Grumpy 3.2 (Ending)

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Hello readers!


First of all, I would like to apologize for the delayed of the Grumpy ending. I was having a writer's block I guess. No matter what I write, I can't seem to find the ending I want so what I did is I compiled every draft I made. I originally wrote two endings of Grumpy, an angsty one and a fluffy one.  I decided to fused it together to make a hopefully, satisfying ending.

Tell me what you think of this after you read, okay? I want to know what's on your mind. Your comments kept me motivated to write stories.

What's your favorite story in this shot so far? I'm curious.

I dedicate this story for us delusional people, who's hopelessly devoted with happy endings.










Tiffany’s POV


“Miss Hwang?”




I answered without looking on my secretary while I was sipping a tall glass of ice coffee and busy doing my job. Ice coffee has been a very kind friend for me for years. It was actually a potion that keeps me awake in those sleepless nights of meeting deadlines for designs. I’ve been working nonstop for years just to reach where I am right now. I started from the bottom now I’m here ( =P ) In those times where everything seems to be disorganized and I felt like nothing. I strived very hard to made my dreams come alive. Now, I’m at top of my game, I have to work harder to maintain what I have. I was so busy doing my job that I do not have a time to even spare a glance with people around me. But suddenly, the next thing my secretary said brought strange familiarity on my ears.


“Here is the new artist we hired, Miss Kim Taeyeon.” Jessica said


I stopped typing and looked at them... For the first time, I stopped doing my work for a minute and looked at my secretary and to the small petite woman beside her, Taeyeon... Something about that name catches my attention. My heart started to beat faster for unknown reasons and my palms started to sweat as nervousness took place on me... I was never nervous, most of the time; it was people will be nervous around when they see me. Everything that is happening right now is totally out of the norm.


“T-Taeyeon?” I spoke as I looked at the petite woman. Suddenly, I was stuttering like I was not the CEO of this company and was like an employee facing an interview


“Yes Miss Hwang...the one and only” the petite woman said as she smiled at me. She was staring at me as if she can see through me up to the deepest part of my soul. That eyes... It is so foreign yet so familiar. That voice... Is a voice of a stranger and yet it brought familiarity on my ears.


I was staring at her for a while until she winks at me



My eyes widens in surprised as I choked my drink.



“Ahuk! *cough* *cough*” I rubbed m eyes as if I was confirming to myself if I was dreaming or not and looked at her again.


Did she just do that to me? Her superior to note! God, the nerve of this lady! But why am I blushing?


“Are you okay Miss Hwang?” Jessica asked as I keep on staring on the petite woman and she did too for a while but I later avoid her eyes and spoke nervously


“I-I'm okay Jessica..,I-I'm o-okay...” I said and laughed awkwardly afterwards and looked at her again.


I figured out that, no matter how much I avoid her eyes, she was just there, boring me alive and looking at me as if she’s judging everything I’m doing. I tried to glare at her for her to stop looking at me but she just smiled and her eyes twinkled and from that moment, I swear I saw stars in front of me,


“Do you know each other Miss Hwang?”


“N-No...I-I don't k-know her.”  I said as I cleared my throat as I stole glances at her, I saw her flinched as she closed her eyes for a while and opened it, I swear I saw her eyes glistening as if she was about to cry but she remained composed as she looked at me. I felt like one of those bullies in high schools that made this small woman cried. I suddenly felt guilty without doing anything. This woman looks so innocent, she’s looking at me as if she wanted to convey some message to me but I cannot catch it. Maybe, it was just me being paranoid in every way.


“So as I was saying, I was just touring her on the office and I thought our nicest CEO shall meet our newly hired talented artist for our winter collection.”Jessica said proudly


“O-Oh, i-is that so?”


“Yes, Miss Hwang.” Jessica said as she confusedly looked at the nervous CEO “Are you sure you're okay Miss Hwang?” Jessica asked again


“Yeah...I--I’m okay...A-Are you done with t-the tour?” I asked


“Not yet Miss Hwang. After I showed her around the office, Yuri will drive Miss Kim to the office housing. Miss Kim told us that she is new here in the city and she’s officially our employee so we decided to give her the housing incentive.” Jessica said


“N-New in the city?”


“Yes, she just came today.”


“C-Can I see her résumé?” I wanted to know more about my employee. Something about this woman intrigues me. Maybe because, this woman was able to get my attention from working. I want to check if she's really worth it to have this attention I'm giving right now.


“She doesn’t have one Miss Hwang.”


And from what I heard, my ears started to get red as I fumed in anger, clearly  my HR did not follow rules of employment and how could I know if this woman is a worthy artist to enter my institution? She might just ruined the winter collection! There is only thing I cared about life, it is my fashion line. My career is something I give importance to and no one shall ever take it away from me.




I-I'm sorry Miss Hwang... B-But...Taeyeon is a g-good one. I s-swear!” Jessica was scared at the mad CEO.


“I’m sorry Jessica. B-But we have to find another one.”


“Miss Hwang... If resumé was the problem then, why won’t we make one for her...” Jessica asked




“Yuri and I only tested her artistic skills but you can give her a job interview yourself.” Jessica suggested


“Why would I give her a job interview?” I scoffed



I'm a CEO, ain't nobody got time for that!


“Because I'm good and it will be a waste to throw some talented person like me... You need me here” the woman said confidently as if she was challenging my authority


“You seem to be so full of yourself Miss Kim.”


“Try me.”


“Is she that really good Jessica?” I asked


“Yes, Miss Hwang.”


“We’ll see about that. Come here and sit in front of me.” I said


She sat in front of me. Between us is an office table I want to remove to be closer to her, but I wouldn’t do that of course.  Strange, this woman keeps on making me feel things. I suddenly became uneasy and uncomfortable as she keep on staring at me.


“W-Will you s-stop staring at me l-like that, Miss Kim?” I said nervously


“Why Miss Hwang! Eye contact is very essential on job interviews.” she said without taking het eyes off of me


I sighed as she tortured me with her  eye contact but a brilliant idea came to me. My face lit up a bit as I beamed a smug smile upon her.


“Now, Miss Kim. I have to interview you and test your English proficiency...” I said


“E-English?” now it’s her time to be nervous


That’s what you get for being such a charmer!



“Yes, English...You don’t seem to look confident now Miss Kim.”


“A-Aniyo.... I’m always confident.” she smiled but deep inside I know she's cursing dozen of words as she nervously chants ‘I don’t fu$&-#$ know how to speak English well!’. I can see the vulnerability in her eyes. My, I just won over this flirty employee,


“So now, Let’s start the interview.” I smiled and she just nervously nodded


“So Miss Kim, Tell me about yourself.” I asked


“Mmmm-my name issshh T-Taeyeon...I painter.” she looked up at the ceiling as if the ceiling will give her answers


“What is the school you graduated from?”


