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Three people


Three sides of a story





It's me again, the flabby crazy ahjumma



It won't be a one-two-or three shots but I think it'll be under 10 chapters, but you guys know me, even if I wanted to make it short, I failed most of the time LOL

So get ur aspirin readeh 

First chap in half an hour. Promised!

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Ruka_Kazare #1
Chapter 37: This is the best story i've ever read.. Thanks so much for your hard work in making this story author-ssi. Your story is very emotional, touching and inspiring..
aze-ale #2
Chapter 37: Amazing? I really enjoyed it best author ever I could say keep it up and I hope you will write many of them peace yow??
leslay #3
Saw you as author i know it’s gonna be lit lol
Chapter 37: How can one write a story that is so emotional and must be a genius ahjummaa. Never fail to impressed me one bit.
17 streak #5
Chapter 23: I cried :"""
This is so heartwarming :")
lemongrass89 #6
Chapter 37: Thank you very very much authornim!!! It’s a good story! I always look forward to your stories! They are damn good! Please continue writing more awesome ones!!
snackplate #7
As expected, thank you author for the great story..
Emmale77 #8
Chapter 37: Great story! Haha. Thank you!
KryberWah #9
Chapter 37: lol nice happy ending ahjumma! Good job again! Hope to see you again in another new Kryber story. Keep fighting ahjumma, thanks a lot again! :)
32 streak #10
Chapter 37: I won the little guy's name! Hahah... It's such a great story author.. Thank you :) persona! Persona! Hahaa