Sailing (VI)

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Please Subscribe to read the full chapter"Don't touch me, I won't marry you!" Stephanie said to the king


"Oh, believe me... You will." Charles sneered


"Taeyeon will come to you and your reign will end." The elite woman was struggling to break free from the hold of the two king's men


"Once that Kim Taeyeon stepped on my land, I shall kill that doctor with my own sword."


"You're a monster!"


"Yes, a very powerful monster." Charles had spoken "Men, take Lady Hwang into the prison cell. Make sure she will never get out of the castle." he ordered


"Yes, sire" the king's men bowed and took the elite woman to the prison cell which was located to the highest tower of the castle.




'God, have mercy upon your people.' the elite woman prayed as she was left alone on her cell





The sailors docked on the cave beside the island and hid their ship there.



"We only have twelve suits with us." Taeyeon said worriedly "What a dozen of men can do to a hundred king's men?" she asked


"A dozen of intelligent men is enough to overpower a hundred of stupid king's men." Jessica supposed “All we have to do is to pretend we are king's men and help Stephanie escape by taking her with us. “She added "but the only problem we've got is, how can we find her in the palace?"


"I might know where they took her. I was once taken to the palace and put in the highest part of the tower by Charles' king's men." Sooyoung assumed


"Can you remember the way there?" Taeyeon asked


"I do... but it's risky. The security upon the vicinity is high. The only escape that a prison could do is jumping on the tower window... suicide as we may say." Sooyoung said


"We'll pretend that Charles' sent us to guard the area." Jessica said


"And how can we take out Stephanie without her being seen?" Sooyoung asked


"This is complicated." Taeyeon put her hands on his face in frustration



"Taeyeon, the least you can do now is to be positive." Jessica adviced


"You're right, we'll figure it out." Taeyeon said "Mr. Twain, please guard the ship for us. If anything happens, make sure that the workers will be safe." Taeyeon said


"I will doctor Kim. If anything happens, I'll make sure to call for some help." Mr. Twain replied


"Thank you Mr. Twain...Looks like we've got a lot to do." Taeyeon said "Where should we start?"


"Let's start that by wearing these suits and making our way to the palace." Jessica said





The twelve sailors pretended to be king's men and made their way up to the castle. Everything was going so well until a king's man noticed them




The crews stopped walking and Taeyeon , Sooyoung and Jessica threw glances with each other.


"Are you all new recruits? I have not seen you around here before." The king's man stopped them


"Yes, we just came yesterday." Taeyeon said


"For a king's man, you got a soft voice." the king's man noticed


Taeyeon cleared and spoken "The voyage was long, catching colds is inevitable." she reasoned


"Where are your troops heading?" the king's man questioned


"We were sent to guard the new captive's prison cell on the tower." Jessica said


"The King ordered Marius troop to do that."


"Well, Marius ordered us to guard the area." Jessica made an alibi


“I’ll ask Marius about this.”


"No need for that, here is the scroll of order." Sooyoung said as she handed a scroll to the king's man. Taeyeon and Jessica looked at each other in confusion. It was indeed the scroll of order to guard the area. The king's man read it and was satisfied.


"Very well, make sure that the queen won't get away." the king's man said and left them. The crews was so nervous and tried to catch their breaths.



‘The queen?’ Taeyeon thought to herself


"Where did you get that scroll Sooyoung" Taeyeon whispered


"I stole it from the king's man that greeted us in the entrance of the palace. I knew he is the leader of the king's man so I assumed the scroll was within him and I was right." Sooyoung said softly


"Good thing you weren't caught! You'll die if you were caught." Jessica said worriedly


"Don't worry, I used to steal for living so I am very good at that." Sooyoung assured her


"Let's proceed." Taeyeon said




When they reached the highest tower, they saw a man yelling at the prisoner elite woman.



"I SAID EAT THE FOOD I GAVE YOU!" the king's man yelled at the woman


"No, I'd rather die!" the elite woman said and she was about to be hit by the king's man but Taeyeon immediately yelled to stop it


"What are you doing?" Taeyeon asked sternly to the king's man


"She wouldn't eat... King Charles' ordered me to feed the queen." the king's man said


"The queen?" Sooyoung asked


"Yes, Lady Hwang was chosen by King Charles as his new queen." the king's man said


'Oh, no.' Taeyeon thought to herself as Sooyoung and Jessica flinched when they heard the unfortunate news too.


