Heavy Metal Heart (I)

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It's going to be short and simple first chapter. Just really a fast drabble. Inspired by the song Heavy Metal Heart by Sky Ferreira. August seems to be so looooooong to come. I'm loving Sooyoung's hair already :(




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Heavy Metal Heart


An old lady removed the signage ‘DO NOT DISTURB.’ hanging on a narrow black door on the second floor of her house.


 “Honey, Come out! We’re going to be late for our neighbor’s dinner.”   She knocked three times and sighed when she heard no response. She heard AC/DC’s Thunderstruck blaring inside the room. She loudens her voice and knocked loudly to be heard by the person inside.


“You’ve been camping inside your room for months since we moved here. At least come out with us and meet our new neighbors.”  The old lady was trying to regain her composure but her patience was already wearing thin and it has gotten thinner when the sound of rock music inside the room gets louder.


She took the room key in the kitchen to open the locked room and she opened it with a loud bang. She was greeted by darkness so she the lights. What triggered the old lady the most was the sight she had seen. She saw potato chips junk littered everywhere and a wrapped up cocoon on the bed.


KIM TAEYEON! GET YOUR OUTTA THAT ROOM OR I’M GONNA BREAK THE STEREO!”  The old lady yelled as she turned off the loud music on the stereo.


The person wrapped up inside the sheets uttered something but it wasn’t understood by the old lady.




“What did you say?”




“Better talk straight kid or I’ll tear off these satanic posters inside your room.” The old lady grimaced as she saw posters of heavy metal bands inside the room.



“I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE! I DON’T LIKE LIGHT! LET ME BE INSIDE THIS ROOM FOREVER!”  The cocoon slash the girl wrapped up on a sheet whined and the old lady forcefully unwrapped the girl on the sheets. She was greeted by a girl who has this messy jet black hair and eyes closed obviously annoyed by the light. She was wearing these high black and white stripe tube socks, a gray hoodie and a denim shorts. The girl hadn’t changed her clothes since the past day when she arrived home from school.


“You’re too lazy to talk straight.”


“Mom, why don’t you just wear this braces so you could understand what I’m going through?” The girl said lazily as she slowly sit up on her bed


“That braces is for your own good. You better get your outta here and prep up or I’ll beat your ears down.” The old lady warned


“Yes, mom.” The girl answered in a deflated manner as she grumpily walked to the bathroom


“I’ll meet you in fifteen downstairs!” the old lady said but the girl already shut the bathroom door.


‘Kids these days.’ The old lady shook her head and went out of the room



The girl didn’t bother to turn on the light as she showered. She enjoyed the dim light of the candles she lit and the scent of roses it emitted.


‘Why do I have to meet people that wouldn’t even care if I exist or not?’ The girl thought as she looked herself in the mirror. She saw her yesterday’s eyeliner wearing off. It almost looked like bags under her eyes but she couldn’t care less. She just drew it thicker. She wore her favorite baggy grey Velvet Underground shirt and a short.


She searched her JBL headphone on her untidy room and saw it on her fish bowl. She saw her gold fish named ‘Blondie’ swirling around it.


“How the did it got here?” Taeyeon said in wonder as she took her headphones on the water and wiped it with her bed sheets and went out of her room.


‘This is going to be a long day.’ The girl muttered to herself as she put her headphones on and played Grimes’ Kill V. Maim on her iPod and she tried to jam on the song


‘I got in a fight but they don't know me cause I'm only a man and I do what I can ♫ ‘


Suddenly, she felt a pain on her splinter. ‘Oh, this braces.’ She groaned and pressed next on her player. Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones played. ‘Hey, Ho! Let’s go!’ she said and went down stairs to accompany her family and meet their neighbors.



Taeyeon was bored to death.


She thought meeting their new neighbors’ became sort of like a PTA meeting between parents that talks a lot about their children. She disliked it and went outside the garden unnoticed on a secluded area. Totally enjoying the dim light that the moon emits.


Meeting new people cracks her nerves a lot. She needed away for relaxation. Blame those heavy metal rock stars for making smoking looks cool. She took out the box of cigarette she sneaked on her pockets and looked around the area to see if someone could see her. She got her lighter to light up a stick and sighed in relief.


“Joe’s Camel?”


“Oh, goodness gracious!” Taeyeon held her heart in shocked and the stick fell off and her headphone cord almost choked her as it misaligned on her neck by her sudden movements.


Taeyeon saw a gray worn out dirty sneaker stepped on her lit stick on the ground. She looked at the intruder of her silence.


“That was a sight to see.”  A girl with a long blonde ombre hair said cheerfully to Taeyeon and tried to reach for a handshake. She was wearing a varsity jacket and a hot pink skinny pants that doesn’t suit each other.


“Hi, it’s Tiffany Hwang. What’s yours?”


