Sailing VIII (Ending)

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I don't really have a beta right now, so not proof read. I almost forgot about this story, thanks for reminding me. You know, if you have any recommended SNSD fanfics to read, I'm open for it. :D And have you seen their comeback? Sunny looks so pretty. BRB, need to do some screen shots and click the replay button on her parts. T_T


Sailing (Ending)


Charles heard about the Atlantic’s Golden Island thru his men and decided to follow the course of the elite woman’s ship so he can get the treasures of the island for his own.

Money, power, and glory… Three things that are the source of Charles’ greed.

He planned it all too well just to get on the throne. Charles made King Ferdinand weak by deteriorating his health thru giving the king poisoned tea every day. Ferdinand’s health deteriorated and Charles upheld that Ferdinand was no longer physically fit to be the king and oust him from his position. He even sent Ferdinand to a dungeon instead to the doctor when he was set to be the king.

Cruel mother er. That’s how he was.

And now, he’s totally pissed off Kim Taeyeon and her team for ruining everything he planned from the beginning.

‘I’m going to take back what’s mine. Let’s see who’s going to win in the end.’ Charles said as he looked on the distant direction clearly seeing the Atlantic’s Golden Island itself.

“Men, bring your swords out. We’re going to chop some fools’ heads off.” He ordered his men



“Taeyeon, come here! Quick! I can see something… I can see something!” Stephanie excitedly called for the doctor as she can see an island on a distant

“Yeah, that’s the island.” Taeyeon said without any hint of surprise in her voice

“Taeyeon, that’s the Atlantic’s Golden Island! Why aren’t you happy?”

“Of course I’m happy! We caught a 7 feet tuna on that island last year!” Taeyeon grinned

“Ugh! Seriously?”


Then the pirate leader went out from her quarters.


“What be that noise? It’s 5am and yer too noisy.” Jessica yawned and frowned, completely annoyed because of the disruption of her sleep

“Jessica, that’s the Atlantic’s Golden Island!” The elite woman said

“Great, are we goin’ to get some coconuts? I’m thirsty already.” Jessica said with blank expression

“Am I the only one excited here? I told you, there’s a gold there… there’s a gold there!” Stephanie sulked


“Yeah, I have to poop on that island first before the gold starts to appear,” Jessica said and Taeyeon laughed with her


“The Atlantic’s Golden Island!” they heard a voice announced cheerfully and Stephanie saw Sooyoung standing on the highest part of the ship looking over the distant island


“Finally! Someone is as excited as me.”


The men on the ship started to be awaken and cheered as they saw they are closing the island already.


“I’m going to get the trail map!” The elite woman said excitedly and Taeyeon smiled at her, whenever the elite woman becomes happy, she felt happy too.


The pirate leader looked at the smiling doctor and said “Taeyeon, is this really worth it? Us going on a distant of uncertainty? What if there’s no gold in there? We spent a lot of hardship for this.”


“This is worth it, gold or no gold… the bonds we created on this voyage, that’s more than any gold in the world.” Taeyeon and Jessica looked over the excited people on the ship and they felt happy too. Sooyoung waved at them from the highest part of the ship and they waved back.


Truly, happiness is contagious.


“You’re right. We found more than gold. We found friendships, that’s all that matters.”



The moment their ship docked, a lot of arrows set in their direction. It was Charles. The cruel king.


“Ugh, he’s here again!” The elite woman groaned


“Men, bring your swords out! We’ll fight ‘til we die!” Taeyeon said as their men brought their armors and swords out of the ship to fight Charles men. She immediately raised her sword and looked for Charles. Jessica saw her and speak.


“Taeyeon, no! Go find the gold with Stephanie, we can handle this!” The pirate leader yelled


“Are you sure?”

Taeyeon saw Sooyoung with her sword stood beside the pirate leader.


“I’m on your side.” She said




“Don’t worry about us. We’ll win this battle. Now, go find it!”


The elite woman and the doctor immediately ran and follow the trail on their map. Charles saw them and decided to follow them.


On the end of the trail, they stood on a high cliff.


“This is dead end… Where’s the gold?”


“Taeyeon, I have to jump. The treasure is underwater.”


“No, I’ll do it!” The elite woman held the doctor’s hand and squeeze it a little as a form of assurance.


“Taeyeon, I waited for this my whole life. This is the only chance I can prove myself to my father. Let me do it?”


“But… But what if there’s no gold there?”


“Taeyeon, do you trust me?”




“Then, please don’t doubt? Into those water, a gold treasure chest lies on a ship wreck. I knew it, I can feel it.”


“I’m sorry for doubting… but promise me, you’ll be safe.” Taeyeon said worriedly


“I will.”


Before the elite woman can jump, Charles attacked Taeyeon from behind, resulting the two to fall off the high cliff.


“No, you’ll never get what’s mine!”


“TAEYEON!” the elite woman screamed


“I’ll get it for you!” Taeyeon replied as she pushed Charles off her and swam in the deep part of the waters


Charles followed her trail.


The doctor saw a ship wreck underwater, she went through it and found the treasure chest they’ve been looking for, it’s a little heavy so she struggled lifting it up. Charles attacked her and tried to steal the chest from her by holding into its bar. Taeyeon tried to keep it to herself but the weight of the chest was just too much for her. She’s starting to ran out of breath, until someone lift her up from her shoulders. It was the elite woman.


