Sailing (VII)

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“YOU SAID YOU WON’T HURT THEM!” Taeyeon stood up and looked at the king with hatred coming out from her eyes

“I am a king, Taeyeon… I can do whatever I want.”

“I DID EVERYTHING YOU WANTED BUT YOU DECEIVED ME!” Taeyeon tried to smother the king but the king’s man threatened her with a sword “One move, you’ll die with them” he said

Taeyeon could only look upon her friends in desolation. She saw Jessica, Sooyoung , Stephanie and the other sailors that came with them on the palace walking to the execution stage with chain on their hands.

Stephanie and Taeyeon’s eyes met for the first time in a while. It was full of longing and sorrow. Taeyeon’s eyes glistened but the elite woman just smiled at her.

‘It’s okay…’ Taeyeon saw the elite woman uttered as the latter was looking at her ‘You did your best.’ It was followed by those three words that Taeyeon knows would never be enough.

The time had come that the execution started, Taeyeon tried to go down and stop it but the king’s men held her hands tightly.

“C’mon my queen, you shouldn’t miss a second!” Charles said and ordered his men to start the execution

The king’s man put to death one of the sailors and Taeyeon cried and shrieked as she wriggled to break free from the evil king’s men.


“NOOOOOOO!!!” she shed into tears “I’m going to destroy you!” she was gnashing her teeth due to the extreme hate she was feeling towards the king.

“Relax… There are eleven to go.” The king articulated roguishly

The Taeyeon saw the young man Pablo next in line. She felt like her world crumbled upon her.

“D-Don’t kill him!... He’s too young, he has bright future upon him!” Taeyeon beseeched to the king

“He can continue his future in heaven.” The king said and motioned his man to execute the boy



Taeyeon saw the elite woman cried over the young boy. Losing her sailors that she treated her family hurts her the most. Jessica and Sooyoung were shaking in fear as they were the next in line.


“You have no heart!” Taeyeon screamed in agony towards the king as she saw the young man’s body fell lifelessly on the ground

The king’s man was about to take Jessica on the platform until the elite woman had spoken. “Let me be the next one.” She said as she dried her tears and walked calmly towards the platform

“N-No….No….No!” Taeyeon was so uneasy that she’s losing her mind “D-Don’t do it…. Please!” Taeyeon begged to the king “Stephanie, no!”

"Too bad, she could have been my second queen." Charles laughed madly and signaled his man to continue "Behead her!


The elite woman closed her eyes and utter words towards Taeyeon that the doctor cannot barely comprehend because of the tears in her eyes.




A body fell lifelessly on the execution stage.


Someone hit the executioner by an arrow that struck his heart.

The gate was destroyed and they saw the people of Havana and other colonies that were liberated entered the palace forcefully.


“Ferdinand?” Charles was shocked as he saw a man holding the arrow, the man was the leader of the revolution. He was wearing a white robe on his mid-60’s.

“Yes, the one and only legitimate king of this palace.” King Ferdinand said in dignified manner

“LONG LIVE KING FERDINAND!” the people cried out and attacked the king’s men

Taeyeon took the chance to steal the king’s man sword and attacked Charles who successfully docked and got a sword from another king’s man.

“Women do not use swords, my queen.” He said pointing the sword towards his queen

“Women are powerful… Even in chess, the queen is more powerful than the king. I’ll show you how powerful I am, you ogre!” Taeyeon whirled her sword and had a sword fight with the king.


‘Ting!’ the sound of their swords were heard

"If you want to die, you can ask politely. I could make it easier for you, you know?" Charles uttered arrogantly

"I despise you the most… I regret marrying you and submitting to your orders! A man like you deserves no wife. A man like you deserves nothing but to be hated!" Taeyeon finally voiced out her thoughts that she repressed for long. The strong wave of emotion came upon her as she remembered everything she did for Charles for the sake of her friends.

Every time their swords hits one another, the force on the doctor's sword was getting stronger resulting for Charles to waiver.

Minutes later, she heard the people screaming King Ferdinand’s name as a sign of winning the battle.

As for Charles and his king's men, they fled on their boats in terror.

"I shall come back and take my revenge!" Charles said in anger and their boat sailed

Taeyeon tried to catch up and attack the boat but King Ferdinand stopped her.

"Stop right there, you ogre! I shall end your life today!" Taeyeon was fuming in anger

"My child, don't be like him. A murderous villain. You are more than that." King Ferdinand said as he held the doctor's wrist.


Taeyeon knelt down and cried when she saw the king.

"Long live to the king... Long live to King Ferdinand. May you reign forever!" She cried in gratefulness and the king patted her head

"You did well." The king praised the doctor’s efforts and sacrificed for her fellows

"How did you get here, my king?" Taeyeon asked

"Your loyal friend, Mr. Twain travelled to Havana and went to the Southern region and set me out on my cell. He asked for my help to free you and your friends. I heard you even married Charles to save your friends. I commend you for the bravery and selflessness you've shown."

