Sugar Free
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Because someone broke my heart today, here’s a short drabble shot for you.













Taeyeon was inside her classroom waiting for their professor to arrive in the class. She watched as a certain redhead talks ecstatically to her friends as her eyes formed in beautiful crescent and Taeyeon smiled. She brought out a paper and wrote a letter for the girl as she continued to stared at the latter.




Sitting here in a corner as I watch you from a far, I remembered the first time we met. It was like destiny. You and I, meant to be and made for each other.



Do you believe in love at first sight??



From the first time I laid my eyes on you

From the first time we looked at each other

From the first time you said ‘Hi' to me

From the first time we talk

From the first time you smiled at me



From our first shy gestures towards each other

From the first time you touched me

From the first time we held hands

From the first time we walked together

And our steps are in sync

And from the first time we went out




It was like the stars collided us to be together. It felt so planned. Perhaps, it was fate?




I felt the sparks

I was wondering... Did you feel it too?

Because I felt it all straight from the heart


And I started to like you





So what do I like about you?



I like the way your eyes smiles from your cheek

I like the way you look at me

I like the way you run your hands to your hair

I like the way your hair is down from your forehead

I like the way you laugh



I like the way you look when you’re being serious

I like the way you wrinkles your nose

I like the way you never knew how much beautiful you are to me

I like it when you hold my hand, it’s warm and welcoming

It feels like home



I like it every time you look at me, it gives me hope

That it might be a look of love

I like it when you say my name

I can listen to it all day

I like it when you sing

Even though it’s out of tune




I like your mere existence itself....



I like you very much



Shakespeare once quoted “When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.”



I saw you and you smiled at me, my heart skipped a beat.



It was fast as Dugeon, Dugeon of a heart beat

It was loud as the Choo! Choo! of a train

It was hard as Blag! Blag! of a falling object

And it was slow as the Tick Tock of the clock



Suddenly every place becomes so bright

But every persons become blurry

To the reason that you controlled my vision

And focused it on you




Suddenly, it was love




You looked at me and smiled as if you knew...





Have I ever told you how much I love you?



I love you from the bottom of the deepest ocean in the world

I love you as high as the sky above

I love you to the moon and back



I love you like a mother love her own child

I love you like a sister cares for her sibling

I love you like a bestfriend sacrificing her life for her bestfriend



And most of all



I love you the way a lover does




When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew...



But sadly you never know...


I was wrong...


you never noticed...


You smiled for a different reason...




My heart seeks for a heart and you are too

I am smiling and you are too

We both listen to the song of love

But with different interpretation

We both sing the same song


With different melodies


We both write a song


But different dedications




I am in love and you are too...




But with somebody else




Failed assumption

Wrong hypothesis

Jumping to conclusions

Looking for recommendations to conceal the hurt



I was like a weather report

Full of predictions

Relied on mixed signals

But none of it was accurate


It was said it will be a sunny day

But it rained torrently instead


I forgot to bring my umbrella


Now I'm all drenched and stranded in the rain



I am like the dry leaves being taken by the wind

Full of hopes but no where to go

I am like a dreamer with a hopeless wish who has nothing to say than ‘What ifs’

Hoping that somehow, in some way

You might dream of me too



But every time I dream, you’re awake

And every time you’re asleep, I’m awake

That’s why our dreams never met



You're day and I am the night

I'm the moon and you are the sun




These are the things I've been meaning to say to you


But you never know all this


Because I never told you




Because I'm afraid that things might change

I’m scared you might turn away from me

I’m terrified you might judge me

It's better this way that we're close even though we're so far away.

In that way, I can still see you

I can still love you freely



Even though I am the only one that's in love

In that way, I wouldn’t be rejected

And you wouldn’t broke my heart



Because I never told you and I will never tell you.



I learned that fate and destiny are not true

It was just a delusional fragments of hope created by mind


If fate is true, it should've been me and you


But it was you and somebody else


I was just fated to love you


But you never were...




They said action speaks louder than words

But why you never get it?

You chose to break my heart without even knowing it

My silence spoke a thousand words but you never heard them



I want to hate you but I can't

It is true that we cannot be love by everyone we love.

All I can do is be happy

Be happy that you have loved

Even though it's not for me





Taeyeon was in the verged of tears when the professor had arrived so she folded the paper and put it on her book. The red head went back to her seat beside Taeyeon and greeted her.


"Hey, what's up?... Are you okay? Your eyes are puffy." Stephanie asked


"I-I'm okay...j-just a bug bit me." she lied


Lame as ever


"Oh, okay."


The class had started their lessons. Taeyeon tried her best to focus on the discussion but the presence of Stephanie is so hard to bear. So she waited fpr long tormenting hours for the class to end before she rushed out the door and walked home.


On her way home, she opened her bag and brought out the book that contains her letter for Stephanie to throw it on the bin nearby to forget about her feelings but something happened


"Eh? The letter is not here!" Taeyeon said in panic


She started to traced her tracks and went back to her classroom to retrieve the letter. When she arrived on the room, she saw that her classmates already went home, except for Stephanie who was sitted on Taeyeon's seat as she read a paper in her hand.


It was Taeyeon's letter...




She smiled at me as she stood up and walked in front of me


When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew...


"Taeyeon...I knew it all along." she said "And I'm not going to break your heart... instead, I am breaking in to your heart...My silence means a thousand words as well... but we'll decode it in three words." she said as she held my hand and smiled


And from that moment on,   I knew what her smile means and no words was necessary to say it...


Because, it wasn't just me who loves


We both feel it in our hearts...




Happy ending cause life is too complicated itself. Hehe. :-) 



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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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