“S-School... Village Valley.”


“V-Village Valley?” I asked confusedly


Weird, I suddenly thought of how Village Valley looks like. Maybe, it’s a nice place to be at. I suddenly thought about paradise. I haven’t been on a vacation for a long time. Maybe, I’ll visit there if I have time.




I continued


“What was your General Weighted Average?”


“General...W-What?” she asked confusedly


“Your General Weighted Average.”


“Oh, weight... 48 kg.”


Jessica laughed out loud and I face palmed myself and continued the interview


“Why did you apply in this company?”




“I mean, what do you expect from this company?”




“What was your last job?”


“No need job, me rich” she said proudly


“Why did you apply here then?”


“Me need to see byuuutipppuuulll lady.” she smiled and winked at me but I ignored her.


“What is your hobby?”


“To paint.”


“How long have you been painting?”


“30 years.”


“Then, what is your age?”




“How come you paint for 30 years and yet your 28?”


“Over time.”


Jessica giggled from the side but I glared at her so she composed herself.


“What is your strength?”


“I am Taeyeon.”


“What are your weaknesses?”




“Where do you see yourself five years from now?”


“With you.”


I blushed and Jessica on the other hand was amused on what is happening.


“Are you an optimist or negative thinker?”




“Sight an example.”


“When will I issshhhtart?


Jessica laughed again with a recorder behind her back. She recorded the whole thing for Yuri. I  on the other hand was frustrated and stressed. I decided to ignore Jessica’s playful deeds and continued with my interview to get this done.


“If I ever hire you, when do you plan to come to work?”


“C-Coming soon!” she clapped her hand and cheered


And the interview ended there


“This is hopeless Jessica.” I rub my face with my palms. “Her English is horrible!” I complained


“Miss Hwang, I didn’t apply to speak English. I applied to draw!” Taeyeon complained too


“She’s really good Miss Hwang...I-I mean look at her draft sketches...”


“I...Let me see her draft sketches.”


Jessica handed the papers to me


I was shocked and beyond impressed as I take a look at the designs... Its exactly what I want for the winter collection. This woman seems to be doubtful because one, she is strange, two, she’s so flirty and office romance is strictly forbidden in my company and three she doesn’t have a résumé but wow, she’s a genius artist!


“Miss Hwang... Do you like what I draw?” she asked


“These are the designs I want...” I said in shocked “You know what, fu$&* your English. You’re hired!” I said and reached for her hand to shake but instead she hugged me tight.


“Thank you Fany!” she whispered in my ear as she hugged me as if she’s never going to let me go.




My heart started to beat faster... Gee, I guess I’m having too much caffeine in my body.



“Okay, please let go.... I cannot breathe!” I said to keep the professional barrier on track “Miss Jung?” I said


Jessica looked at me “Yes, Miss Hwang?”


“Have you informed her about our company policy?”


“Yes, I gave her the manual.” Jessica said


“How about the unwritten rules?” I asked


“Unwritten rules?” Taeyeon asked


I sighed as I glared at Jessica and she gave me that innocent sorry look. I started to brief Taeyeon about my three rules.


“If you want to stay long in my company just followed this three rules strictly... First, Respect your superiors and know your boundaries. Second, work hard... Give your 101% if it’s not enough strive harder. Strictly follow the office hours only an hour break do not exceed and slacking off is forbidden. Third and final, no office romance. Date outside the office. My company is not a match making service. I’m paying you to work and not to date. And in fact, dating will affect employees’ performances... “


“Wait, no office romance?” Taeyeon chuckled “Seriously, you’re not modern Hitler or something right?”


“I am not joking in anyway Miss Kim.” I said seriously “I just recently fired two of my employees because they were dating instead of working in the office.” I said with a stoic face to make Taeyeon feel the wall between us


“You know all these, right Jessica?” I asked


“Ahuk! *coughed* *coughed*... Y-Yes, Miss Hwang!” she said in a higher pitch and cleared


Taeyeon looked at Jessica; she shook her head and smiled “One day, you’ll regret that rule of yours.” Taeyeon said


“Well, if you would excuse me...I'm busy as of the moment.” I said as I went back to my chair


“Thanks for the time Miss Hwang!” Jessica bowed


Taeyeon gave me her final judging look and shook her head as she smirked. Right after they went out, I sighed in relief as sweats build up on my forehead and armpits. I checked the AC and fan myself.


“Why is it so hot in here?”


The AC was in its coldest






 Taeyeon’s POV


Something isn’t right about Tiffany. Before, she is warm, friendly, considerate and affectionate but now, she's cold, bossy and inconsiderate. And to mention that, she forget about me. She doesn’t even remember me. Every time I tried to search for her eyes, it was all different. I cannot see the Tiffany I know and loved seven years ago until now. But I waited for her for five years, I cannot just surrender and put to ways all my efforts. I want to look after her, even though she changed. I want her to remember me. I want to bring back my Tiffany. The person I loved and cherished.


On our way to the parking lot, I was walking with Jessica. Jessica seems to be bothered and nervous. She looks so problematic and stressed. We saw Yuri in front of the office car, waiting for us. Jessica glared at her while Yuri just frowned confusedly and pouted innocently as Jessica entered the car.


“Miss Kim, take the back seat.” she said coldly


Yuri entered the car and I too did. I can see Yuri looking at Jessica as if she was asking what’s wrong. I can totally sense the tension in the atmosphere.


“Sica...I’m hungry.” Yuri pouted as she was driving




“You’re supposed to treat me. I won the bet. Taeyeon got in!” Yuri said excitedly


“Urgh, fine. Just go to the nearest drive thru.” Jessica said as she sighed


Yuri ordered food on the drive thru and was kind enough to treat me burgers, I mean, Jessica was he one who paid but Yuri was the one who initiate to treat me. Yuri kept on munching her food and Jessica kept on having her poker face plastered on her face.


“Sica...You want some?” Yuri asked as she shoved burgers on Jessica’s mouth




“HAHA!...You should’ve seen your face!” Yuri teased


Jessica gave her a deathly glare and Yuri shut up immediately as she handed Jessica some tissues and wipe her face.


“Sorry...” she said


“Let's just go seobang...I-I mean Yuri! Hehe...” Jessica said nervously as she peeked on me through the mirror


Yuri started to drive off and strike up a conversation towards me


“So...How was CEO Hwang?” Yuri asked


“She’s strange...” I said


“She’s naturally like that. Just like her secretary slash HR beside me.” Yuri teased Jessica but the latter slapped her arm “OUCH!... Okay! I’m sorry...”


