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  • shelter me / quit you / love us
  • disarm me / quit you / shelter us

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title: winter heart
pairing: wonho x oc
genre(s): angst, romance, drama
rating: [M]
warnings: explicit , mention of mental illnesses
other(s): band!au
title: taste of you
pairing: wonho x oc
genre(s): paranormal, romance,
rating: [M]
warnings: explicit , mention of blood
other(s): vampire!au, older hero - younger heroine
title: shelter me
pairing: wonho x oc
genre(s): angst, drama, romance,
rating: [M]
warnings: explicit , abuse, violence, drugs, alcohol. mental illnesses
other(s): teacherxstudent!au, older hero - younger heroine

About Me

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what more do i have to do to get inside of your ing heart? god d*mn it, i've been knocking, trying to break in, digging every inch, but nothing works! your walls are ing titanium! [...] I promise i won't mess you up more. if anything, i'll help you clean the mess. [...] but only if you let me.
— DEBBIE SIRO, "shelter me"
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Debbie is the proud owner of three lovely little dogs— Rosi, Roxy and Kayra— and a full time Arts student. She has many dreams, one of them being becoming a full-time professional writer. But the chances of that actually happening are so slim that she’s currently working on her diploma on Communication Design—“just to be safe”. She’s a vivid enthusiastic of glitter and—though is not official yet—she’s been crowned Glitter Queen due to her flashy glittering make-up looks she does on a daily basis.
In her free time, when Debbie is not reading books obsessively or fangirling over Shin Hoseok—aka Wonho—, she likes to pretend she can write. Her passion for writing began when she needed an escape from the real world (and from math’s class). In fiction, she can do whatever she wants: slay the bad guys, have magical powers, turn the bad boys good, and never struggle with the extra pounds. She doesn’t have to worry about her responsibilities or her anxiety and depression between the pages. And that’s exactly what she needs to keep her mind sane.
She takes any opportunity to include her love for pets in her writing, and you may find tortured heroes and heroines in most of her novels. She loves dark stories and characters with depth; something she tries to portray in most of her novels. She has a soft spot for bad guys turned good, and independent heroines that will kick your faster than they will surrender to the stereotypes implanted on them.
Debbie also enjoys to sing and rap on her free time. Another dream of hers is to one day get a record deal based on her terrible shower singing skills. She’s jamming to Kpop music most of the time as well, and her ultimate group is BTS (has been a loyal Army ever since 2014), but her ultimate bias is Wonho from Monsta X. She’s awfully lazy, so the only workout you’ll ever find her doing is dancing to Kpop choreographies and walking her dogs.
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