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Personal Message

I love Lee Taemin <3 I will marry him someday :) ...Hopefully. Unless someone beats me at it

About Me

Hello! im a huge fan of kpop! My favorite groups are SHINee, U-KISS and F(x) .My ultimate bias is Lee Taemin! <3 I love him x3

Sulli is my idol :)

started listening to kpop in January,28 2011 :)

Favorite Kpop Groups

SHINee, EXO,U-Kiss, B.A.P., MYNAME, B1A4, Boyfriend, B2ST, Infinite, Super Junior, BIG BANG, 2pm, Miss A, 4 Minute,, Kara, 2ne1 My personality is pretty much 4-D as my friends say hehe. I always speak my mind <3 haha. I'm korean, American, & Mexican! Oh yea ;) lol. I was born in San Fransisco, California. (Love that place<333)


Lee Taemin! <3 he's my #1 bias ^^

B.A.P. Jongup!

MyName's Chaejin!

MBLAQ Lee Joon!

U-KISS Kevin Woo!

Infinite's Woohyun!

X-5 Zin!

Super Junior M Henry!

2PM Junho!

B1A4 Jinyoung!

Boyfriend Minwoo!

EXO-M Luhan

Hehe those are my biases! They aren't in order! But I love them all ^^ Gotta love these oppas! ;)