"Is that how you treat the queen?" Taeyeon asked eyes looking at the elite woman sitting on the ground with her legs covering her face,




"Go out. Marius ordered us to guard the tower. Leave before I tell what you've done to the king." Taeyeon said holding back her anger


"O-Okay." the king's man took his leave

"Secure the outside area.” Taeyeon told to her crew


"Yes, doctor."



Taeyeon approached Stephanie who was silently sobbing with her face hidden still on her legs.



"Hey..." Taeyeon kneel down and touched the latter's shoulder


"Go away! Don't touch me!" Stephanie yelled


"It's me, Taeyeon."




The elite woman looked up and saw Taeyeon's face. She looked around and saw Jessica and Sooyoung in the room.


"Hi, matey!" Jessica greeted her by waving her hand and Sooyoung just nodded


“Why are you wearing the king's men suit?"


"We're rescuing you, isn't it obvious woman?" Jessica was annoyed



"Let's get out of here." Taeyeon said and took the elite woman’s hand with her Taeyeon and the crews went out the cell with Stephanie, they went to a hidden chamber as their way out of the castle. A king's man noticed the Elite woman's disappearance and immediately reported it to King Charles. Charles was furious and ordered his men to find the captive.


"YOU IDIOTS! CLOSE EVERY EXIT ON THE CASTLE.... FIND HER!" Charles was so angry that he killed the king's man who reported to him by his sword. The other king's men was afraid so they immediately went out to find the elite woman. Charles himself went up on his throne and led the hunt for his future queen.


"Marius." Charles called the attention of the leader of the king's man


"Yes, sire?" Marius said


"If you were a captive, which path will you take to escape the castle?" King Charles asked and Marius just smiled and answer


"Somewhere hidden."







Meanwhile Taeyeon and her crews was reaching the end of the hidden chamber already...



"Thanks for saving me..." The elite woman said to Taeyeon as they walked and held each other's hand


“I couldn't done it without Jessica, Sooyoung and the sailors." Taeyeon smiled


"I didn't know you'll be here and help me out." The elite woman said to the pirate


"Don't think of anything woman, I just do this all for Taeyeon." Jessica said sporting her poker face on, she looked upon the two's intertwined hands and scoffed "You two are too chummy upon each other. Can you not do that? It makes me wanna cringe!" Jessica blatantly stated


"Then, would you like me to hold your hands instead?" Stephanie teased the pirates' captain


"Ewww... I'd rather not." Jessica grimaced


"Keep your voices down... I heard something." Sooyoung said as she stopped for a moment heard footsteps coming from the chamber's exit and saw Charles with many king's men with him.



"Seems like the mice are caught on a trap." King Charles smirked evilly


"You will never ever be able to touch her." Taeyeon said as she protected the elite woman by placing the woman behind her


"And who are you?" King Charles raised his brows "Are you the mighty Kim Taeyeon? The doctor slave that ruined my colony in Havana? The heroine of the oppressed?" King Charles smiled amusedly as he eyed Taeyeon "As I can say, your plan is quite impressive." he said as he looked at the suits that Taeyeon and her crews wore


"I am Kim Taeyeon, a doctor." Taeyeon answered bravely


"So, we finally met... too bad, I'll have to kill you... Men, off to their head!" King Charles ordered as his king's men to attack Taeyeon and her crew


Taeyeon tried her best to protect the elite woman with all her might but the king's men were just too many. Charles proceeded towards Stephanie and make his men held her hands tightly. Taeyeon, Jessica, Sooyoung and along other crews were forced to kneeled down on the ground with swords threatening their necks.


"Lady Hwang, choose... Marry me or you’ll die along your people." King Charles pointed his sword towards Stephanie's neck


"To marry you, means to die... You left me no choice to choose but to die! I will never marry you!" Stephanie said spitefully


"Then you have no purpose for me anymore... Prepare for your death." King Charles was about to strike his sword towards Stephanie but a voice stopped him




Everybody looked at the source of voice and to their surprised, It was Taeyeon.


