Sailing (II)

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After the day in Cairo, the elite woman's ship immediately sailed off the ocean tagging her newly bought slave.

The ship wasn't so big, but it was good enough for voyage and exploration.

'The Stubborn Bloody Doctor.' as the workers on the ship defined the newbie after the doctor tried to escape by jumping off the sea, but she ended up almost drowning, a kind worker saved her and she lost the red cross tagged on her sleeve. It was important for her because it was a symbol of her pride that she was a doctor.

She was having a bad day due to her wet clothes and failed attempt of escape. As a result of her action, she wore the same sailor dress that other workers did.

Her owner punished her to stay on the hot cargo vessel of the ship for an hour. She didn't noticed a man going down the ladder.

"Cheer up sailor...We still got long seas ahead!" An old man named Mr. Twain told her as he sat beside her on a cargo vessel of the ship. He was the man who saved the doctor from drowning.

"I'm not a sailor, I'm a doctor...Were you punished too?" the doctor asked

"Punished? You weren't punished. You see, Miss Hwang put you here in the warmest part of the ship because you were shivering in cold a while ago. She's a very kind lady."

"Oh, great. Should I say thank you?" Taeyeon scoffed sarcastically

"You shouldn't jump on the sea! It's dangerous! What will happen if I wasn't there?" The old man shook his head in disappointment

"I guess, I want to die already." she said with no emotion

"You must be hungry, want some bread?" Mr. Twain offered the doctor the bread on his hands

"That's exactly what I worth, a piece of bread." Taeyeon sighed

"You're lucky, the worth of a piece of bread gave you a chance to continue living. Another chance to live, another day to do something good!"

"I wasn't a good person to begin with, I'm a belligerent." she said and kicked a cargo box in frustration "I don't want to be here!" she screamed in frustration

"Where do you want to be at anyway?"

"I don't know, anywhere but here... I don't want to serve the elites. It's like I am serving King Charles and the thought of me serving the royals makes my stomach churn."

"Well, we all wanted to be in here." The man said

"Why? What are you exploring for anyway? Where will the ship go?" The doctor asked

"Into the new world."

"The Americas?"


"What's in there?"

"Atlantic's Golden Island."

"Y'all treasure hunters?"

"You could say that."

"What do you do in this ship?"

"I am a cartographer." Mr. Twain said


Then, they heard a bell and someone said loudly "Soup's up!"

"An hour is already over, come on. Let's eat dinner! Miss Hwang cooked for us." Mr. Twain said as he climbed up the ladder towards the upper level of the ship.

'An elite cooking dinner for her workers? Is she out of her mind?' Taeyeon could only wonder as she followed Mr. Twain up on the ladder.



Taeyeon followed Mr. Twain to the ship's kitchen, in the kitchen, she saw a long table were the crews of the ship sat together and laughed together.

"Sometimes, I swim to the sea and pretend I am a mermaid!" The woman who bought her told to her workers and her workers laughed out loud

"Sometimes, I swim to the sea and pretend I was drowning until I realized I wasn't pretending anymore!" A young man said cheerfully

"Well, cheer up Pablo. I guess our stubborn bloody doctor could say the same thing!" Stephanie laughed and saw Mr. Twain and Taeyeon on the kitchen door. "Oh, speaking of the devil." the woman looked amusedly towards the doctor who was wearing a sailor dress.

"Good evening Miss Hwang!" The old man said

"Good evening Mr. Twain..." And a moment of silence was reached "Aren't you going to greet me doctor?" Stephanie asked as she looked amusedly towards the doctor

"No." Taeyeon replied


"Looks like the cargo's hotness isn't enough to warm your heart." The elite woman chuckled and continued speaking "Come on men, let's eat!" Stephanie cheered and sat on her place and everyone sat on their respective places.


Taeyeon looked like she was having a hard time deciding where she would sit so the elite woman helped her "You may sit beside me, y'know? I don't bite!" she said humorously then Taeyeon sat on the chair without uttering a word.

Taeyeon was observing the whole crew, she could only see about 15 people on board so she couldn't help but to ask about it.

"For a long voyage, you got a few team on board." Taeyeon commented and started eating her own food.

"We used to have a lot on team before, but some died due to malaria when we had a visit on black continent." Stephanie said sadly "We couldn't do anything to help them because even the doctor on our ship also died due to it." she added "I hope you can keep the workers and I in good shape during our voyage." she smiled a little

Taeyeon noticed that the workers were from mixed races due to their features.

"Are they slaves too?" Taeyeon asked

"I don't call them slaves, I call them my family." The elite woman said

"Some of us are either refugees repatriated from our land because of war and Miss Hwang took us on board for us to have a proper living." The young man Pablo said

"For how long have you been sailing?" The doctor asked

"A year and a half... We still couldn't find what we're looking for."

"Treasure, huh?" Taeyeon said

"How did you know?" Stephanie asked

"I told her Miss Hwang about the Atlantic's Golden Island." Mr. Twain said

"Atlantic's Golden Island is a myth, there's really nothing in there." Taeyeon said "Your voyage is just a waste of time..." she looked at the elite woman "So, set me free." Doctor Kim said

"How did you know?"

"It used to be the pirates’ I'm working for hide out."

Taeyeon had been in that place before along with her pirates acquaintances for they sought a hiding place while they were being seized by King Charle's ship. They found no gold in the island.

