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Platinum Tier

Readers in this tier have benefits that isn't available to others and they are listed below. I will be responsible to adding you in this tier once I have received a notification from PayPal. So be sure to leave me a message and screen shot in my twitter account (@park_anjae) with your username in AFF, or if you have none, please leave me a message in AFF for your preffered platform of communication. This will serve as second reference. Platinum Tier is good for three months (3 months), and if three months is up, it's up to you if you want to subscribe again. I thank you in advance for choosing to support me. Don't hesitate to leave a message if you have questions. And I will work hard to deliver good stories as much as I can.
  • Stories can be downloaded as PDFs
  • Stories can be viewed in a single page
  • Sponsors of this tier can read author-designated chapters a week in advance
  • Sponsors of this tier get special mention in sponsors list
  • Sponsors-only access to crowdfund-only feed posts

$5 One-Time

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