“She was not like that before...” I said softly


“You know her?” Yuri asked innocently “She’s quite popular in the city, I guess.” Yuri conclude her question all by herself “She’s pretty, isn’t she?” Yuri said and I could swear I saw Jessica’s eyes fired up through the rear mirror


“Yes, she’s beautiful...” I said as I remembered of the past memories that Tiffany and I shared


“But I never saw her have a boyfriend...” Yuri chuckled


“Oh?” I asked


So, she was single all along? Nice! I still have a chance after all.


“She’s so busy and not to mention she got a strange cold attitude. She’s super strict and a perfectionist. I guess that’s the reason why guys don’t like her. They get intimidated by her.” Yuri said “I might as well give her a ticket to the convent” she joked


“She cannot go to the convent; she’s going to start a fight there if she does.” Jessica commented “And all the employees she fired will go on strike if they knew about it.” Jessica drinks her cola as she was seated at the passenger seat


“She fired a lot of employees?” I asked


“Yes! Especially the one who dates in the office...” Yuri said innocently and Jessica on the other hand choked on her drink


“Ahuk! *cough* *cough*”


“Are you okay Sica?” Yuri asked and Jessica just glared at her


I’ve been observing these two for a while; I knew something was going on based on my observation so to conclude everything...


“You guys are dating, right?” I asked or more than stated


Yuri coughed and Jessica too


“I don’t remember you choking some food too.” I said amusedly


“W-Were....n-not!” Jessica denied


“O-Oh... No no no... I-I mean Y-Yes! We-re n-not!” Yuri said as she stopped the car


I just smiled and shook my head


“It's too obvious.” I said


Jessica looked back at me and Yuri did too.


“W-We’re not dating! I swear...” Jessica said


“P-Please  don’t tell this to CEO Hwang...I’m begging you!” Yuri said in panic


“KWON YURI YOU STUPID FOOL!” Jessica smacked her head




“Hey stop that nonsense bickering!” I halted the two before Yuri can retaliate “I won’t tell.” I said


They both stared at me with their puppy eyes “You promise?”


“Only with one condition...”


“What is it? We’ll give you everything! You want the moon? I’ll lasso the moon for you!” Yuri said and Jessica smacked her head again


“Shut up Kwon!” she said and looked at me “What is it?”


“Tell me everything about Tiffany and make me closer to her.” I said


“Alright, deal!”





Tiffany’s POV


My days in the office become awkward and weirder. It's been two weeks since I hired Taeyeon as my artist for the winter collection. She's a good artist. She really knows what are the designs I like so I am impressed but Taeyeon keeps on being weird herself.


There will be times when she will walk closer to me just to tuck my hair on my ears. Sometimes she will stare at me for a long time without uttering a single word. But the funny thing is, I'm not doing anything to stop her.


Every time I am talking to someone at the phone, she will glare at me and will be super cold towards me the whole day right after. And on the next day, she will smile at me the whole day. She's just so bipolar and it drives me crazy.


Taeyeon and I started to be always together due to the winter collection show designs. It’s already 10 o’clock in the evening and yet we haven’t finished our fifty designs quota. We stayed in the office doing some sketches we need.


“Taeyeon, what designs usually people like during winter?” I asked in frustration as I put down my pen and stared at the blank piece of paper in front of me


“Winter is cold and lonely... What people do look for is warmth and comfort. Simple and natural designs tend to give people more comfort. Designs that can make them move freely and at the same time express their personalities and mood plus can make them comfortable is enough.” Taeyeon said as she continued sketching


I closed my eyes for a brief moment then Taeyeon speak


“Done with the 25 sketches.” she said as she put the papers in front of me


“What? You’re surely fast!” I said


“It’s easy.”


“You sure is full of yourself.” I shook my head and looked at her sketches. Her designs are exactly what I want. “Wow, these are really superb! How do you know these exact designs I have in mind?”


“Because I know everything about you Fany...” she said seriously as she looked at me as if she’s seeing everything about me and yes, she’s seriously is a creep. If she’s not just so great in designs I would’ve fire her.


“I’m your superior, call me Miss Hwang.” I ordered as I blushed


“Ahhh, kyeopta! You’re all flustered my Pink pig” she said as she smiled smugly




“Fany the pink pig!” she kept on teasing


“YOU!...YOU’RE A WITCH!” I retaliated


She suddenly looked at me and stopped laughing.


“You...called me witch!” she said happily as she sat close to me


“You’re weird... You seem to be so happy about it. You’re a bipolar witch.”


“Oh yeah?” she said as she stared at me and went closer to my face




‘Right...I'm a witch. And you know what I usually do to children?”




“I tugged their collars and put them on my casserole!” she said as she laughed out loud while I was sweating hard due to fear





 Starting from that night, I started to have weird nightmares and my head stated to hurt most of the time. Today, I told my secretary that I'll be going home directly due to my head ache. I decided to take some meds and go to sleep


I had another series of dreams.


I saw a child with his plastic toy car. He was running as he tugged the needle attached to it. I chose to follow him. I saw a demarcation line and a sign post ‘WARNING, DO NOT CROSS’ And then, I saw a black house beyond the border. It was really scary . I entered the house’s gate. I was standing in a rose garden. Full of blossoming red roses. I was tempted to pick one because I was captivated by its beauty...


After I picked a rose, I smelled it and adored it. I was surprised when I heard a voice behind me.


“YAH, HOW DARE YOU PICK A ROSE ON MY GARDEN?! DON’T YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE OFF LIMITS?! ARE YOU STUPID OR JUST SUPER DUMB?!!!” An angry pale blonde woman with her white long dress said to me as she pointed the rose on my hand.


“I...I-I... Y-Your R-Roses are b-beautiful and I-I...”


“Give me the rose back.” she ordered


“N-No...” I was really afraid but I do not want to give the rose back


“I said, give me the rose back....” she said as she went closer to me


“NO!” I accidentally yelled and that pissed her off


“THAT’S IT! I’M PUTTING YOU ON MY CASSEROLE!!!” she lifts me up and carried me towards the black house and I screamed at the top of my lungs...




I woke up and sat up immediately... Damn these nightmares!


What is it with Kim Taeyeon ... It gets weirder everyday... But why do I always dream about her? I opened my drawer and get my book and opened to a specific page that contains the thing that always makes me wonder.


