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Hello! :D This is not a story. I'm an avid reader of 2min fics, and those who know me know that I love to share good fics. I created '100000' rather randomly, and I didn't know what to do with it since I'm not a writer, so Jojokawaii gave me the idea of putting recommendations here.

I stalk the 2min tag and check out every new 2min fic. I don't want to brag, but if there's a good 2min story, I will know ;D You can trust my judgement. Anyway, I decided to put my recommendations in a story because I don't want to post so many boring rec blogs.

A bit of basic information on this "story":

  • One recommendation per chapter. I will probably update this daily, or at least every two days.
  • There will be chaptered fics, one-shots, and even drabbles, and every genre, including :)
  • Usually I have a high standard in fics but sometimes I read light, easy stuff, too. So you can expect stories by awesome authors with great writing styles and perfect grammar, but also newbie writers with potential. Anyway, the fics will be good <3
  • This is mostly for 2min fans. 99% of the stories I read on AFF are 2min-focused. However, I will recommend stories with other pairings too, but only very rarely.
  • Why is it called '100000'? Well, because it's the 100000th story on AFF. =D I will try to recommend 100000 fics!
  • I LOVE 2MIN SO MUCH ♥ That's all, hehe...



[100000] I have a lot of recs in mind but I don't know if I should manually queue them or just DUMP them tomorrow.
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