The king said to the doctor and looked on a distant direction "Looks like your friends and you got a lot to catch up for."


 Taeyeon saw Stephanie looking at her and Taeyeon immediately went towards the elite woman and engulfed the latter into a tight hug.

Their longingness for each other had shown. Taeyeon couldn't help but to cry harder when she saw the elite woman smiling at her as if nothing wrong had happened. Deep inside, the doctor knew how painful it was for the elite woman to lose the people she treated as family for the past few years.


"I'm sorry... I should've done more... We lost sailors. We lost a part of our family all because of me." Taeyeon said as she cried but the elite woman just hugged her and smiled

"You've done enough... You sacrificed a lot for me and the sailors. It is not your fault... I don't want to lose you anymore…" Stephanie said and break the hug as the two engulfed into intense stare "...I think I'm in love..."


 Then Jessica came in.

"Taeyeonie! Jolly heavens, I thought we're all goin' to die here!... The people are looking for you.” Jessica hugged the doctor and the elite woman looked so pissed so Jessica smirked and looked at her with a teasing looks "What?" Jessica tried to look as innocent as she could.


“Excuse me for a moment.” Taeyeon went towards the people of Havana and greeted them

"You really know how to ruin a moment, huh?" Stephanie said and crossed her arms

"Of course, I’m still not givin’ up on her." Jessica said

“You know you’ll never going to win. Why do you still fight for it?”

“Better to give a go’ than not to fight at all.”

“No hard feeling of whoever wins in the end? I would like to have you as my friend”

“Well, aren’t we already?... I fight fair in love n’ war, no worries…. Now if you excuse me, it’s me and my Taeyeonie’s time.


Taeyeon came back from the people to talk to Stephanie more but Jessica took Taeyeon away from her and celebrated with the pirates. The people of Havana and the sailors lifted and carried the doctor up as they cheered for their heroine.

‘Kim Taeyeon! Kim Taeyeon!’

Sooyoung approached Stephanie who was looking at the scene in front of her. The doctor looked happy so the elite woman smiled too.

"She's a lucky girl." Sooyoung said and continued “A lot of people loves her... It's a pity she sacrificed a lot. It must have been worst experience to marry Charles... Guard her well, for sure, Charles will come back for his queen." Sooyoung said with a hint of apprehension on her voice

"I will make sure Charles will not be able to hurt my people anymore." Stephanie said "...Especially the person I love."

'Soon, I hope I could let you know how I feel about you.' The elite woman thought to herself and smiled as she saw the doctor looking extremely happy with her people.

"What are we going to do now?" The sailors asked the doctor

"We'll continue what we started... To Atlantic's Golden Island we come!" Taeyeon said with full of hopes on her voice "Long live to the king!... Long live to King Ferdinand! We entrust our voyage for your kingdom!" Taeyeon said to King Ferdinand and the people cheered


The people were liberated. They were happy because the kind king had finally came back to his throne. But they cannot help to be bothered by Charles. They knew, the cruel royalty will come back one day to do some wicked deeds against the regime. However, they felt safe in some ways that Taeyeon, the person who was responsible for inspiring the people's revolution against Charles was there to protect them.

The sailors decided to carry on their search for Atlantic's Golden Island. Their bond had gotten closer. The pirates and the elite woman's workers became inseparable.


The pirate's leader was sitting beside Sooyoung and the doctor as they and the workers were catching fishes on the ocean.


"Aye matey! Want to have a bet?" Jessica asked

"Why, bring it on!" Sooyoung responded to Jessica

"Taeyeonie, are you in?"

"What's on steak?" The doctor queried

"You know, we have not celebrated our victory of overthrowing the Charles regime because we came back on board quickly... I was thinking of having a simple gathering or short celebration later for our workers… The person who catches less fish in half an hour will have to provide entertainment to the sailors later night."

"You know, I'm not good in fishing!" The doctor reacted

"Hey, you over thrown an evil empire... Don't be scared about the fishes!" The pirate leader teased the doctor and Sooyoung giggled

"Our heroine couldn't catch a fish?" Sooyoung raised her brows

"I can catch a fish, alright! Stephanie thought me how to do it!" The doctor said in defense

"So, what say? Are you all in or not?" The pirate leader asked

"I'm in." Sooyoung said


Taeyeon sighed in defeating manner before she finally agreed "Fine."

"Cheer up heroine! You'll do well!"

"I'll try my best."

The elite woman went out from her quarters and saw the three were talking and giggling.