It was a dried rose that I kept on looking at throughout this years. Weird, I should’ve thrown this because it’s a trash already but I cannot.


‘What is it with you that I cannot throw away?” I asked no one as I stared at the dried flower.






Taeyeon’s POV


Yuri and I walked towards the office lobby together when we heard yelling and we saw Tiffany was yelling on her employees at the lobby with Jessica her secretary by her side.




“M-Miss Hwang...I-I’m s-sorry...” one of the guy employees said


“W-We’re s-sorry ma’am! W-We’ll return to our post i-immediately...”


“No need for that...”


“W-Why…M-Miss Hwang…”


“You’re all fired!” then she walked towards the elevator and got totally pissed of what she saw


She also got fuming in anger then the elevator had gone maintenance


“URGH, STRESS!” she yelled “CALL THE MAINTENANCE HEAD QUICK! She ordered to Jessica, her secretary


“R-Right away Miss Hwang...” Jessica hurriedly called the maintenance head “He’ll be coming in a minute.” Jessica informed


“Tell him, if he’s not in front of me in 30 seconds, he’s fired.” she said as she put her hands on her head and tapped her fingers as she brought out her phone and started the timer


An old man immediately appeared in front of them as he pants “M-Miss Hwang... You called for me...I go here in 30 seconds, I h-hope I-I’m not fired.” he said as he catch his breath


“You got here in 30.5 seconds so that means you’re fired!” Tiffany started to walked on the staircase and the man tried to catch up with her


“W-Wait, ma’am!”


“URGH, STRESS!” she yelled and glared at the man and the man stopped following her


“Let’s go Jessica.” she said coldly


Yuri and I can only stare on what’s happening in awe.


“Wow, double trouble... Miss Hwang is totally building her firing squads.” Yuri said


“Firing squad?”


“Groups of people she fired.” she chuckled “Everyday, I get so nervous about her. Poor Sica baby, have to suffer her wrath every day. Taeyeon, what if she knew about me and Sica dating?” Yuri asked worriedly


“Don’t worry...I swear I will not tell it to anyone and even if she knew about it. I got your back.” I said


The two didn't know that a man in a blue suit heard them. Yuri's lower ranking officer.


“Once Miss Kwon get fired, I'll get my promotions! Gee, what luck! Miss Hwang must know about this...”





On the next day, Tiffany called a special meeting among her employees.


“I called a meeting because some of employees have violated the unwritten rule... “


Everyone listened to her as she speaks


“Last week, I fired Ten employees for slacking off and now I’m firing two more for violating one of the most important unwritten”


Everyone started to look at each other especially Yuri and Jessica.


“Have you told her?” Yuri whispered to me


“No” Taeyeon said


“, we’re going down, we’re going down!” Jessica said in panic as she tried to keep her voice low


“Guys, be calm.” I said to them


“I’m really disappointed... “Tiffany continued “The person I thought will follow the rules and know it by heart is the one who’s been violating it.”


“Miss Jung and Kwon. Please explain.” Tiffany looked at them




“I-I’m sorry ma’am.” Jessica said as she bowed her head in shame


“You know what happens next, right Jessica?”


“W-We’re f-fired?”


“I’m sorry.” Tiffany said


Taeyeon was mad, she cannot let her friends down and she knew that Tiffany was being unreasonable. Taeyeon argued with her about her decision


 “I beg your pardon Miss CEO, but you cannot fire them.”


“And what do you mean Miss Kim?”


“Clearly, your rules are unwritten. There is no legal basis for it. Therefore, firing people for dating is illegal and isn't it a human right to date freely? If you fired them due to dating tha means you're depriving them their human rights.”


“How dare you? This is my company!... My way, my rules!”


“If you insist on firing them, I might suggest we bring this case to the labor union. Miss Jung and Miss Kwon plus the other employees you fired can file a case on this company.” Taeyeon said


“You!” she pointed at Taeyeon ‘You're so annoying!” Tiffany was about to leave until someone speak a word


“W-Wait! How about my promotion?” a man stood up and followed the CEO


“YOU’RE FIRED! URGH, STRESS!” Tiffany was defeated and madly walked out the door.


Everyone clapped their hands and cheered for Taeyeon


“Taeyeon! Taeyeon!”


“Thank you chinguyah!” Yuri hugged Taeyeon and Jessica ruffled Taeyeon's hair “You're an angel Taengoo!” she said





Tiffany was mad. Taeyeon come all the way to disrupt everything she has and to disorganize her life, that’s what she thought. But as she thought about what Taeyeon said about dating, she was wondering herself why she isn’t dating? She’s getting older too. Maybe that’s why people called her an old maid and started shoving her ticket to convent. On her bed, she opened her drawer and took out a small box. She opened the box on the night stand and stared at the necklace inside of it.



“I never dated anyone because you remained locked as my heart remained lock too… Maybe it’s time to find the key and unlock you.” She said as she held the lock necklace in her hands.




She decided to agree on the pending proposals of the Choi Co. to merge with her fashion line made by Choi Siwon. She decided to merge with Choi Co. and agreed upon wedding proposal to enrich their business.



At the café…


“ALAS! After three years of waiting, you finally said yes!”  Siwon said excitedly


“Yeah…Like I have a choice. Anyway, it’s beneficial for the both of us so I see no problem with that.”


“You know that I really really really like you, right?” Siwon said


“Whatever you say…”


“Let’s announce this right away!” he said


“How about on the winter collection for publicity?”


“That’s a good idea”


“Okay, so now we reached an agreement Siwon.”


“Call me oppa.” He said


“O-Oppa…” and she smiled awkwardly





She announced it on the winter collection wrapped up. Tiffany along with Siwon announces engagement and threw a party after the event. Everyone on the event was shock. Surely, they have to keep their ticket to convent to their selves. Yuri, Jessica and Taeyeon were on the sidelines with shock expressions on their faces as they watched what was happening.



“Wow…” Yuri said


“This is weird…” Jessica said


“Free drinks to everyone!” Siwon announced


“Taeyeon, are you alright?” Yuri asked


“Free drinks to everyone…” she said flatly as she went to the bar


“Sica, What are we going to do?”


“I don’t know… let’s accompany her.”



Taeyeon was devastated when she heard about the sudden engagement so she drunk a lot on the party to forget her misfortune.


