Paper Love

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It’s been awhile. This one is inspired by the book “Help! My Social Life Is A Mess!” A short drabble. Not proofread. I badly need Beta readers. Message me if you are interested.




Paper Love


Taeyeon and Stephanie are best friends forever. They know each other since they were in diapers. Nothing can separate them apart and make them hate each other, or at least they thought. The used to be hugs, became slaps and the used to be winks became glares. Their friendship status turned to frenemies ever since they both like the same boy that is new to their school, Henry.


They are both keen to talk to Henry. Show him around, sit next to him, have lunch with him and be his ‘friend’. In fact, even more than friends with him.


There is a problem.


List of the things that Taeyeon hopes for Tiffany to do:

  1. Find someone else.
  2. Have an acne outbreak that’s enough to keep her away from school for a while.
  3. Put friendship over personal motives.
  4. Stay away from Henry


List of the things that Tiffany hopes for Taeyeon to do:

  1. Find someone else.
  2. Have an acne outbreak that’s enough to keep her away from school for a while.
  3. Put friendship over personal motives.
  4. Stay away from Henry


So, what happens now?


They got into some sort of ‘friendly competition’. Well, if sabotaging each other and calling each other is friendly, that is.


Tiffany decides to wear her favorite white dress on the school to impress Henry. So, when Taeyeon has seen Henry looking at Tiffany, she ‘accidentally’ spilled her blueberry milkshake on the latter’s dress.


“Oooops! Sorry.” Taeyeon eyes beams evilness and Tiffany almost want to cry when Henry laugh a little and look away


“, you’re going to pay for this.”


Taeyeon thought Tiffany was kidding but it turned out she was wrong when she received a bill for dry cleaning of Tiffany’s white dress the next day.



Days had passed, these events happened.


Tiffany and Taeyeon heard that Henry is coming to their common friend’s party. They both decided to attend. Taeyeon had decided to wear heels because she heard that Henry likes tall girls. She doesn’t really usually wear heels but for the sake to impress her muse, she still did it.


Taeyeon was beyond happy when Henry smiled at her and said: “You look different.”


But of course, Tiffany had to ruin it by ‘accidentally’ bumping into her, causing for Taeyeon to lose her balance and fall first on the floor.


“Ooops! Sorry.” Tiffany used the same line that Taeyeon used before as a form of pun and savagery.


Taeyeon turned red due to the embarrassing event that had happened to her and she turned even redder when Henry shook his head and left.


“You did that on purpose!” Taeyeon accused her ‘not so guilty’ friend


“So, what?” Tiffany scoffed


“I’m going to win.” Taeyeon glared at her


“Let’s see.” Tiffany rolled her eyes and turned her back like a boss on Taeyeon



Tiffany comes to school wearing a skirt which seems to be shorter than her usual skirt length. The following day, Taeyeon arrives at school in a skirt which is even shorter than her friend. They both went to Henry’s side and glared at each other’s hemlines. Henry put his palms on his face and shook his head.


“,” Tiffany told to her frenemy


“Hoe,” Taeyeon said in response


“You should’ve just wear your , there will be no difference at all.”


“You should open your mind and not your legs.”


“You’re just insecure to my milky white legs.”


“Why should I be insecure with your short legs?”


“Why you!”


And they pulled each other’s hair. They didn’t even notice Henry went out the classroom and leave them two alone.



At lunch, Taeyeon offers her Kit-Kat to Henry but Tiffany was fast enough to offer her Snickers to the boy. Henry was about to get the Snickers but Taeyeon rummaged her lunch bag on a speed of light and offered him potato chips. Tiffany did the same and gave Henry her Ruffles. Henry explained to them that he doesn’t really like potato chips but the two were too busy to listen to him as they were already glaring at each other.


“Uhm, girls?” Henry asked and received no reply “I think, I’m going to leave. Excuse me.” he stood up and leave


After a few minutes of their glaring contest…


“Where is he?” Taeyeon asked


“You scared him off!” Tiffany yelled


“I did not!”


And they were involved in another catfight that no one could win.



These sort of scenarios continues for several days. Tiffany and Taeyeon argue who is more attracted to Henry and who Henry likes more between them. Their friendship had fallen out and they stopped speaking to each other, or at least, in a civil way.


On their literature class, the professor asked them to create a poem about paper and how they can relate it to love. Tiffany and Taeyeon decided to write poems for Henry but of course, with the goal of outrunning each other’s works.


Taeyeon read her’s:


Tissue paper, toilet paper

Pad paper, human paper

I can be your paper doll

Dress me all you want

Fold me into two.

