Sailing (III)

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It's been two weeks since Taeyeon was sailing with the elite woman's ship, and yet, she was still in doubt of the woman's kindness towards her. Like she previously stated 'It's too good to be true...' Because Taeyeon never experienced something good from the elite for a long period of time already.


'She might be good to me because I told her I know something about the Atlantic's Golden Island.' Taeyeon thought to herself


She was doing her job the whole day thoroughly in the ships as she healed the workers of the ship that got sick. She knocked on the elite woman's quarters for Mr. Twain told her to come over because the woman had cold for days and her cough got worse.


"Come in!" She heard Mr. Twain's voice


The doctor came in and looked at the woman who smiled weakly towards her as she tried to speak "Hey there doctor...." And the led her for another series of cough.


"Good thing you're here Doctor Kim. I'll get Miss Hwang's porridge." Mr. Twain said and exited the room


Taeyeon observed the woman "You've didn't stop smoking." she said as she saw an ash tray beside the bed stand.


"I couldn't withdraw, it's hard for me." Stephanie said and Taeyeon sat beside her and said "Let me check your temperature." Taeyeon touched the elite woman's forehead and made her open to look for a sign of scurvy but she saw none of it “Looks like it's just a simple cold. It only got severe because you smoke a lot." Taeyeon sighed


Stephanie just stared at her and didn't utter a word. She knows the doctor was right but she just couldn't bring herself to stop her old addiction.


"Just try to stop smoking for a week or two and have a three day rest. You'll be good in the coming days." Taeyeon said and then the door of the quarter had opened "Porridge is here." Mr. Twain said


"Mr. Twain, did the workers eat already?" Stephanie asked


"Not yet."


Stephanie tried to get up but she was stopped by the two "Where are you going?" Taeyeon asked


"My workers need to be fed, I'm going to cook." Stephanie said


"Are you out of your mind?!" Taeyeon raised her voice in annoyance


"I'll just cook for them Miss Hwang, please rest." Mr. Twain said


“Would that be alright Mr.Twain?”


“No worries Madame.”


"Thank you Mr. Twain." Stephanie beamed him an apologetic smile and he made his exit


"For an elite, you act like a slave." Taeyeon commented dryly


"Royals, elites, slaves... We're all humans and equal." Stephanie said as she ate the porridge on the table but Taeyeon noticed her hands were trembling so she offered assistance "Let me do it." Taeyeon fed the woman with the porridge


"You're a good person Doctor Kim, why did you choose to work with the belligerents?" The woman asked


"Because the royalties took everything I have." Taeyeon said “They took all belligerents hearts away with their oppression." She continued


"If only human beings were not born selfish... What a good place the world would be!" Stephanie laughed a bit and she coughed again "You know, a belligerent killed my mom when I was 5..." the elite confessed


Taeyeon could only looked at the elite in sympathy "But you know something?... That didn't made me hate all the belligerents in the world. A crime of one isn't a crime of the whole race and nation, Taeyeon." she said and as the porridge got empty, she lay down again from her previous sitting position and Taeyeon tucked her in on the sheets and took the cigarettes on the table stand.


"HEY! What are you doing?" the woman asked


"No cigarettes for you for a week." Taeyeon said


"Doctor Kim, you're so cruel!" the woman complained


"Blame your weak body." the doctor shrugged and was about to leave the room until the woman spoke "Good night Doctor Kim." she said


"Good night." Taeyeon said as the woman's previous words lingered on her mind


'... A crime of one isn't a crime of the whole race and nation Taeyeon.'


Taeyeon slept over her thoughts and went back to her quarters..


'Why is she so good?' she wondered and drifted to sleep.






After a few days, Taeyeon was getting bored and annoyed towards her own self. She was too afraid. She's getting closer on the elite woman as every single day counts and she didn't like the feeling. She must hate the elites. Elites and royalties are bad people. That's what she chose to believe in. She was on the ship deck and she saw a familiar ship sailing closely to them. She immediately knew that they were pirates... the pirates she worked before. Her belligerent friends. She immediately rushed towards the ship control and good thing the person in charge was busy snoring. She pushed a button that light up signals for the other ship to see. The pirates' ship sailed towards their direction and Taeyeon was so happy that she can finally escape from the elite. She immediately rushed outside and waved. She heard the other work men yelled.




"HERE! HERE!" Taeyeon shouted


Mr. Twain saw the ship coming towards them and ran to call the elite woman's attention.


"Miss Hwang! A pirate ship is coming for us!"


"Bring out your swords and get ready. We'll fight them!" Stephanie said and ran outside her quarters. She saw Taeyeon waving towards the pirates’ ship and her heart sunk and she was disappointed. 'You betrayed me..." she thought on herself sadly

The pirates ship made it closer towards the elite woman's ship and the pirates jumped over their ship and attacked them.


The pirates stole the ship's supply and fought with the workers. They even burned the ship's flagship Taeyeon saw what's happening and decided to do something. She wanted to escape but she doesn't want the workers to be hurt. She looked for the pirates' leader.


She found a brunette woman dress in white polo long sleeves and long red plaid skirt. A gum chewing sailor that acted so carefree. She was having a sword fight with Stephanie.