“Yah, Taeyeon. That’s your fourth bottle! FYI, That's liquor not  water..."Jessica said


“Chinguyah… Kaaampaaay!” Yuri said drunkly




“Sica, you’re a ninja… You’re multiplying. HAHAHA!” Yuri said and Taeyeon chuckled too


“YAH, KIM! DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!” Jessica threatened


Taeyeon suddenly stopped laughing and started crying


“Kill me now so it won’t hurt anymore…” she said and looked at Tiffany’s and Siwon’s direction


“Chinguyah… You got my back before… we’ve got yours right now.” Yuri said


“The engagement was all of a sudden… I think this is a shot gun wedding. Look at CEO Hwang’s face; she doesn’t even smile for a newly engaged woman.” Jessica commented


“Purely business, I see.” Yuri said


“They look good together.” Taeyeon said as she sobbed harder


“Get a grip Taeyeon… You’re the only one Miss Hwang doesn’t fire no matter what you do to her. She might think that she only need you because you’re a good artist but from what we observe, she likes you that’s why she hasn’t fired you. “Jessica said






“Kaaaampaaay!” Yuri said as she raised her glass


“Kaaaampaaay!” Taeyeon raised her glass as well


“Aiiisssh, seriously. These two!” Jessica said in annoyance



After bottles over bottles. The three were the only one left on the liquor bar. Jessica saw Tiffany looking at their direction especially at Taeyeon with her worried some face so she had an idea.



“Kwon Yuri… Let’s go home.” She said


“Naahhh… Kaaampaaaay!”


Then she smacked Yuri’s head and gestured over Tiffany.




 Jessica and Yuri planned and ditch drunken Taeyeon on purpose so that Tiffany will be the one to send her to the housing.



Tiffany noticed that Taeyeon was the only one that’s left alone on the couch, drinking. So, she told Siwon to go home first and she can go home alone all by herself. She approached Taeyeon.


“Yah, Taeyeon... Go home, you’re drunk!” she said coldly but deep inside she’s worried about the latter. She doesn’t even know why. She hated Taeyeon but at the same time cared about her too.


“You! How dare you do this to me...” Taeyeon pointed drunkly at Tiffany




“You forget about me and broke me into pieces!” she said


Taeyeon was being stubborn because she was hurt.


“Stop talking about nonsense things there... I’ll take you to the housing. Come here...” Tiffany tried to hold her but Taeyeon refused


“Ahhh, Let go of me… leave me alone…I hate you!”




“Go, leave me alone... That’s what you’re good at...”



Tiffany was about to leave her but her conscience kept on bugging her so she came back and held Taeyeon’s hand




“Oh, shut up and stop making a scene.” Tiffany said as she dragged Taeyeon to the parking lot






Tiffany’s POV


“Fany-ah... You look ugly...” Taeyeon said as she looked at me


“You are really annoying ajumma!”




 Taeyeon started to sobbed like a child


“H-Hey...Why are you crying?” I asked


“You called me ajumma!” she sobbed harder


What is this? Kindergarten? Gosh, she’s really weird


I drove her to the office housing. She’s extremely quiet and cold towards me. She did not utter a single word. I’m beginning to be suspicious if she doesn’t even breathe. I don’t know why I was so bothered about her since she was only a new employee. We arrived in the housing and I told her the number of her room and she just stared at me blankly.


“Yah! Are you listening to me?” I said as I waved my hand in front of her


She just looked at me and asked “Fany...What happened to you?”


“What happened to you?” I asked her too. She’s acting really weird




“I told you call me Miss Hwang. I’m your superior.”


“Did you really forget about me?”


“What do you mean?” I sighed “Anyway, it’s almost nine. I got to go.” I said but she held my hand tightly


“Don’t leave...” she said as she looked down “You’ve gone for so long... Don’t leave again.”


“You’re out of your mind.” I said confusedly “But I do understand because you're drunk.”


“I know...I’m sorry.” she hugged me


“H-Hey...W-What are you doing?”


“Fany-ah... Don’t you miss home?” she asked as she didn’t let me go




And the weird thing happened was that I let her hugged me for a long time that I almost forgot the time. Suddenly it felt warm around her...Suddenly it feels like home. But I know I have to go to my real home so I broke the hug.


“I...I-I got to g-go.”


And when in time I have to go, Taeyeon passed out all of a sudden.




I immediately took her to her room and nursed her throughout the rest of the night. It’s weird, I do not have to do these things for a person I barely know but now with Taeyeon, I’m doing it all.


‘Maybe it’s just an act of kindness...’ I thought to myself as I stared at Taeyeon sleeping on her room.



I woke up the next morning, I was sleeping on a couch and when I opened my eyes. I saw the girl who wanted to cook me on her casserole. She was standing in front of me as she stared at me with a blank expression.


“AAAAAHHHHH!” I stood up immediately and threw her the pillow.




“D-Don’t move!” I warned her


“Why are you so scared of me? You weren’t last night.”  She chuckled “Thank you, last night.” she said


I stared at her in horror


Oh no, this can’t be.


“W-Why? W-What happened?” As I looked at my clothes. Thank God they're all intact!


“Why? What are you thinking? Duh, I'm not a maniac, Geez.” she said “Thank you for taking care of me... Anyway, your phone keeps on ringing like ten times already and yet, you sleep like a log.” she said as she shook her head.


Oh my gosh, Siwon oppa!


I looked at my phone quickly and call Siwon oppa.


“Oppa!” I said


“Oh, Tiffany, where are you? I’ve been calling you since last night. I was really worried.”


“I...I-I stayed the night at the office!” I lied.


Taeyeon looked at me and she looked totally disappointed


“Ah, that’s why.”


“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to notify you last night”


“It’s okay. I’m on my way to your office. I brought you some lunch!” Oppa said


“Lunch? W-What? Y-You’re on your way to the office?!” I said in panicked


“Uh yeah? It’s almost eleven.” Oppa said


“” I cursed silently


“See you later bye!”


“Wait, Oppa!” he hang up


I’m late for work! I stood up very fast and glared at Taeyeon.


“Yah! You didn't wake me up!”




“You’re duty is 9 right? Why are you still here?” I lectured


“Because the CEO is still here?” she said innocently


“Urgh, damn... We’re late. Come on!” I dragged her out towards the car and drive fast to the office.







Jessica and Yuri were on her way to lunch outside the office.


“You’ll treat me today Sica!” Yuri said happily


“Just don’t order everything on the menu! I have to go shopping on Saturday with Sooyoung.” Jessica said and groaned inwardly “Oh, damn it, she’s another shikshin! Why did I invited her in the first place.”


“Cheer up Jessica, food is love.”


“Yeah, and so are instant noodles when you got no dime.”


“But so as you and me...”


