Settling Differences

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Because I’m happy today due to my childhood crush followed me on instgram (Whew! Haha) I wrote a story. This story is inspired by Osho’s book of understanding, the story of Zorba and Buddha and some of Dalai Lama’s words of wisdom.

And yes, I’ve been reading books again. Haha! :)

Pardon my English since it’s not my first language.

Enjoy reading!



Settling Differences


“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness… Genuine peace in the world depends on having peace in our hearts. If we are full of anger how can we expect to bring about peace?”

-Dalai Lama


Once there was a simple and yet enchanting remote town called ‘Silencio Paraiso’. The town people live their lives quietly and harmoniously. They shared the limited resources that the nature of the town had given to them. They celebrate, drink and eat together. People there get a long really well, except for the two neighbors. The blind and the crippled. 


The blind and the crippled lived their warm house side by side, so close and yet the owners were cold and distant towards each other. Too many rants, accusations and complaints exchanged between the two parties. Like this scenario;


“YAH, KIM TAEYEON!” yelled the crippled to the walking blind woman who just went home from the market.


“Oh, what is it this time Hwang?” the blind asked as she sighed


‘This is going to be a long discussion.” The blind thought to herself


“Your garbage bag is reaching my gate, where’s your manners?” the crippled named ‘Hwang’ said as she pointed at the garbage with her right wooden crutch.


“Does it? I didn’t noticed, because as you can see, I am blind.” The blind woman named ‘Kim Taeyeon’ said in annoyance


“Yes you’re blind, but that doesn’t mean you can litter around my property!” the crippled countered


“I’m not littering at your property! I didn’t even know my garbage reached your gates, okay?” Taeyeon tried to explained herself


“Yeah, because you’re not only blind, you’re also stupid!” provoked the crippled to the blind


“You know what, you’re really annoying!” The blind replied angrily as she pointed her stick towards the voice direction of the crippled


“And so? What are you going to do about it?” cockily spoken by the crippled


“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU HWANG MIYOUNG WITH MY STICK!” the blind attacked the crippled from the source of the owner’s voice but missed the target


“Hohoho! I’m not there, I’m here!” teased by the crippled to the blind who was aimlessly attacking the air by her stick


The blind had an idea and kicked on the floor closest to the source of voice of the crippled and the crippled suddenly stumbled and fell her on the floor with a loud




“Haha, who’s laughing now?”


“YAH, THAT’S IT!” Miyoung stood from the ground with the help of her crutches and readily attacked the blind with one of her wooden crutch and the blind prepared herself with her stick


And then, they heard a whistle…


“STOP IT OR I’LL JAIL YOU TWO FOR BREACHING PEACE IN OUR QUIET TOWN!” said the town’s major Choi Sooyoung as she passed through the neighborhood and saw the two killing each other


“She’s the first one to mocked me!” said the blind to the major


“That’s because you threw your trash on my gate!” reasoned by the crippled




The two kept quiet and bowed their heads in shame.


“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if you can’t help one another, at least don’t hurt each other and make a scene!”


“She’s bad towards me officer.” said by the blind


“That’s because you’re bad towards me as well!” argued by the crippled


“STOP IT!” yelled by the major


“I’m sorry Officer Choi…” the two said in sync


“That is the same words you said to me last time.” The officer sighed “You know, be kind whenever possible… it’s always possible! You two settle things down.” Officer Choi commanded


“Right now?” the crippled asked




“You blind, say you’re sorry.” The crippled ordered


“Why me first? You started this first, you say sorry first!” the blind rejected to comply


“ENOUGH! You two hug each other.” The officer said in a pissed manner.


Every time there’s a dispute in Silencio Paraiso, the two conflicting parties are ask to hug each other to settle their disputes peacefully. People in the town are peace loving people so they can easily settle every misunderstanding that occurs to them, well, except these two, who had been a problem of the town’s major for years.


“W-What? Not again officer please!” the crippled pleaded


“You heard me.”


“No way!” stated by the blind “So many germs, bacteria and viruses even bad luck from that Hwang!” the blind said in disgust “The last time we hugged, I got sick!”