"Damn lady! Y'all so bad at sword fights. Ya didn't even teach your workers how to fight!" The brunette woman said as she was having fun defeating Stephanie.


"I'll beat you!" Stephanie said


"Jessica!" Taeyeon called the pirates' leader attention


Jessica was Taeyeon's best friend. Jessica's father used to be the Captain of the ship but he was captured by the royalties so Jessica took over.


For Jessica, Taeyeon was her heroine because the doctor saved her from dying when she was badly wounded while they were seizing a royal ship.


Ever since that day happened, Jessica devoted her life to Taeyeon so she was so sad and devastated when Taeyeon was captured as a slave and was sent to Cairo when they docked in there along with their other sailors. She tried her best to find Taeyeon by following the direction where the ship that the woman who bought Taeyeon went to.


She was so happy that she found Taeyeon.


"Taeyeonnie! Good heavens, you're safe!" The girl named Jessica greeted her and Stephanie took that chance to attack the latter and Jessica being a good fighter in sword was able to see her and she pushed Stephanie on the floor.


"Gal, I beated that down already!" she mocked


"Jessica, let's stop fighting and just go." Taeyeon plead, she doesn't want the workers to be hurt further more specially, Stephanie.


She wanted to go so she can go back to her belligerent life and not to get attached further to the elites.


"A'ight." Jessica took Taeyeon's hand and was about to leave until Stephanie made another attack


"You can't take her with you! She's mine!" She swirled her sword but the latter dodged it so she ended up falling over the ship


"Stephanie!" Taeyeon said


"Taeyeon, let her be! Let's go back to our ship!" Jessica said as she tried to take Taeyeon's hand


"Jessica...I..." Taeyeon looked over Stephanie on the sea.


The girl looked like she was having trouble swimming


"Oh, come on Taeyeon! She's a sailor, so she knows how to swim!" Jessica said but Taeyeon was wavering until she cannot take it anymore


"Jessica...I-I... I need to save her." Taeyeon let go of Jessica's hand and jumped into the sea to save the elite woman



Jessica could only remember the affection and worry on Taeyeon's eyes for the elite woman.




Jessica may won the sword fight, but Taeyeon chose Stephanie over her.




‘How come I feel like I am the one that just lost the fight?' Jessica thought to herself as she saw Taeyeon swimming back on board with the elite woman.




The moment they were back on board, the elite woman despite of her wet disposition made a proposal towards the pirates' captain.


"Give back our supply, have mercy upon the workers!" Stephanie said


"I have no mercy upon Charles' loyalist. Let them die! I only recognize one king and that is King Ferdinand!" Jessica spat the gum on


"Long live King Ferdinand! Long live King Ferdinand!" The pirates cheered


"We're not Charles' loyalist! I used the flag just to sail freely! We're treasure hunters!" Stephanie defended themselves


"Ha! It's a nice ship you got here compared to our rusty ship... Maybe we should throw you and your men one by one on the ocean and made this our ship!" Jessica smirked as she saw the elite woman's workers trembled in fear.


"Jessica, let's just leave them alone." Taeyeon said and tried to mediate the situation


"No need to throw us out if you can sail with us." Stephanie said bravely


"Sail with you?... Did you lose your brain along the ocean waves or something? We're pirates for god sake!" Jessica laughed out loud and the pirates cheered along with her


"Help us reach the Atlantic Golden Island and half of the treasures will be yours."


"There's no treasure in there! We've been there several times already!" Jessica scoffed


"Because the treasure is not on the island itself, but it is underwater..." Jessica and her pirates became suddenly interested and hear the elite woman's proposition "A hundred years ago, a Spanish merchant ship sunk on the waters near the Atlantic Golden Island. My father who was also a treasure hunter found evidences on his voyage, he found silver coins laying on ocean floors near the island..." Stephanie explained "But I do not know where this island is for I have not come there myself and my father's belongings were stolen by the belligerents in one of his voyage... Please help us?" Stephanie said


"If there's no gold in there, I will order my men to throw all of you on the ocean and let sharks feed on your bodies..." Jessica said and continued speaking "And just so you know, I'll sail for gold and not for you... Y'all be working as our slaves and follow my orders." Jessica said to Stephanie and her workers


"You have my word." Stephanie said "But as for Taeyeon... She's still be working under me. She is legally mine. We can go to any courts of every nation and my plea would still be legal." Stephanie looked directly on Jessica's eyes


The tension between them was felt by the people around them.


"Well missy, I don't follow any court...As you can see, I’m a belligerent...Taeyeon is mine." Jessica said as she glared at the latter's eyes "My sword is always ready to fight for it." Jessica warned her


"Either mine is!" The two women swirled their swords until Taeyeon halted them


"ENOUGH!" The doctor yelled "Nobody owns me!...If we sail together then the least you can do is stop fighting and be a team!... All of you, back to work now! We have many things to discuss." she said towards the men as she made her way inside the ship's quarters


Suddenly, the two women felt they lost the control over the ship.


“I will win again.” Jessica glared at the elite woman and bumped her shoulders intentionally as she passed through her and proceeded to order her man to take their old rusty ship’s belongings to their newly found captive fancy ship.


'I won't lose this time.' Tiffany thought to herself




Chapter 4? O.o

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