“Ayyy, so cheesy...” Jessica chuckled


“Hey, Jessica! Isn’t that Taeyeon stepping out at Miss Hwang’s car?” Yuri pointed at the pink car in front of the office


“Yeah, that’s her.” Jessica looked at the car


“Omo, why is she with CEO Hwang?” Yuri asked


“Miss Hwang said she’ll take Taeyeon to the housing last night.” Jessica said


“Oh, they’re both late ... Oh my gosh, Jessica!” Yuri’s eyes widen and shook Jessica


“Hey! What is your problem?!”


“That’s CEO Hwang’s clothes yesterday, right? Omo omo!” Yuri said


“Yah! What are you saying?!”


“Omo. Could it be that they...”


“Oh no, that’s impossible!”


“It is! Miss Hwang stayed overnight at the housing!” Yuri said brilliantly


“Wow...CEO Hwang is fast!” Jessica chuckled


“I knew it!” Yuri chuckled


“Let’s follow them?” Jessica said


“Wait, how about my food?”


“Ah, later I’ll feed you okay? Come on...”



Jessica and Yuri followed Taeyeon and Tiffany on their way to office. They over heard their conversation through the office door as the peek through the small open gap on the door.


“Taeyeon... Don’t tell anyone about last night, you hear me?” Tiffany warned Taeyeon


‘OMO, OMO!’ Yuri whispered


‘POSITIVE” Jessica signaled


“Why are you so nervous? We didn't even do anything wrong.”


“J-Just.., don’t. Okay?” Tiffany said “Siwon oppa won’t be please…” she said


“Right…Siwon oppa.” Taeyeon said as she looked down sadly



Yuri stared at Jessica confusedly and Jessica merely shrugged.



“Aaaah, whatever. I’m going to eat now. Do you want to join? Me and oppa will meet at a restaurant outside?”


“C-Can I?”





Jessica and Yuri immediately hid on the distant wall when Tiffany and Taeyeon went out the office.




“Yeah...” Jessica shook her head disappointedly


“But Taeyeon, CEO Hwang and her fiancé having lunch together must be really awkward to do...” Yuri said in distress


“Yeah, anyway. I’m going back to my post now.” Jessica said as she walked away


“Hey! How about my lunch?” Yuri yelled


“You grabbed on your lunch yourself. I lose my appetite.” Jessica said as she escaped from Yuri


“YAH, YOU CHEATER JUNG!” Yuri followed Jessica and they both ended up not taking their lunch.


“We have our mission success though...” Jessica winked at her and Yuri gave thumbs up






On the other hand, Taeyeon and Tiffany went to the nearest restaurant outside their office. Taeyeon was curious about Tiffany’s fiancé is. She was sad at the same time because Tiffany couldn’t really remember her and second, she got another person in her heart. She wants to see who that person is. When they walked in the restaurant.



“Tiffany!” A man called out as he smiled towards Tiffany


The man looks charming and nice. She’s nothing compared to him. He’s warm and has a pleasant aura. He's a gentleman and a sophisticated guy.


“Oppa! Have you waited for long?”


“Yeah, but that’s okay...” the man looked at the girl beside Tiffany


“Ah, oppa. This is Taeyeon. Our new artist for winter collection.” Tiffany said


“Nice to meet you Taeyeon. My name is Siwon... Choi Siwon.” the guy extended his hand to Taeyeon and Taeyeon just shook it lightly.


“Have a seat.”


“What would you ladies like to order?”


“I'm still thinking...I want to eat something light today.” Tiffany said as she looked on the menu.


“How about cakes?” Siwon asked


“Hmmm... Could be.” Tiffany said


“Let's order a chocolate cake then for you.” Siwon suggested


“She likes Strawberry more” Taeyeon said


“Yeah, oppa. I think Strawberry is much nicer.” Tiffany cheered and smiled towards Taeyeon. On the other hand, Siwon just cleared his throat and looked awkwardly at Taeyeon’s stoic face.


“Right... Let’s have that.”


“Do you like to order some tea?” Siwon asked Tiffany


“Well tea is okay but...”


“She likes milkshake more.” Taeyeon said


“Oh, yeah... That’s right. I’ll have milkshake!” Tiffany smiled and Siwon can just awkwardly nod and stare at Taeyeon confusedly.


“Do you really like something light? Won’t you check the main course?” Siwon asked


“Hmmmm...” Tiffany checked the menu again


“You should try their chicken. It’s their best seller here!” Siwon suggested


“She’s allergic to chicken.” Taeyeon said flatly


“A-Ah...Yeah...I can’t eat chicken oppa.” Tiffany said in apologetic manner


“Try the eel.” Taeyeon said as she pointed the picture in the menu towards Tiffany.


“Oh, I always like eels!” Tiffany said as she looked surprised towards Taeyeon.


“Seems like, you know Tiffany very well...” Siwon awkwardly chuckled


‘I know her better than you do’ Taeyeon thought but Taeyeon just kept shut and gave out a simple smile. Tiffany can only wonder as she looked at Taeyeon.


“So, you’re a fashion designer?” Siwon asked


“No, I’m a painter.” Taeyeon said


“Where did you come from?”


“Village Valley.” Taeyeon said


“Oh? That’s kind of far from the city. You really just went here to pursue fashion designing?”


“No, I came here for a different purpose... I’m looking for my lover.” Taeyeon said as she looked at Tiffany


“Have you found your lover then?” Tiffany asked curiously


“Yes but no.” Taeyeon said as she looked back at the table


“You’re being weird again.” Tiffany chuckled


“Oh, Tiffany. Mother told me if you could drop by to our house sometime. She wants to spend some time with her daughter in law.” Siwon said as he holds Tiffany’s hand on the table


“Ah, tell Mrs.Choi I’ll be there.” Tiffany smiled back at her fiancé.


“Just call her mother.”


“Okay, tell mother, I’ll be there.”


Taeyeon cringed from how Tiffany called Siwon’s mother her ‘mother’.


“Okay, so Taeyeon. What would you like to order?”


Taeyeon have seen a ring on the man’s finger and she suddenly felt the heaviness in her heart. She wanted to go away from that place or else she’ll break down. She just cannot take the atmosphere around her anymore.


“I-I... I think I’ll be skipping lunch today...Excuse me.” she said as she walked away from the restaurant.


Tiffany and Siwon were left on the table with a confused look on their faces. Taeyeon on the other hand went to the nearest telephone booth to call her friend Sunny to console her.






Tiffany’s POV



It’s been two weeks and Taeyeon really changed around me ever since that lunch incident. She doesn’t come closer to me anymore. She doesn’t take any advances and she didn’t talk to me anymore unless its work related. She totally changed and became colder to me. I shouldn’t really care but surprisingly I do. Especially right now, I saw Taeyeon talking with a small redhead girl at the cafeteria as she smiled and laugh. It’s amazing how Taeyeon laughed around the petite redhead. Maybe she’s a close friend or something.