“Well, okay. You two come with me in jail.” The officer said


“No!” the two said in sync “We’ll just, hug.” The two said in defeat


“Yah, come here Kim!” the crippled said


“You come to me, I’m blind!” the blind refused


The crippled looked at the officer and back to the blind. “Fine.” And she slowly went to the blind through her crutches and gave a light hug to the blind and that was noticed by the officer


“You know, everything done half-heartedly just always results to something bad over and over again. So please, tighter.” The officer gestured, the crippled and the blind could only sigh as they hug each other tightly in disheartened manner


“Done.” Said the two as they refused to look at each other


“Okay, that was you 45th hug according to my record. Fight and you’ll have way more to go!” the officer chuckled “Or maybe you two like to fight so you can hug each other, eh?” the officer teased


“Officer!” the two whined in sync


“I’ll let this slip again, okay? You two, don’t fight too often.” The officer said and left the two who was back in glaring at one another when the officer left


“This is all your fault!” the crippled blamed the blind


“I don’t care Hwang, I’m going inside my peaceful house. I hope you choke as you eat your lunch!” the blind said as she went to her door and open it and shut it with a loud bang


“Yah! For a blind and a human being, you’re rude!” the crippled yelled as she went through her door “I hope you drown in your bath tub as you take a bath!” the crippled said as she shut her door with a loud bang too.


Meanwhile, on the third house close with them.


“Yoong, what’s that noise?” A tanned lady asked her sister as they eat together on a dining table


“As usual Yul, our neighbors… World War III, bombs and boom!” the doe eyed girl laughed and shook her head


“I could get used to this.”


“Well, Yul… We’re already used to this!” her sister said and the two laughed together and resumed their lunch


And that’s how their neighbor, the blind and the crippled lived their lives for years.



It was a peaceful Sunday morning, Kim Taeyeon was walking in the park getting some fresh air. When she was younger, she used to see things. She always went to the park and the market with her grandfather so she knows how to get there very well. When she was seventeen, her grandfather and she had a car accident. Causing for her grandfather’s life and her sight. She have gone blind and learn how to live alone. Now, she’s with her stick and her book walking around until she stepped on something slimy and foul odor stuff on the ground called .


“Urgh, seriously! This is my favorite tap shoes!” she whined


And a dog suddenly barked at her and growled


“Prince, stop it!”


Then she heard a footsteps running towards her “I’m sorry, are you alright? My dog prince is a very naughty rascal. I can’t keep up with him because my feet is…” The owner was talking and the blind had recognized the voice right away.


The blind faced the owner of the voice “Is crippled…” the blind finished the statement uninterestedly


“Oh, it was you again.” The crippled face changes 180 degrees as she seen the blind


“You love bringing bad lucks don’t you?” the blind insulted


“Fancy meeting you here, and why are you holding a book? As if you can read that. You’re blind!”


“Ever heard braille?” the blind scoffed “And why did you brought a dog with you if you’re crippled?” the blind retaliated “Can’t keep up because your dog got strong feet, don’t you?” the blind laughed


“You know what, I don’t want Officer Choi to catch us bickering again so, nice meeting you here and goodbye!” said the crippled as she followed her dog as fast as she could with her crutches


“Yah! Stop right there.” The blind said


“What is it?!” the crippled asked


“What’s your shoe size?”




“Exchange shoes with me.” The blind demanded


“Eww, no!”


“I stepped on your dog , exchanged shoes with me today and bring back my shoes tomorrow.” The blind instructed


“Nah-ah, not going to do it.”


“Fine, I’ll tell officer Choi that you let your dog in a clean slate park. Community service for a week! Nice penalty huh?” the blind wiggled her eyebrows


“You…You’re annoying to death!” the crippled yelled and sighed in defeat


“Your shoes?”


“Fine, here.” The crippled throw her one pair of her shoes


“Wear it to me, I’m blind Y’know?” the blind continued to torment the crippled


“Raise you right foot, quick.” The crippled said “I cannot bend my knees, I’m crippled y’know?” she mockingly said


“Urgh, fine.”


The crippled let the blind wear her right shoes


“And the other one?” asked by the blind


“You only stepped my dog at your right so shut it. I’m leaving” the crippled said


“B-But, what about your other feet? You have no shoe on your right!” the blind asked worriedly


“Oh, I’m crippled. I need only one shoe to function.” The crippled said as she was about to leave but she was stopped again by the blind




“What is it this time?!” the crippled replied impatiently


“I-I…y-your feet might get c-cold. So take my hanky and wrapped it on your toes, t-that’s clean!” the blind said as she gave the crippled her handkerchief. The crippled obliged and wrapped the hanky on her toes


“Fine, just bring back my shoes. Okay? Or else!” the crippled went away leaving the worried blind behind


‘Why am I even worried about her?’ the blind wonder to herself


On the next day, Taeyeon was walking to her house from the market until she bumped into somebody.


“Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t see you there coz I’m blind.” The blind girl said apologetically to the person she bumped and she tried walking again in other direction but bumped again on that someone. Looks like this someone was tripping on her. The blind can heard a faint chuckle escaping from that somebody’s lips. She noticed the familiarity of the chuckle, she heard a wooden object hit the ground and smelled the familiar scent she had smell before, lavender.


“W-Why are you sniffing on my neck? Are you a dog?!” that someone said nervously as that someone noticed how closed Taeyeon was.


“I knew it! It was you again… Are you perhaps stalking me?”


“Oh C’mon! I have to go to the market to buy groceries too you know! I’m a busy person, I have a lot of important things to do than to stalk someone as ugly as you!” the crippled said


“Yeah, so busy tripping on me!”


“I-I was just wondering where’s my right shoe?! You haven’t given it back to me!” the crippled said


“You haven’t gave me my hanky either! But fine, I’ll send your shoes tonight. Now, scram and get out my way!” Taeyeon said


“Fine, you rude human.”


“As if you’re not!”


“Cool! Want a piece of my crutch?” the crippled dared


“Game on, my stick can beat you anytime!” the two of them are ready to attack each other, then somebody whistled


“HALT! YOU TWO HUG, NOW!” it was officer Choi


“Oh, … not again.” The two said in sync



The blind went out to give the crippled her shoe. She knocked on the cripple’s gate and she heard a voice.


“The gate’s open.” said the crippled who was sitting at her door steps looking around the stars at night


“Oh, you’re outside? I think it’s night time already. Don’t tell me you’re waiting for me?” the blind teased


“Don’t be such a fool. I’m outside because I’m looking at the stars.” The crippled said


“Oh? What do the stars look like tonight? I haven’t seen it for eight years!” the blind said


“It looks like a star?” the crippled said sarcastically


“I know, but is it shining brightly? I bet my grandpa became one of those stars!” the blind said


“Your grandpa is a human.”


“Yes, he was. He died when I was seventeen.” The blind said, “So, I have no one with me right now.”


“Your parents?”


“They left me with grandpa and never came back.” The blind said “Why you became disabled?” she asked


“I was born this way. I’ve never experience how to walk or run. It must have been a very cool thing to do.”


“It is.”


“Do you think my parents became stars too?” the crippled asked


“They left the world as well?”


“Yeah. It’s their death anniversary today.”


“That’s sad.”


“I’m sad. I hate this feeling.”


“It’s okay to be sad, you know it’s a lovely thing to be sad.” The blind stated


“You’re out of your mind.” The crippled chuckled


“I’m not! I mean, sadness is a beautiful thing. It makes you feel calm, you experience silence and peace. You let out heavy burdens from your heart when you become sad. When you are sad, you just have to welcome it! Enjoy it with love.” The blind explained


“So, Do I have to be sad all the time?” the crippled asked


“No, Enjoy sadness but don’t get overly attached to it or any emotions. Or else you’ll be dependent to it and be a masochist.” The blind said


“That’s quite a word of wisdom, I didn’t know you have one.” The crippled made a remark


“I was comforting you and yet you insulted me, you really have an attitude problem.” The blind scoffed


“Where’s my shoe?” Miyoung asked the blind


“Here.” The blind passed her a paper bag “Where’s my hanky?”


“Do you really wanted a hanky that came from my feet? I didn’t know you have a foot .”  The crippled teased Taeyeon


“Fine! Take my hanky, whatever. I hate you!” the blind said as she stomped her way out towards the crippled house and went to hers


“I hate you too!” the crippled yelled and chuckled as she sighed and looked back at the stars


‘That’s the most peaceful talk I’ve done with that Kim.’ She smiled as she thought to herself


The rainy season has come in. It was often raining torrently. One day, the storm is warning and a flood alert rises. It was said that the houses will be swept away by the incoming flood and the people hurried to come on evacuation center. All the towns people made it except for the two, the blind and the crippled who were lost and do not know what to do. The time is running out so they have to move fast or else they’ll be drowned if they will not reached the center on higher grounds, but their disability make it impossible for them and to mention, they were already drenched in the rain and the ground already accumulating waters.