Taeyeon swat the hand away and speak “I don’t like people touching me.” She said monotonously and bit her nails that was painted with faded black nail polish on it. She always bite her nails every time she feels uneasy.




“Oh, how did you know? And why did you ask if you already knew?”


“Nothing, I just like asking and I heard your mom talking. She was like ‘Taeyeon this, Taeyeon that…’  You’re a big baby!” Tiffany laughed out loud and Taeyeon just stared at her blankly. The girl immediately cleared in embarrassment and continued speaking.


“Can I have some?”

“Oh, you smoke too?” Taeyeon handed the pack to the girl and asked ecstatically

“Well, just don’t tell mom or this will be my last day on Earth.” Tiffany chuckled “Lighter?”

“Either do I…” Taeyeon said and handed her lighter to the other girl “Here.”


“Isn’t it too early to look like you’re ready for an all-nighter wild party?” Tiffany commented as she looked at Taeyeon’s outfits from head to toe. “My god, you’re so Goth!” she shook her head and grinned.


“I’m not a Goth!” Taeyeon was annoyed by the remark and lit up her own cigarette


“A dirtbag? I can barely hear Iron Maiden playing on your headphone. You ought to turn it off when you’re not listening to your device. You know, to save some battery.”


“Nope, just a music enthusiast who knows what good music is and even if my battery drained out, I can leech on your sockets here to charge. I’m a guest in your house after all.”


“So you’re going to study at Soshi’s? I heard it from your mom. I can guide you, I’m a student there.”


“I don’t need a guide. I can go solo.”


“Well, nothing’s gonna stop me.” Tiffany shrugged



Then they heard footsteps coming from their direction.





Tiffany dragged Taeyeon on a distant hedge and surrounding bushes to cover themselves and just threw their cigarette on their last place. Tiffany saw her mom looking around.


She could hear Taeyeon’s heartbeat beating fast. She almost wanted to laugh out loud but she was also nervous and sweating in fear for they might be screwed up once they got discovered.


“Oh, what’s that smell?” then Tiffany’s mom saw cigarette buts on the garden landscaped grass. “Darling, I told you not to smoke cigarette in the garden!”  Tiffany’s mom yelled towards her dad who was in the kitchen talking to Taeyeon’s parents.


“Darling, it ain’t me!”


“Don’t deny it you scumbag!”



And they heard the retreating voice of Tiffany’s mom. The two was silent for a while until Taeyeon broke it.



“That was close.”  Taeyeon looked at the blonde girl as she held her heart in relief


“It ing was,” Tiffany said and wiped the beads of sweat formed on her forehead by her hanky.  She looked at Taeyeon and beamed her an eyesmile.


“Hmmm, what are you looking at?” Tiffany asked curiously but the smile never left her face


“Does anyone ever tell you that your eyes resemble the moon?” Taeyeon asked


“Why, thank you. You’re the first.”


“You’re welcome,” Taeyeon said as she kept on observing the latter’s features as they sat closely beside each other on their hiding place.



And the two laughed together when they realized they had been staring for too long with each other. Tiffany cleared to say something.



“We are so going together to the school tomorrow,” Tiffany said and smiled even wider when she heard Taeyeon's response.


“Well, it’s a terrible idea… but I’m up for it.”


“Looking forward to the future detentions.”


Taeyeon chuckled and had spoken “Count me in! I’ll see you at a reform school.”


“Oh, Taeyeon! Where are you? Honey, we’ve got to go home.” They heard Taeyeon’s mom called over. They both feel down at the moment for unknown reasons.


“Well, I guess… I’ll see you at eight tomorrow?” Tiffany said and got out from their hiding place. She reached Taeyeon’s hand to help the latter stood up


“Yeah, I guess so.”


Tiffany walked Taeyeon and opened the door inside their house to take Taeyeon to her parents.


“Honey, what took you so long?” Taeyeon’s mom asked


“I was just talking to Tiffany…” And Tiffany just smiled as she watched Taeyeon and her mom talking.


“We have to go. Thank you for your hospitality Mr. and Mrs. Hwang!” Taeyeon’s parents’ said and they all bowed


“You’re welcome. Feel free to come back.” Tiffany’s parents’ said warmly



“We will.” Then both parties bid goodbyes to one another and Taeyeon trailed lastly on their walk. She stopped for a while when she heard Tiffany calling her.


“Taeyeon, wait!” Taeyeon looked back and was surprised


“Welcome to the neighborhood Taeyeon and it’s nice to meet you.” Tiffany engulfed her with a tight hug.


“I can say the same thing… Well, I’ve got to go.” Taeyeon was all flustered but managed to beam an awkward grin.


“Yeah, and oh, Taeyeon?”




“I heard your heart beat.”


 They waved goodbye to each other but they both knew it was only a beginning of something.

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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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