Write me your thoughts

Baby, just maybe.

Don’t put my heart into the shredder.


Tiffany laughed at her poem and said “How lame!” then she volunteered to recite her’s.


“Okay Miss Hwang, carry on.” The professor had spoken


Tiffany read her’s:


Roses are red, violets are blue.

A paper is white

Snow White Is white

That’s how pure my intention is

If you choose me

I won’t tear your heart into pieces.

There will be no other muses

So, don’t crumple my paper heart into pieces


Taeyeon laughed when Tiffany had finished her poem. Tiffany decided to crumple a paper and throw it on Taeyeon’s head. Their professor called their attention and send them to detention. Before going out the room, they saw Henry had headphone on his ears. He was not listening at all.


Taeyeon wears her favorite perfume and sits next to Henry. Tiffany might have noticed because she also gets her favorite perfume on her bad and spray half of the bottle on her and sit on the other side of Henry. Halfway through History, Henry finally speaks.


“Can I open the window? I think I need some fresh air.” Henry said uneasily as he scrunched his nose


“Oh, sure.” Both of the girls replied awkwardly in sync



Prom is coming. Taeyeon and Tiffany were expecting Henry to ask at least one of them out on the prom to be his date but happened. Everyone likes a challenge and mystery, thus, making ourselves too available can be a turn-off.


One day, Henry decided to ask a girl name Lee Sunny as his prom date. Sunny seemed to be cool towards Henry the past few weeks, she hardly smiled at him, thus, sparked his interest and the girl surprisingly accepted his offer.


Henry seems to move on, but the friendship of Tiffany and Taeyeon hadn’t moved at all. The two were so devastated that their crush asked someone out that is not them. The two hadn’t talked for weeks but they started missing each other.


Taeyeon had enough and visited Tiffany. She noticed that no one is at home yet, so she used her spare key that Tiffany used to give her and made her feel at home. She saw pop tarts on the ref and ate them all. She slept on the couch afterward after watching TV.


After an hour, she woke up and gotten thirsty. She saw a note on the fridge.


‘Jesus doesn’t steal pop tarts. NEITHER SHOULD YOU… you know who you are. P.S. Your presence here is not welcome. The door is open. Feel free to go. J


Taeyeon scoffed, she was about to leave but she heard someone sniffing on Tiffany’s room. She made her way towards the room and saw Tiffany crying.


“Why are you crying?” she asked


“Because…y-you…s-stole…my…pop…poptarts….” Tiffany sobbed but judging by the intensity of Tiffany’s tears, it isn’t just all about the pop tarts


“Because you made me wait for hours… I got bored.” Taeyeon said as she patted the girl’s back


“Why are you here?” Tiffany asked


“ I… I just… miss you?” Taeyeon said


“I’m sorry.” They both said in sync and laughed after but Taeyeon saw Tiffany’s snorts and was disgusted. She literally gets a pack of Kleenex and shoves it on her friend’s nose.


“You’re ugly when you cry.” Taeyeon teased and hugged her friend


“Way to lift up my mood,” Tiffany said


“You can have Henry… I realized you are more important than him.”


“Oh, no! You should have him. I’m not losing you because of him. He’s just a boy.”


“Boys are pigs.”


“HAHA! That’s too much stereotyping!”


“I know, just trying to make you laugh.”


“I wrote you a poem.”




Tiffany read her poem:


Roses are red, violets are blue.

Crushes are like papers

On a rainy day

On a summer’s day

On a winter’s day

They won’t last long

For they're easy to destroy

But a friend like you could withstand it all.


“That was a good one.”


“Especially for you!” Tiffany winked at her


“What’s the title of that poem?”


“Paper Love.”


Taeyeon and Tiffany decided to patch things up. They decided to drink their worries away and casually ask each other to dye their hair on a salon with matching colors.


They realized that friendships are more important than chasing rainbows.







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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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Chapter 45: I think being closeted really does things to you..
Not being accepted brings depression.
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Chapter 45: poor taetae...sometimes future thing is scary ?
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Chapter 44: This is sad . Hmm poor Taeyeon. Imagine how many people out there must have felt the same too :'(
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Chapter 43: I think I skipped reading this story because you said it would be angst but today, I decided to read it and I really like it regardless. This story is short but deep. It teaches us not to make assumptions about people. No truer words were ever spoken than these from Taeyeon " Just because she always smiles, doeasn't mean that she's not hurting". We really need to be kinder to people.
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