“T-Taeyeon?” I called her attention. She and the redhead girl looked at me


“Tiffany!” the redhead girl said in surprised “Wow… You looked different.” She said


I noticed Taeyeon held the redhead’s hand and looked at her as if she was stopping her from talking to me


“You know me?” I asked


“A-Ah…I-I… Y-You’re popular a-around so…” the redhead scratched her head and looked awkwardly at Taeyeon


“I see…”


“My name is Sunny.” The girl said as she reached for my hand. She looked overly familiar to me especially when she said her name.


“Nice to meet you.” I said “Uhm…Taeyeon?”




“Go to my office later, okay?”




Then I went away from them. As I looked back, I saw Sunny hugged Taeyeon and suddenly I felt weird. I felt mad for unknown reason.




I called Taeyeon to my office due to Taeyeon’s talent in drawing, I personally asked her to design my gown on my wedding day but she refused.



“I can’t draw for your wedding. I’m sorry…”



“Why not?” I asked


“Fany-ah…” she said as she looked at me “Can’t you see?”




”I know I am a mere stranger to you but you must know that I like you ever since you met me…”




“In your wedding, I can neither stop you nor give my full blessings on it... I do not want to design your gown for some man’s wedding. The only gown I will be designing is the one you’ll use on ours...”



Her statement somewhat moved me but I do not really know what answer to give her. “T-Taeyeon... You’re being weird again.” I gave out a dry laugh


“Fany-ah, do you not really remember me? Do you not remember home?” she asked as she held my hand. I felt something different in me so I moved away.


“Taeyeon...please stop.... I like you, but not in that way.”


And with that, I felt like I drive her away from me. My heart started to become heavy.








My head aches have been bothering me for more often. After my schedule with my doctor, I went to my parent’s house to take a visit and asked what’s bothering me lately. We talked over a cup of coffee.


“Oh, my child. What does the doctor said?” my mother asked


“He said that my memories are going back again.” I said


“That’s a good news.” she said


“Umma... Do you know any people I know from the past that I haven’t met right now?” I asked


“Why?” mother asked


“Nothing. It’s just. I’m kind of bothered lately. I know that you already told me and introduced me to every friends and relatives we have after the incident three years ago but I still feel something’s missing.” I said


“You’ve gone for so long before my child. It is not possible that there are people I failed to introduce you.”


I looked at the pictures on the table and I smiled as I saw my pictures when I was young.

Mom said I went away home when I was 18 and lived on my own due to the reason that I want to prove my father that choosing fashion designing as my field is worth it. And one day, I will be successful. And here I am. I did it. So far, my father and I had been in good terms ever since my accident. I only know what my family had told me. Sometimes, I remember vivid memories from the past. I can say that I am half way done from recovery.


“Your wedding will happen in two weeks... Are you excited?” mom asked


“Of course mom.” I told her as I smiled. Then suddenly, I thought about Taeyeon but then I decided to shrugged off my thoughts.


I stood up and a certain painting on the wall catches my attention.


“This is a beautiful painting mother.” I said as I admired it


“That painting was actually from you.”




“You actually loved that painting a lot. You said it was you who's painting the house pink.”


“Do you know who painted this?”


“You never mentioned a name, but you treasured this painting a lot. You said that the painter was your inspiration and you owe your life to that painter in times when you were running away from your father and highly indebted to sharkloan. There is an initial there written at the back....” she pointed




‘What does TY stands for?’ I thought to myself


“I think you’re a friend of that painter. You even sent a letter before you had an accident.” my mother remembered


“A letter?”


Mother nodded. “But your letter just came back on the mail box after a week. They failed to deliver it to your friend I guess? They said the address is too far...” mother chuckled


“Do you know where that letter is now?” I asked


“I do not know where I put it... Must be sign of aging I guess. And I was too worried about you before. But I’ll try checking our old stuffs on the boxes in the basement. I’ll tell you when I find it.”


“Okay, thanks mom.”






Taeyeon's POV


No matter what I do, Tiffany seems to be unreachable for me. Whenever I tried to get closer to her, she will be one step further away from me. Yes, in a way she will talk to me and care for me too but it seems to be different than before. She no longer stares at me the way she used to. The look of love has gone away and was missing. It's all because she have another person in her heart. And last time, she even asked me to design her gown on her own wedding day. It feels like as if she’s killing me slowly without her knowing. I can’t do it for her no matter how I think of it. It hurts so much. So I decided to say the things my heart has been longing to say to her. All though I didn’t said the word ‘Love’ due to the reason that I might drive her away from me. She rejected me and I felt like that was the day my heart started to die and every single hope of me washed off from me.


Months have passed; Tiffany's wedding date is coming soon. As days pass, I feel like time is slowly killing me and I feel so helpless for not being able to win her again. Still, even though there's no hope left for me, I chose to stay here and to see her before she got married. The winter collection was successful. Tiffany decided to make me one of the permanent artist of her fashion line. No matter how stupid it is, I agreed. Because even though I cannot touch her, feel her or say everything I want to say to her. The least that I can do is to see her and watched from a far.


Watching her as she falls in love with another man and find a different happiness in other’s arms. Seeing them every day as her fiancé picks her up after work and brings lunch for her as they eat together, I can’t help to think that... That should be me. I began to regret everything that happened in the past. I shouldn't let her go, I should've still own her and maybe in that way she will never forget about me. But she did.


I started to realize that if five years without Tiffany was a deep torture... What more is a life without her?


It struck me real hard that the green light have lit and everyone on the other lanes have moved on while I...I am still stuck in a traffic.


I should’ve never loved.






On the night before the wedding day, Tiffany was feeling bothered and worried for unknown reasons. She opened her book that contains the dried rose she has been keeping for so long and sighed. She decided to sleep on it.


Tiffany had another series of dreams.


She was in front of a pink house on a rose garden picking out beautiful roses until she saw a child a canvass outside the gate and she opened the gate and looked at the blank canvass. Suddenly two small petite women entered the gate and closed it and she was left outside.


“Yah! Open the gate! I’m outside you know!” she yelled as she peeked on the inside


She saw the two little women looked at her. It was Taeyeon and Sunny with yellow pile of paints in their hands and brushes.


