51st Shot (Collab Story)

Sugar Free
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Hello Readers,

I have been writing one shots stories for awhile now, and I got acquainted with some wonderful authors on this site. If you're looking for a new story to read, I would suggest you read the recent story I wrote in collaboration with Hiraidorkytaenganger entitled  51st Shot  Hiraidorkytaenganger is the author of Hot N' Cold, Gravity, My Girl Crush, You are to Me and Pretend. For some of my readers, I think you might know her already.

51st Shot   is all about waiting for love, creating mistakes by loving a wrong person and finding the right love in the end. It's a mixture of comedy and fluff. It's an on going shot, and we wrote this story with a postive tone so expect a positive end.

This is my second collaboration project with some authors, the first collab I made was with HighJK  Love Potion No. 75   I love HighJK works too. I always love writing with other authors. And writing with Hiraidorkytaenganger had been fun since she was one of my favorite writer before I started writing in AFF

Once again, here is the link 51st Shot  



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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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Light_Rookie 0 points #1
Chapter 40: Too many swears please reduce it author..
Light_Rookie 0 points #2
Chapter 34: Very emotional ??
Chapter 45: This is so good ? i love the plot !
Light_Rookie #4
Chapter 42: Cute
Light_Rookie #5
Chapter 16: Chapter 16, is so inspirational ??
klar_489 #6
Chapter 45: Owwww you came back,!! I love it please keep writing. :)
Light_Rookie #7
Chapter 11: "What do i like about you" is so hilarious. Thanks author! Hahaha
Sitinu #8
Chapter 45: this is so funny hahahahahahahaha XD
Chapter 36: Haaa it Tiffany. Way to go Taeyeon :))))
soshibell #10
Chapter 45: I freaking loveeeee this plottttt. The value of this story is also beautiful. What a lucky girl are you, taeyeon. You could meet your future that probably changes your whole life !!!!