Song Ji Hyo was decide to lock her heart after what happened about her first tragic love, she keep avoiding and try her best to not falling in love with any guy again. She just afraid if she falling in love, she will more broken into little pieces again. She never close to any guy and acting cold toward them. It's not like because her heart was dead and can't feel the warm of love, but it's just because she keep loving her first love, Kim Kook Jong. For her, the only one who can fill her heart is only him even thought he was gone forever. But someday, her freeze heart was changed when she meets Kim Jong Kook who really look similar like Kook Jong. Her heart become warm and she start to concern with him, she treat him so well and help him in many ways. But the more she know Jong Kook, the more she realize that Jong Kook is so much different with Kook Jong, Jong Kook has a cold-hearted, a rude behaviour and a very high pride. He keep pushing Ji Hyo away from him, He just doesn't understand why is she so much care to him and he find it bothering. And someday, Jong Kook know her reason why, he know Ji Hyo look at him as someone else, she treat him cause she think he is that died man. For her, Jong Kook is only "another"

"nan anniya... nan Kim Jong Kook-ida... I'm not him, you should've not that care to me, I'm not the person you have to concern, I'm not that died guy! I'm just another...." said Jong Kook can feel his mind is boiling.


As I said, it will be a sequel from my story "My Rainy Days". I have no plan to write it soon, cause I still want to focus on "One Love Mr Kim" and also I still have one other story in long hiatus "She is My Bad Girl". but because many people said they want to read this sequel soon, so I decide to share the description first. I hope all of you will waiting for this story patiently, cause it will be hard for me to write and update all of the story above at once, thank you ^^


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