"It isn't a myth... I'll tell you something, help me find the Atlantic’s Golden Island and you'll gain your freedom." Stephanie said to the doctor as she smiled

"There is no gold there. Unless you consider bunch of crabs and coconut trees as treasures. You're already an elite, don't be greedy so much for gold!" Taeyeon made a remark that insulted the woman, but the woman remained composed even her workers looked agitated towards Taeyeon's remark but the woman signaled for them not to say anything

"Who told you I am seeking for gold?..." The woman raised her brows and Taeyeon looked confused and listened to the woman as she resumed speaking "I believe rare treasures are there. It is true, for it is what I believe in. It wouldn't be called Golden Island for nothing... So what do you say?"


"Wants some bread Doctor Kim?" The elite woman asked

"Oh, I don't want to see any bread for a while." Taeyeon frowned

"If you say so." The woman smirked and resumed eating as she eyed the frowning doctor besides her

"Is there something on my face?" The doctor asked monotonously

"I would like to have a word with you after our dinner." Stephanie said

"What for?"

"Just to know you better."

"You don't need to know me." Taeyeon raised her brows

"I have to, I know all my workers so I would like to know you too."

"Hi, I am Kim Taeyeon and I hate human beings."

"I know you don't, you wouldn't be a doctor if you do. Meet me on the ship deck, half an hour from now."


Taeyeon was the first one to reach the ship deck for the elite and Mr. Twain had a brief meeting about their current mappings about the island they sought for. The doctor was looking over the sea, she looked up the full moon and admired how beautiful it was shining above and it's reflection over the sea. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sound of the waves.

Over the years, Taeyeon's parents sent her to a university to become a doctor. Her family was a commoner so she suffered and experienced every kind of discrimination from the elites. Being a doctor in the world full of men. The thought and ideal that man alone should be educated and women are weaker compared to men, the words spoken to her that she would never made it to become a doctor, all of that, she conquered for her parents. She was thankful towards the previous King Ferdinand because his royal order made education open for women. She learned how to stand up for herself and became a feminist. But as the saying goes that 'All good things comes to an end.' King Ferdinand was oust on his position by the treachery of King Charles' regime.

The regime conquered town after town and destroyed those who resisted to submit, unfortunately, Taeyeon's town was one of those town who experienced violence from the regime. Ever since her town was burnt to ashes and conquered by King Charles, she started to work with the belligerence and pirates as a form of rebellion and her vengeance towards the regime and elites who discriminated her in the past. She became fearless for she lost all the guts she had for living.


Her family, friends and her loving town.

All of these experience affected her thought about the elites. The thought about an elite owning her... She despised it the most.

She heard footsteps coming towards her direction.

"Good thing you didn't jump this time..." Her owner said and stood beside her. She leaned on the ship rails and look at the doctor who was looking a far the sea "Cigarette?" The woman offered

"No, thank you." The doctor said without looking at the lady

"Suit yourself." The woman took a cigarette on and lit it

"What do you want to talk about?" The doctor asked forwardly

"Why do you hate me?"

"Elites are Charles' puppet. I despise Charles’ loyalists."

"Is it a sin to become an elite? To tell you, I'm not a Charles' loyalist. I couldn't give a damn about political powers. You should be thankful, I saved your life."

"I didn't ask to be saved. So much for not being a Charles' loyalist that your ship carry his flagship."

"Well, have you ever do something you don't want just to be free? Even I am an elite, I am also a woman. I know what the society will tell about me. I made use of being an elite to be a sailor, I even used the flagship just to sail freely."

"I am a free human being, I don't need to look good in the eye of society just to be free. Even though I am worth just a half piece of silver to you, God knows, I am free!" Taeyeon said

"Did you know why I bought you?"

Taeyeon remained silent and listen to the elite.

"You seem to have nothing to lose... And that's what makes you brave. You're not afraid to fight, even death, you do not fear. However, because of that braveness made your heart strong, it made you so cold too. I wish you could open up and help me melt your heart. Not everyone are the same Taeyeon. You do not worth just half a piece of silver to me. No pieces of silver and gold can measure the worth of any human being." Stephanie said and coughed a bit as she inhaled the fume of smoke coming from her cigar. "It's getting colder these days." The elite laughed a bit

"You may consider stop smoking for a while, cigar triggers your cough." Taeyeon said as she looked subtly towards the elite

"I'll try to..." They were engulfed by a minute of silence and sounds of the waves, the woman stepped on her cigar and put her match on her pocket until she felt something inside it “Oh, I almost forgot... Here." Stephanie brought out something from her pocket "I knitted this a while ago... It's a replica of your red cross... I know it doesn't look like it so much but it's better than nothing. I hope you like it, doc." When the woman saw that Taeyeon was just staring at her, she took the liberty to tie it on the doctor's sleeves. The doctor's stares never ceased so Stephanie cleared and spoke

"Well, it's getting late... I hope I can know you better in the coming days doctor... By the way, do you know your place to rest?"

Taeyeon shook her head.

"Come on, I'll show you your quarters!"


Stephanie smiled at the doctor and held her hand as they walked towards her quarter on the ship


Taeyeon remained silent, she was in deep thoughts. She was moved to the kind gesture the elite woman showed her.

'This is too good to be true...' Taeyeon thought to herself as she looked at their intertwined hands and the latter's smile.



Chapter 3? O.o

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