Sailing (V)

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After the revolution they have done from 'Havana' colony, the team on board decided to continue their voyage. Carrying the King Charles supposed to be queen. The woman was sleeping on the quarter assigned for her. She had not woke up after her wounds was treated by the members on board.


Jessica was standing beside the door as she was looking over the unconscious woman. It warmed her heart and lit up compassionate on it. She was wondering, why the society was so cruel towards the innocent people? She hated the fact that people will be disrespected just because you have no status or you are classless. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt somebody stood beside her.


It was Stephanie. Jessica resumed to her cold facade.


"She looks pretty, isn't she?... Poor girl, she needed to experienced the abuse of the cruel king's men." the elite woman said


" Women fer Charles be weak entities. 'tis a shame she was chosen by that bastard ." Jessica said as both of the gaze over the woman "Whar be Taeyeon?” Jessica asked


"Outside with Mr. Twain and Pablo, treating our sailors with scurvy." Stephanie sighed "It's been spreading like a plague, our workers needs proper nutrition. We need the supplies back." she said as she looked towards Jessica


" Th' supplies be just in th' cargo vessel. be off ahead 'n take it. I be no a bad lady here. I also wanted fer th' workers to be in jolly shape. Especially, ye're just a belligerent like us now after what ye did in Havana wit' us." Jessica smirked


"I never thought doing the right thing makes us wrong. If what we've done was bad, I never wanted to be right anymore." the elite woman said


“That be true woman." Jessica agreed


"I never thought we can talk like this, you know, civilized."


"Don't assume anythin’, I'm just bored you know and you happened to be right there. I still be hating you." Jessica said


"I know." Stephanie smiled a little "Would you like to come on the deck with me? I'm going to go fishing with the workers." the elite woman said


" Ye be off ahead first. I'll be thar a wee bit later." Jessica said


"If you say so."


Then, the elite woman left Jessica with the sleeping figure. She almost wanted to cry as she continued staring at the woman. She saw all the bruises from the woman's body and she teared up a little.


'Justice shall be serve against Charles...' Jessica thought to herself




"Oh, checkups are over?" The elite woman asked the doctor who was fishing with the workers




"How was it?"


"I gave them doses of vitamins... they seriously lack on it."


"Are they going to be alright? How did you know where was it?"


"Yes, a pirate told us where the supplies were hidden. They no longer banned your workers from getting it. It’s a good thing everyone on the ship is on good terms after what we did in Havana. I feel like we’re becoming a family." Taeyeon said as she wind the fishing reels to retrieved the fish she caught but the fish got away


"You know, you're bad at this doctor." the elite woman chuckled as she made fun of the sulking latter


"Move over, I'm going to do it." Stephanie whispered and the doctor blushed madly as the elite sat closely to her


“You know, sitting with you like this… it makes me feel warm.” The elite woman said


“The weather is just hot.” Taeyeon assumed


“We both know it is not the weather, Doctor Kim.”


They waited for a minute, and then Stephanie caught a big fish effortlessly and put it on the pail.


"Whoa! How did you learn to do that?" Taeyeon was astonished


"I've been fishing with my dad ever since I was a kid so I know how this thing works already." Stephanie said


"Teach me!" Taeyeon pleaded


"Okay, hold the tackle." Stephanie gave the tackle to the latter as she assisted her to wind the reels "THERE! THERE GOES THE FISH!" Taeyeon screamed in excitement


"Don't look at me! Wind the reel quick!" the elite woman said in panic "Oh, god, it's getting away!... eyyy... let me help you." they both winded the tackle's reel as they held to each other's hand.


 On the other hand, Jessica just came out from the quarters to join the sailors to fish but she saw Taeyeon and the elite woman sitting closely together as they looked happy together.


'Why does it has to be her?' Jessica thought sadly




And then suddenly, the workers saw a royal ship approaching them.



"A ROYAL SHIP IS CHASING US!" Mr. Twain announced


"They're getting close! We cannot escape this anymore, we need to fight!" Taeyeon said


"Prepare the swords!" the elite woman said


"'Tis be war!" Jessica announces to the pirates


Few minutes later, arrows came striking and aiming over their ship as the king's men started to jump over them and tried to capture their ship.




"Let's see."


"Men, attack!" the king's man declared


"Pirates, struck 'em by the arrow's of death!" Jessica shouted


The sword fight started, to the royal's surprise, archers from the pirates side came out and shoot arrows over their ships.


"Jessica, that's a nice defense!" Stephanie complimented as the latter was having fun on a sword fight between the two king's men. Jessica is a good sword's man.


"Aye, matey! Me knows." Jessica winked at her and continued her fight and she looked over Taeyeon who looks like she was having trouble defeating two tall king's men "Stephanie, go help her." Jessica said to the elite who finished kicking three king's men's .


