Taeyeon shrugged and stuffed the double deck burger on

“What? You were just dating a guy a while ago.” Tiffany said dumbfounded        

“Apparently I find clothed guys cute but makes me wanna puke when they get . So, my parents try to straighten the gay out of me by going to the blind dates they set me up for. That’s actually my 10th. All first dates, I never got a second date. No one could stand my jokes until you came.”

Tiffany laughed “Is this a date then?”

“Well, I-I didn’t m-mean to imply that way…. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t mind tho.”


“I don’t mind to call this a date as long as it’s with you.”

“How about the second date?”

“Wow, you’re advancing hella fast.”

“Just taking up my chances… I’m sorry.”

“Let’s go home, it’s getting late.” Tiffany stood up and Taeyeon remained rooted on her seat, she thought it’s just another first date that will never repeat again until Tiffany speaks

“Won’t you take me to the bus stop?” Tiffany asked and held out her hand for Taeyeon to reach

“SURE!” Taeyeon’s voice raised higher in excitement, she realized she was embarrassed so she cleared and spoken again “I-I mean… sure. Hehe.”

They were walking hand in hand until they reached the bus stop and needed to part ways.

"Well, this is me."

"Yeah, I guess this is goodbye?" Taeyeon said sadly and chuckled softly to hide it away

"Yes, it was nice meeting you." Tiffany went towards the bus.

Before Tiffany hop inside the bus, she went back to Taeyeon and gave her a calling card.

“Give me a ring sometime, maybe we could watch a movie together.”

T-That means…”

“Yes, I would love to go on a second date with you.” She gave Taeyeon a kiss on a cheek and hop inside the bus “See you!” she waved


And from then on, Taeyeon knew, she's not stuck at first dates anymore and also on second dates because Tiffany and her went to their third, fourth, fifth and so on dates.



A/N again:

I could write more, but meh… me and my laziness. Just me trying to steady the ship. Me doing *The ship isn’t sinking* chant  O.O


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