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Hi there!

I'm 21-year-old Bea from Europe who goes by the name tendaerlove here (previously known as too-kyute) and has an undying love for great music and wonderful stories. I'm an aspiring writer, hope I can get to publish something but since I'm not exactly there I'm majoring in biology. I'm a nature and animal lover kind of girl. I love chocolate, reading, drawing, doing gobelin and biking, and experimenting PS even though I'm not skillful enough. :)

The glorious 15-member boy group SUPER JUNIOR pulled me into K-POP and besides that I'm a proud ELF ever since I've become a K-POPPER who loves the genre and is willing to give a chance to any group to amaze me. I'm also a huge EXO fan, that's why you can find so many stories written about them (with my main ship Baekhyun/Jongdae.) I'm kind of a multifandom person in the sense of I like several groups, with heavy emphasis on music. I don't have too much biases because it takes really much time and love choose certain persons out of so many glorious people, as of now only Kyuhyun of SUPER JUNIOR and Chen of EXO have managed to get into my heart. :P

I like portraying relationships and their dynamics in my story, focused on people and their feelings. I like to mix style like romanticism, realism and impressionalism. I'm really romantic (almost at sap-level) though so don't be surprised to find romances and mostly fluff in my stories. I write angst and serious stuff sometimes too but I take too long to recover so I rather bask in happy romance. ^^

If you'd like to befriend me, don't hesitate and write a PM. I'm really talkative and always eager to meet new people so you have no reason to be afraid I'll respond to you. ;)

xoxo, bea



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