“Oh, Fany-ah! Hi!” Taeyeon greeted her like a distant friend


“What are you guys doing? What are those paints for?” Tiffany asked


“We’re going to recolor the house…” Sunny said happily




“I realized that pink is outdated and I found my sunshine right here beside me.” Taeyeon said as she put her arms around Sunny and stared at her lovingly


“Dandyu!”Tiffany said in shock “Let me in!” I said in anger “Nobody takes my TaeTae away from me!”


“Behold, In the name of little people… We came to punish tall people like you!” Sunny said as the two of them laughed evilly


Sunny took the pile of yellow paint and throw it in the wall of the pink house




Tiffany was awaken by her nightmare as she pants heavily…


“I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous!” she chanted to herself





On her wedding day, she finally arrived at the church. Strange, she was supposed to be happy that she’s not going to grow old as an old maid and marry one of the richest men in the industry but she seems to be unhappy herself.


She was on the dressing room when someone knocked on her door. It was Siwon .





“Oh, why are you here? You’re not supposed to see me before our wedding. The wedding might be called off.”  She said


“Let’s call the wedding off.”


“W-What the…”


“Tiffany… You know that I really really really like you, right?” Siwon said


“Yes but why…”


“I really really really  like you that I want you to be happy…You’ll never find your happiness in me.” He said sadly and held her out a letter


“ What is this?”


“Your mother gave it to me to hand it to you… She said it was important to you and you’ve been looking for it for a long time. I happened to become curious and read it myself.”


“Tiffany, seek your happiness. Okay?”  he said as he smiled and walked out the door



Tiffany read her letter to the mystery painter.




Dearest Taeyeon,


              How are you doing? I’m sorry it took me two weeks before writing you a letter. I’m writing you this letter because I want you to know that I decided to continue my studies in fashion designing and it was all because of you. You inspired me by your creativity, your artistic skills and your passion for art. And most especially, you inspired me because I love you.


            I’ll come back there, someday. When I already reach my success and both of us will share it together. We’ll travel together around the world and we’ll share new experiences together. I’ll make sure you’ll go out of the house and not to be grumpy ajumma again! I hope you don’t give Sunny a hard time watching over you. Don’t glare and yell at her okay? Be friendly to people. Open your world to others so that they can enter and color your world.


           Always know that, I love you…


          Even though you made innocent children cry and threatened them to put them on a casserole.

         Even though rumor has it that you burned Mr.Byun’s house on the Vilage Valley.

         Even though that people said you’re a witch.

         Even though that judging from your cold interior and patience level zero attitude, the town called you as a grumpy ajumma.

        Even though that you  seldomly went out of the house.

       Even though that everyone was scared of you except me.

       How did I loved you? If you may ask…

              I lived with you for two years. At first I don’t like it and I hate it very much because you were so bossy, rude, cold and cruel. All you cared about was to paint and your rose garden. I can’t help but to be intrigued about the man on your paintings. And for the first time, I saw you cried as you told me everything why her rose garden was so important to you and that man in the painting. Ever since that day, I saw the different side of Taeyeon… I saw a different side of you.


          I learned that you are cold outside and yet warm inside. I learned that you’re so cruel and yet kind at the same time. Yous howed that you didn’t care through words and yet your action shows that s you care a lot. You said that you want to be alone and yet you feel lonely at the same time. I realized that, you’re nothing to be afraid of. You’re not a witch as what they said,

          You’re just a simple vulnerable human being who needs to be loved. And that’s what I like about you.

           I actually learned how to love you through your imperfections. I learned how to love good Taeyeon and bad Taeyeon.


       I’ll be back there someday… Because I left my heart locked and only you have the key to unlock it. Take care of my heart while I’m away?







Tiffany found out that she knew Taeyeon all along when she found the letter on her wedding date. She can’t help but to cry. How could she forget about Taeyeon? The person she loved and cherished the most? She suddenly felt really bad. She was the one who told Taeyeon to open her hide to other people and not to be grumpy and yet, she’s the one who became grumpy by firing lots of people because she never felt complete herself and she found out that Taeyeon was the missing piece she was looking for.


She went to the office housing and found that Taeyeon was gone and packed up and left.


She suddenly felt that she lost a chance to be with Taeyeon. She was sobbing on her office desk until someone knocked on her door. It was Yuri and Jessica.


“Miss Hwang…” Jessica said


“I…I-I’m sorry…” Tiffany held Jessica’s hand and cried harder “ I’m sorry for b-being the w-worst hot headed boss to both of you and other employees…I’m sorry…” she cried harder “I’m so sorry…”


“I-It’s okay Miss Hwang…” Jessica said as she pats Tiffany’s back


“D-Do you know…w-where is Taeyeon?” she asked


“She went back to Village Valley yesterday with her friend Sunny” Yuri said “It’s your wedding day today, right Miss Hwang?”


“I…I didn’t wed…I love Taeyeon” she said


And the two gave each other a high five







Due to Yuri and Jessica’s coaxing her to follow Taeyeon, she decided to leave everything behind and followed Taeyeon on the Village Valley.


With hopes in her heart that…


Hopefully, Taeyeon will still give her another chance…


Hopefully, the gate won’t be lock and she still has a home to go to.


Hopefully the house will remain pink.


Hopefully, it was still her that Taeyeon loves.


She found Taeyeon having a pile of black pain and was about to recolor the faded pink house and halted her.


“So, you’ve gone here and forsaken your work in the city just to paint your house black? How childish of you!”


“T-Tiffany? I thought you g-got married? Why are you here?”


“Isn’t it obvious? I didn’t get married... I am here for you.”




“My mind can forget, but my heart cannot.” She gave Taeyeon her padlock necklace “Will you unlock this heart?”


Taeyeon looked at her


“I...I waited for so long for this moment to come... Is this all real? I've seen this scene only in my dreams. For five long years I have yearned for you, I searched for you but you forget about me... My heart cannot forget you no matter what I do. I want to move on but I can't... Every place is filled with you...”



“Then don't move on...”




“Let us love again...”


“But compared to you, I’m just a painter... I can’t give you everything you want.”


“I do not care; you're not just a mere painter. You're my artist, you’re my love and you’re my life...”


“Your artist?”


“I haven’t fired you...”


“Office romance is forbidden Miss Hwang...”



“Screw that . We’re going to have a romance nobody ever dreamt of.”



Starting from that day,Tiffany realized that no matter how long they’ve been apart from each other, if two people love each other truly then, their love for each other will remain in their hearts no matter if the mind forgets about it. Taeyeon realizes that good things comes to those who wait… she waited for a long time. Countless of lonely hours, days and nights, plus hopeless situations and now, she got what she’s been dreaming off.



No matter how grumpy love is, it is still a work of art that is worth understanding and worth keeping.

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