"What do we have here?" The elite woman said and sat beside the pirate’s leader

"Nan'ya." Jessica said in her usual monotonous voice

"Nan'ya?" Stephanie asked innocently

"Nan'ya business." The pirate’s leader said

"You're so friendly as always... Let me hug you!" The elite woman launched herself towards Jessica and Jessica couldn't help but to brawl from her hold

"Ewww, don't touch me! Don't hug me! Only Taeyeonie can hug me!" she said in grimaced

"Hey, I know you like me no matter how cold you act towards me. You even went to the palace to save me!" The elite woman teased the pirate's leader and Jessica blushed in embarrassment

"I did it for Taeyeonie!"

"Really, huh?" The elite woman continued to tease the pirate's leader and smiled playfully.

"Look!" Jessica pointed over the waters in front of them

"What is it?" Stephanie asked

"Your eyes, it fell off the ocean." Jessica mimicked the way the elite woman smile

"I wish my patience is longer than your chin." The elite woman glared at the pirate leader

"Yah!" The pirate leader was mad

Taeyeon couldn't help but to laugh in the scene she was seeing.

"What's so funny?" The elite woman and the pirate leader asked in sync to Taeyeon as they glared with one another

"The fishes, they pout whenever they got caught." Taeyeon pointed at the tuna fish that was hanging on their boat

"That fish is almost taller than you." Jessica said "Sooyoung is taller than that fish though." she added

"I'll take that as a compliment." Sooyoung replied coolly

"It is." Jessica said

"I'll take it as a form of bullying." Taeyeon said

"It is." Jessica replied wittily as she smiled

"You have a nice smile." Sooyoung complimented

"Thanks, I guess? Yours isn't bad either." Jessica replied coyly


"I'll take that as a form of flirting." Taeyeon said amusedly as she looked over the two tomato face.

"We're not flirting!" Sooyoung and Jessica denied in sync


"Yah, What is it really?" The elite woman who was left off the conversation kept on being curious about the thing the three are talking about

"We're having a game in fishing and you are not included." Jessica said casually

"Hey, I want to join!" The elite woman insisted

"Go catch as many fishes as you can your highness." Taeyeon ended the nonsense bickering of the two

They started their fishing game.


Fifteen minutes had passed and fishes were piling on Jessica, Sooyoung and Stephanie's bulk, while Taeyeon, she hadn't catch a fish even just one.

"How many fishes have you got Sooyoung?" Jessica asked

"8, yours?" Sooyoung replied


“Mine is 11!” the elite woman said proudly


“I didn’t ask you.” Jessica replied


“Well, I’m just saying!... how many are yours?”

"12." The pirate ‘s leader  replied proudly “I always outrun you in physical activities.” Jessica added with a hint of challenge and intimidation on her voice.


“You know I outrun you in one thing tho.” Stephanie countered back, and Jessica automatically knew what she was talking about.


The tension disappeared once they heard a sigh. They saw a tired looking doctor.

"And yours doctor?" Stephanie asked the sulking doctor and looked at her pile and saw nothing "Looks like the fishes doesn't like you." The elite woman

"Y'all cheating on me!" Taeyeon said with a sigh

"It's not cheating, it's called skills." Jessica replied

"You know you'll lose this game and yet you joined on it." The elite woman said

"It's better to try than to lose for nothing." Taeyeon shrugged


“I’m sure you learned that motivation from Jessica.” Stephanie said and Jessica shot her a cold glare

"It's okay, we will look forward for your performance!" Sooyoung cheered


As expected, Taeyeon lose the fishing game. When the night time came, sailors brought out their pipes, tap shoes and musical instruments. They sang and dance together for their victorious fight and for their happy voyage.

"T'night, let's be drunk and be merry!" Jessica announced to the sailors "But wait!... Our heroine will prepare for us a song!"

"Of course not!" Taeyeon said

"Look everybody! She wants to be coaxed!"

'Kim Taeyeon! Kim Taeyeon!"



 Taeyeon went in front of the sailors and cleared "This song, I'll sing this song even if it's not New Year. I dedicate for the good old times and our fallen sailors. "

Taeyeon sung Auld Lang Syne to remember the happy memories that the sailors have when they were still complete.

The elite woman could only watch and admire how peaceful the doctor sings accompanied by the calming waves of the ocean. It seems like, all their troubles had been gone away for a minute. The elite woman could now swear that she loves the doctor because her heart skips a bit as she listened to the doctor's voice.

'I dream of the day when I can call you mine, not because I bought you as my slave but because you love me too.' Stephanie thought to herself

On the other part of the ocean, Charles heard about the Atlantic's Golden Island and became greedy for gold and revenge against the doctor.

"Let's follow them!... We must arrived earlier than them in the island so we can plan out and attack them when they are not prepared!" Charles said to his men

'Kim Taeyeon, you took everything from me. I shall take everything away from you too.' Charles threw away his bottle of liquor on the sea as he stomped his way inside his quarters





I told from the last chapter that this would be the last part, but it seems that I haven't finish writing the rest of my plot and it would take too long if I added the rest in this chapter. Next chapter shall be the last one. Requests are still open.



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