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About Me

Hi, I'm LayLo! Just call me Lay OR Lo if you plan on writing me.

I'm just a girl who lives in Germany and listens to Kpop (mainly B.A.P). Um, my ultimate is Zelo aaaaand my OTP is BangLo.

My 2nd OTP is BaekYeol, tho I can't really say that I'm an EXO-L or following EXO things anymore. EXO and B.A.P were my ultimate groups, maybe that's why I call BaekYeol still my 2nd OTP?

I write stories, but I also draw and edit a lot. (Maybe I read one of your stories and decide to make an edit :3)

Oh, yeah, my stories are... weird. Because I am weird and I love weird things. Expect PWP, a ed up storyline, if there's a storyline and there's then expect kinks, many many kinks (if it fits the story of course), mystery creatures (demons, vampires...), violence, things that make the story dark or angsty etc~

And that's everything you need to know, hehe, bye.