Everyone was shock when they heard what Taeyeon said.


King Charles laughed madly as he was trying to digest what he heard "You, a belligerent slave wanted to marry a king like me?"


"Y-Yes, just... don't hurt anyone anymore." Taeyeon answered nervously not knowing what to do anymore


"What makes you think I want to marry you?" King Charles asked amusedly


"No lady would want to marry your kind... Is it a queen that you want? Then, here I am. Just let them go." Taeyeon negotiated


"You are out of your mind." the king conveyed


"And so are you… But I am begging you…please. Don’t hurt anyone." Taeyeon answered desperately



The king approached Taeyeon and made stood up he removed Taeyeon's sallet helmet. He observed the doctor's face and he proceeded to remove the armored suit on her body. The king smiled and looked satisfied for what he saw.



"Your physical appearance is good enough to be my queen… But, how could you be my queen if you wouldn't even bent your knees for the king like me?" Charles asked as he was trying to test the woman


"Taeyeon, what are you doing? He killed your family!" Jessica shouted as they saw Taeyeon knelt in front of the king


"Taeyeon, no!" Stephanie said as tears beamed her eyes



Taeyeon bowed her head as she knelt in front of the king and touched the end of his robe



"Long live to the king….Long live to King Charles... May you reign forever." Taeyeon said setting aside her pride and feelings for the people she loves


"I will not kill them, however, I will also not set them free. They would be prisoners of my castle forever." the king said "And as for you Kim Taeyeon... You'll be my queen." the king announced three days, Taeyeon married the king and became the queen of the palace that follows the king's orders.


 From arranging his baths, feeding him, sleeping with him, fulfilling his needs, and dressing him up... Taeyeon took care of the person she despised the most. She thought of poisoning the king’s meal once but her conscience couldn’t do it.


 She hated herself for being weak but that's the only way to keep the people she loves alive. She cried every night to mourn about the life she's leading to.



'If there's a kind of God, please save me… save us' Taeyeon said as she looked upon the stars at night and thought about the elite woman and the sailors that she treated as her family




It's been two weeks since Taeyeon has been married to the king. She was cleaning the king's shoes as the king was sitting on his throne.


"There is something I would like to show you this afternoon." the king said as he gave out that wicked smile that Taeyeon hated the most


"What is it, my lord?" Taeyeon responded lifelessly


"You'll see." Charles held her hand and she hated it


But she can't do anything to save herself.



The king forbid her to see her friends from the prison cell so she had no news from them until this afternoon when King Charles made her sit beside him to watch an execution


"My king, with your permission, I would like to leave and not to watch an execution. I do not like to see people dying." Taeyeon stood up but the king held her wrist


"Oh, patience... This will be fun." The king said to her and Taeyeon saw the victorious smile and twinkle upon the king's eyes. She hated it, but she cannot do anything but to submit


Then, the execution started, the people to be executed came out one by one with chains on their hands. Taeyeon was furious as her eyes beams with tears and fiery passion on it.


"YOU SAID YOU WON'T HURT THEM!" Taeyeon stood up and looked at the king with hatred coming out from her eyes


"I am a king, Taeyeon... I can do whatever I want."


"I DID EVERYTHING YOU WANTED BUT YOU DECEIVED ME!" Taeyeon tried to strangle the king but a king's man threatened her with a sword "One move, you'll die with them." he said


In that point, Taeyeon hated herself more. gave all herself to the king and expecting that the king will keep his words but she had forgotten that she's dealing with the devil.



The End *grins*

Kidding, Chapter 7? O.o

Only one chapter left, wow... I was just thinking about Sailing before and now it's ending. Sugar Free used to have only 50 subs but now it got 2000 subs and a hundred upvotes! Time flies so fast. I don't think I'm that good in writing to deserve your reads but thank you. You made nerd feel fluffy :O 

One more thing, I get some requests on pm and read one on comments section about my story to be translated to other language. I would like to clarify that I do not want my story to be translated. The reason is that, I think most people do understand english already and I wanted to preserve the content of my story as is. 

I would like to ask if I have a reader who write fanfics too? I would love to read your work and who knows , maybe we can work together. 

Anyway, keep sending your request, I'm still about to pick. I'll write what you request after Sailing.





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