Taeyeon looked at the woman and to the treasure chest and Charles , but the woman just shook her head and lift her up from the waters. She saw Charles struggling to lift up the treasure chest. He’s almost drowning but he refused to losen his grip towards the chest. She tried to lose hold from the elite woman to help Charles up but Charles pushed her away and continued to hold the treasure chest. The elite woman lifted the doctor up and shook her head.


‘It’s too late for him.’ She mouthed and they swam up


When they got out from the water, they both heaved for their breaths as they lied on the sand


“I can’t believe he have to die that way. I could’ve save him!”


“His greed did it for himself… It’s not your fault. You tried your best.”


“What about the gold?” Taeyeon asked, still lying looking over the elite woman


“It’s too heavy, we can’t lift it up ourselves. We need machinery and besides, you’re more important than the gold.”


“What do you mean?”


“Taeyeon, I think I’m in…”


Then somebody walks in… It was Jessica.


“Good heavens, You two are just here! We’ve been looking for you everywhere.”


“Must you always interrupt me?” The elite woman scoffed as she sat up


“It’s my favorite job.”


“How’s the fight?” Taeyeon asked worriedly and Jessica lift her up


“We won the fight!” Jessica said “Where’s the gold?” she asked


“Under the water… It’s too heavy to be lift up. We need machineries.”


“I think, Mr. Twain can help us. He knows someone from the south that have the machinery to lift up the gold.”


“Where’s Charles?”


“He refused to let go of the gold, he died.”


“You know, it’s a pity… A lot of people are willing to die just for those god damn pieces of gold.”




The three of them looked over the ocean in silence.



All the gold that were supposed to be split between the elite woman’s men and the pirates were dealt to be given to free the slaves and make King Ferdinand rise into powers again. But bad news came to them when they docked on the palace.


King Ferdinand passed away from the heart attack.


“What? Who would lead us then? Without the gracious king, our palace would never find peace!” the doctor said in frustration.


All Ferdinand loyalist were mourning due to the great king’s passing.


“You could lead us Taeyeon.”Mr. Twain said


“What? Why me?”


“You became a royalty when you married Charles. No matter how cruel Charles was, I’m afraid he legitimized his position through manipulative royal doctrines. You are more qualified to lead us, you’re a hero Taeyeon.”




“Taeyeon, do it for our country.” The elite woman said


“I… “  Taeyeon remembered the elite woman’s words on the cliff ‘please… don’t doubt.’ And that gave her the bravery she needs “Alright, I promise to lead this palace with dignity and honesty.”


“Long live to the queen! Long live Queen Taeyeon! May you reign forever!” Jessica chanted and the people followed



The peace came back to the palace. The pirates were given a royal nationality and they can sail freely on the ocean as legitimate sailors. After Taeyeon’s coronation day, she became busy due to her duties that she barely had seen the elite woman. She called for Mr. Twain to ask for the elite woman’s presence and the elite woman gladly obliged and went to the palace.


“I heard you summoned for me, my queen?” Stephanie knelt down in front of her and Taeyeon brows meet, it was a strange feeling to be knelt down. She hated it.


“You know, you don’t have to kneel. If you still know, I’m still your slave. You bought me for half piece of a silver.” Taeyeon stood up from her seat and reach for the elite woman’s hand to help her stand.



“It’s awkward to have the queen as my slave… I think I have to set you free.”


“I’m still worth a half piece of silver, I feel special that way.”


“Would you like to go out with me to have a cup of tea and a piece of bread sometime?”


“I think that’s a good idea!”


“Why, I thought you hated the bread?”


“Well, now you reminded me of it, I have a better idea.”


“Oh, what is it?”


“Stephanie, would you like to have another voyage with me?”


“Where are we going?”


“Anywhere… Anywhere with me and you.”


“I’d love to.”



And the two continued their voyage together with the pirates and the elite woman’s men. Discovering places after places and liberating colonies after colonies. They watch the stars and the moon at night together and spent a lot of time together.


“Taeyeon, I wish our voyage would never end.”


“I can say, I’m wishing the same thing too.”


“Taeyeon, can I own you? Not because you’re my slave but because you love me too.”




“I said, I think I’m in love with you so please love me too?”


Taeyeon grinned and leaned in for a kiss and said: “I thought you’ll never ask.”


“Damn, I think it’s going to rain.”


“Let’s go inside to the quarters.”


On a distant, Jessica and Sooyoung were watching the two from their quarters.


“You know, as much as I would like ruining Stephanie’s moment, I like seeing Taeyeon happy.” Jessica said and sighed “They look good together, right?”


Sooyoung comforted Jessica and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll find your shelter from the storm soon.”


In life, we do countless of voyage and adventures. We sail through sunshine and stormy weather. But no matter how bad the weather is, we just keep sailing. Because sailing itself means, experiencing life itself. Through our voyage, we meet people on our ways. Strangers. Strangers that become friends, bestfriends, or maybe lovers. We sail to meet our people, we sail to meet our destiny.


And for Taeyeon and Stephanie, they sailed and found love.

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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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