Grumpy 2

Sugar Free
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You didn't see my lame blocked update a while ago okay? Hehe.  New story next or continuation? Sorry for short update,  I was up on the mountains meditating and regaining energy -nerdie



Grumpy 2 (Just as though as you were here)



It’s been three days since the day you had gone away. I woke up this morning with the sound of your voice and your sweet scent on my pillows



“Grumpy Tae... Wake up!” you said adorably as you pinch my nose


“Yah, stop it Hwang!” I opened my eyes and greeted by nothing but silence and the air


It was just my imagination... I started my day just as though as you are here


I went to the kitchen to cook for breakfast, I saw you sitting on the counter with both spoon in your eyes


“TaeTae, what are you cooking?” you asked as you played the spoon


“Urgh, stop playing with the utensils. You’re annoying...” I answered


I always say that you are annoying but the truth is, I love every little thing you do. You’re everything I need for my heart to beat and my life to have sense.

“But you love me...” you merong at me like a child

I do 

"Anyway,  what is that?"

“Pancakes, as usual” I said

You gave me a sweet eye smile...that smile that I will never forget and always be engraved in my heart

“Here, strawberry pancake for two!” I said cheerfully, but then I looked at you and you were gone...

I realized I was alone all along...

“Urgh, why did I make breakfast for two when I’m alone in this house?” I scratched the back of my head and just eat my sweet breakfast...but it turns out to be bitter sweet

I had my breakfast just as though as you were here

( >﹏< )

It’s been a week since you’ve left, I was on my rose garden painting a child that’s busy picking out flowers.

“Can I see what do I look like in your painting noona?” the child went closer to me

“Noona, this is Fany noona not me!” the child pouted

“O-Oh, is it?”

I didn’t realized I was painting you all along

“You miss her noona?” the child asked

I just nodded

“Don’t worry noona, I’ll visit you here everyday so that you won’t feel alone anymore” the child said

“Thank you” I said

“Is it okay if I pick three roses noona?” the child asked

“Go on.” I said

“Thank you noona!” the child kissed my cheeks and gave me the other rose

“Why are you giving me this?” I asked

“Because you didn’t put me in your casserole.” the child grinned

“Well, I was about to but your Fany noona forbid me to do so.” I said

“Fany noona is right...”


“You’re not as bad as I thought you were...”

Yeah, maybe I’m not as bad as I thought I was. That’s what you’re always telling me

“TaeTae! I’m cold” you said to me as you opened my room and snuck on my bed

“Then wrap yourself up with the sheets and shut up” I said as I faced my back on you

“But the sheets are cold too...” you said

“Then what do you want me to do, ask the sun comes up at night time?” I said sarcastically

“Hug me...” you said as you snuck close to me


“Hug me...Hug me once...”


“Please...” you said adorably and I can’t just resist you

“Urgh, why are you so annoying? Fine, just three minutes” I said

“Til I fall asleep” you bargain

“Urgh, fine”



“You’re not as bad as I thought you were” you said as you snuggled close to me and wrapped me with your warmth

And we ended up hugging each other all through the night

Now, the moon is high on the sky and indeed it’s cold and the bed sheets are colder

The night is too cold without you.

I just imagined just as though as you were here

( >﹏< )

The week had been weeks and weeks and it turned out to months since you’ve been gone. It’s been six months since the day you left. I still remember you in everything that I do. I went to the town to do my groceries. Surprisingly, the town people smiles at me and do not treat me with their weird stares anymore. I gave them a small smile and continued with my business.

“Taeyeon?” it was Sunny, Tiffany’s friend


“Hi, how are you” have you heard about Tiffany?” she asked

“Not really” I answered

“Oh, that’s sad. It’s been months since she left and she hasn’t shown up yet.” Sunny said in wonder


“Are you looking for this?” Sunny showed me a carton of milk

“Yes, thank you”

“You’re welcome. Tiffany told me you like those” Sunny smiled

“You know what, we have a new set of paint brush that came from the city on our shop. I figure out you might be interested in those... I’ll give you 50 percent discount since you’re a patron” Sunny said

“I’ll drop by sometime” I said meekly

“Okay, see you around!” Sunny bid her goodbye

On my way home, I felt a warmth hold on my right hand

“You must be very cold right now, let me hold your hand” you gave me that signature eye smile of yours and intertwined your fingers with mine

“Didn’t you wear your gloves this morning?” you asked

“I forgot”

“Ajumma!” you teased me

“Yah!” I was about to slapped you but I was greeted by a cold thin air

I imagined I was holding your hand just as though as you were here

( >﹏< )

Months turns to years and a couple of’s been 5 years since you left. I’ve done the phase of wondering through the sky and asking myself where are you and what are you doing. Are you thinking of me or did you forget about me already? I tried to forget you but you locked my heart and you get the key so how should I move on without you? I’m hopelessly devoted waiting for you.

Life is still the same but the only difference is that I gain a friend. A year since you went away, Sunny and I started to become close. She said you asked her to watch over me while you were away and I’m glad. But when will you come back? Everyday feels like a year of tormenting memories for me.

Sometimes, I lose hope that you’ll never going to come back to me. Just like what happen to my first love. But the other side of me keep on telling me to become optimistic and love is sweeter the second time. The pink paint on my house was starting to fade...but still, I hope you can find your way back home.

Sunny visited me after her trip on the city. She said she heard about you and you become a fashion designer. I was proud and happy for you. I couldn’t contain the happiness inside my heart. But then, did you forget about me? Should I just pretend just as though as you were here like I always do? I think it’s time to move. I looked at my house and speak

“I think it’s time to make you remember your way back’ve been lost long enough” I said

( >﹏< )

I was wondering on the town train station with my ticket and luggage on my hands

“Last train to city...Last train to city...”

I went inside the train with hopes in my heart

“I hope you remember your home”
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