“Hey Kim!” the crippled called the lost blind who do not know what to do and where to go. “Why are you still here?” she asked


“I do not know where the evacuation center is, I haven’t been there. I do not know the steps. I can’t see, I’m blind!” Taeyeon said “Why are you still here?” Taeyeon asked the crippled


“I lost my crutches. I can’t walk to the evacuation center, I’m crippled!” Miyoung said in distressed


“How many minutes to get there on the center?” asked by the blind




“We’re running out of time! We’ll die if we don’t get there in five minutes! They will be closing the gates in five minutes!” the blind said frantically


“Well, I guess we’ll just drown together. This is so tragic! Dying with the person I hate the most.” The crippled said sadly


The blind went toward the cripple’s voice direction who was sitting on a higher ground “Hop on me!” she said


“W-What? No way! I’m not touching any part of you!” the cripple refused


“Hop on me! It’s the only way we could survive. Let’s set aside our differences for just this once! You can see but you can’t walk, I can’t see but I can walk and more so even run! You know where the evacuation center is. We can get there in five minutes together! Direct me the ways, you’ll be my eyes and I’ll be your feet!” Taeyeon said


Miyoung wanted to survive so she agreed “Okay, let’s survive this thing together.” And hopped on the blind’s back. “Throw your stick, I’ll be your eyes.” Then the blind threw her stick.


The blind and the cripple realized that they needed each other. The blind can run but could not see where to go. She could not see the way to the center, the highest ground on their town. The crippled could see where there were still possibilities of getting to the center and surviving the incoming flood, but she could not run.


They forgot all their hatred, antagonism and animosity towards each other and worked in great synthesis. In such critical moment, they were both facing death, each of them knows they have to work together as one for good.


The blind started to run “Which way?” she asked


“Turn right!”


They turned right and the water is rising every minute


“Now, turn left!”


The blind started to run so fast


“There’s a car in front, stepped to the right a little!” The crippled directed


It was like a dream come true for the crippled and the blind. Despite of the critical situation, the crippled felt for the first time how was it to run and the blind felt like she can see anything without her stick through the crippled. It’s been few minutes now, and fatigue is coming all over the blind since it’s harder to run in waters.


“We’re running for few minutes now, I can feel the water is rising on my feet, are we there yet?”  The blind asked as she kept running with the crippled on her back


“Yes, so close! Take another right turn and go straight. That’s the center!”


“The water is coming in, we have to close the gates!” the two heard the towns people voices




The crippled can see that the gate was about to be close “WAIT FOR US!” she yelled and the blind too “Wait!” she said


Officer Choi, their neighbors and other town people saw the two enemies running together as one to reach the gate. They were awed and surprised by the scene.


“Oh my God, Are you seeing what I’m seeing Yul?” Yoong asked her sister


“This is new… and touching.” Yul said as they continued to watched the two entered the gate before it closes


The two were panting heavily as they reached their destination. Just in time when the gate of the center closed and the rain poured heavily, for sure flood outside arises.


“Are we still alive?” the blind coughed continuously due to fatigue as she let down the crippled on her back


“WE DID IT!” the crippled said to the blind and gave the blind a light hug


“YES, WE’RE ALIVE! WE MADE IT!” the blind hugged the crippled tightly as she pulled the crippled closer to her and officer Choi can’t help to smile by the situation.


“I knew you two like the hugs!” Officer Choi teased them


“I think so.” The blind said as she blushed


“I do think so too.” The crippled said shyly


“It’s a good thing the town’s people are saved!” Officer Choi said


“Our homes will be swept away though.” The crippled sighed


“We’ll help each other and made new houses again, right town’s people?” Officer Choi said





When the flood subdued, the people started building what had been destroyed and made stronger dykes that will avoid the future floods. Their building houses, churches, markets, municipalities hand by hand. Until, it will look beautiful again. They helped each other to survive.


The blind and the crippled looked at their old houses which was devastated by the flood.


“Our houses looks like trash bins.” The crippled said


“How bad?” the blind asked


“Too bad.” The crippled replied


“I bet our two houses will take time to be built again.” The blind said to the crippled which was on her back since the crippled lose her crutches


“How about we build only one house? It will save lots of time and resources.” Miyoung suggested


“I thought we’re so different and we hated each other?” asked by the grinning blind to the crippled on her back


“Well, let me tell you a secret.” The crippled whispered on the blind’s ear


“I like you now and our differences has been settled.”


How good will it be when people set aside their differences and work in harmony for the better of each other! Together we stand, divided we fall. Divided you suffer; united you dance, you sing, you celebrate. We live in this world for a simple reason, to unify, uplift each other by lending a helping hand and to live in peace, love and hope for a better tomorrow.


Today, be someone else’s eyes, ears, hand, or feet. Share other people what you can do, share what you have! Even the littlest help you could give, it might be the biggest help that other’s will receive!




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