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  • TaecJay
  • YunJae

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m' very multi fandom otl 

say their name and I'll probably know em *winks*

same name on ao3 !!


About Me

the truth is out there ♡

hello moondusties (◕ᴗ◕✿)

im Floater, a.k.a tae or josh, and im the author of really craptastic stories that not much care to read <3

i don't have much 2 say bc I'm me :')

now here are some facts about meeeeeee~!

you're a wizard harry 

  • i live in the state of sun, florida
  • i am a manly mountain man
  • i argue a lot :')
  • i mostly write ty dark stories
  • i cuss a lot 

that's why her hair is sobig ♡


//// just to let u knooow ; more abt me ////

1. there's basically two types of fanfics I write when it's not : slight dom/sub dynamic, and no dynamic = sometimes there will be an established top and bottom, sometimes they'll switch but it's never how it's popularly imagined unless its taecjay or somethin :)

2. I might be really intimidating (and I know I am sometimes lmao) but I rather enjoy getting affection and talking to ppl

3. I'm heckin gay, I love legs, I'm a top through & through, fw ya boi

4. uh I'd ruin seo youngho *cough*


good for you jack <3