"Would love to." Stephanie said and immediately came to Taeyeon's rescue and stood beside her


"You took the queen and you Lady Hwang committed treason with the regime!" the king's man said


"I don't acknowledge what I've done for treason... It is just and right to free the oppressed." Stephanie said as she glared upon the king's men who dared to hurt her workers


"I took no queen, Charles has no queen to begin with. No lady would like to be his queen!" Taeyeon said


"Pirates! Nobles! The rightful men with good hearts! God bless our swords! Fight for righteousness!" Stephanie shouted as their team was already in the midst of winning against the evil king's men


A king's men went out from the quarter's carrying the woman who was weakly struggling to loosen the hold.


"Help me!"


"I got the queen!" A king's man declared


"No!... I don't want to go back to Charles, please, let me go!" the woman plead


"You're just gonna get hurt of what you're doing." the king's man said to the woman


"Release her!" Taeyeon said




"Then prepare to face your death!" Taeyeon said and fought the man with her sword, she was busy defeating the king's man


"THE KING'S MEN ARE FLEEING AWAY!" Mr. Twain said "We're winning the battle!"


"HI, HO! HI HO!" the pirates shouted "Long live King Ferdinand!" the men said


"We're winning the battle again!" Taeyeon said as she successfully defeated the king's man and throw him over the sea


All of the defeated king's men were about to be thrown on the sea to celebrate their success, they were so happy until they heard a scream




It was Stephanie, 5 king's men attacked her and she was defeated and taken to the royal ship.




The royal ship started sailing away. They saw a king's man held the elite woman forcefully and said "You lose Kim Taeyeon... Come over to the palace two days from now before the sunrise to be executed, or else, this woman will be the one that will be beheaded." and the king's man chuckled madly


"TAEYEON!" the elite woman screamed for help


Taeyeon was about to jump off board until Jessica stopped her. "Taeyeon, don't. Their ship isn’t so close anymore and the water in the area is too deep. You'll end up drowning." Jessica said


"What shall we do?" Taeyeon cried in distress as she looked over the Royal ship that was getting further and further away from them


"We'll follow their tracks."


"I shall go to the palace to be executed or else Stephanie will!" Taeyeon said as she cried


"No one will get executed. We'll come up of a better idea." Jessica said


"Will you help me?" Taeyeon asked


"Of course Taeyeon, for you I will do anything." Jessica smiled sadly


"I guess, this is my entire fault... If I just did not tell you to take me in your voyage, you will not lose your friend" The woman who was supposed to be Charles' queen said


"It isn't your fault Miss..."


"Sooyoung, Choi Sooyoung." the woman said "I will help you find her. I've been on Charles' castle before. All we have to do is to pass through the secret passage without getting caught." Sooyoung suggested


"But they will see our ship docking on their port... It's impossible to get there!" Taeyeon said


"There is this cave near the island... We could dock there and hid the ship there. However, only few of us shall board out. We'll pretend to be king's men." Sooyoung supposed




"We'll wear their suits and armors... these guys you defeated." Sooyoung said


"That's dangerous... Only few will be off board. We got low man power compared to the king's men." Jessica said


"It is a risk worth taking."


"We'll do what she said Taeyeon." Jessica assured "Everything's going to be alright."


'You saved me once Stephanie... I will be the one to save you this time.' Taeyeon thought to herself as they proceeded creating their plan



Meanwhile, a day has passed and the king's men brought their captive Stephanie upon their king.


"Sire, we failed to behead Kim Taeyeon and take the queen, but we have Lady Hwang." the king's man reported


"Lady Hwang, aren't you an elite?" King Charles said as he observed the woman shown in front of him




"Why are you conniving with the rebels?" King Charles said


"Because you are cruel and evil… You oppressed people for your selfish desire of power." The elite woman said


“Interesting… Is that how you talk to a king Lady Hwang?” Charles stated amusedly


“You are no king.” Stephanie spitefully said


"Kim Taeyeon will surely come for her and we will behead Taeyeon. If Taeyeon would not come, we will behead Lady Hwang instead. Since Lady Hwang committed treason too." the king's man suggested


"No need for that... We'll only behead Kim Taeyeon." the king said as he stood up from his throne and touched Stephanie's face


"Get off me!" the elite woman was struggling between the hold of the two king's men on her hands


"I think I found my new queen." The king said





Chapter 6? 

I'll be doing the requests after Sailing. This got only 2 chaps left.

I also reviewed the poll, seriously, you readers like Grumpy season 2? Is the happy ending not enough for you? Shall we break them apart again? My hand is itching for angst. *grins* LOL

Kim Taeyeon looks like Belle on the deluxe edition of her album... Taeyeon, come and take my wallet. It's all yours, I have no future anyway. T_T <3

P.S. I was asked by the chairman of the company I am working for if I am an elf or a sone. I died a little. O.o

Who are filipino readers here? I seem not to see one.

Happy TGIF! Thank God It's Fanfic day!





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