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If you need any help with proofreading, editing, or grammar, I'm more than willing to be of service. :]

About Me

It’s about time I updated this thing :3

To start things off, my real name is Emily, but I usually go by ‘emii’ since my family and friends believe that ‘Emily’ is too normal of a name for me. I’m 20 years old, soon to be 21, and I live in the United States, in a small, little known state called Idaho. I only speak English fluently, but I’m learning many other languages; I used to be almost fluent in Spanish and Japanese, but it’s been so long since I’ve practiced I’m back down to knowing almost nothing ._.

When it comes to Kpop fandoms, I am a part of four: I am an ELF, VIP, KissMe, and Shawol. The very first Kpop artist to find his way onto my iPod years ago was Se7en, and from there things have developed. Aside from liking Super Junior, Bigbang, U-Kiss, and SHINee, I also like Mblaq, B2ST, 2NE1, Miss A, Boyfriend, B.A.P., BoA, TVXQ, JYJ, 2PM, 2AM, ZE:A, Teen Top, MYNAME, Lee Jun-Ki (though he’s an actor, his voice is amazing >.>), M&D, Jay Park, Infinite, B1A4, LED Apple, Fly To The Sky, Brian Joo, FT Island, HITT, Block B, and many others. I don’t discriminate against any group, and I never get involved in fanwars, so I’m fine with everyone :].

Aside from Kpop, I also listen to Japanese Visual Kei/Jrock, and Miyavi is my all time favorite singer and inspiration for my outlook on life. Other bands I like include Due Le Quartz, SuG, Dir En Grey, Vidoll, Sadie, er, Exist+Trace, An Café, The Candy Spooky Theater, ClearVeil, NEXX, DeathGaze, The GazettE, Alice Nine, Girugamesh, The Kiddie, Maximum The Hormone, Nightmare, Versailles, xTRiPx, 9Goats Black Out, Zoro, and a lot more.

I do listen to other music, but not as often. I tolerate every kind of music though, since all of my friends don’t particularly share my music taste, so I’ve learned to find ways to enjoy everything :]

My personality is a rather…complicated one, I guess you could say. I know I’m rather nice, too nice for my own good some say, but I’m also rather strange and stubborn. I guess you could also say I’m hyperactive and child-like, but can be mature when the time calls for it; I just don’t like looking at things too seriously. I’m quite intelligent, and I like learning new things as often as possible, no matter what it is. I get intrigued easily by things involving psychology, art, and things that are only described as…different.

I’m introverted, so I don’t exactly like spending time with too many people for too long. Despite me not being around a lot, I’m apparently one of the best friends to have, so I guess it doesn’t bother anybody that I prefer to be alone sometimes :].

Things I take interest in outside of this website would be books, video games, comics, art, history, horror movies, music, and different cultures. I actually have an entire collection of Asian horror movies, from all different countries. At the moment, I have about 260-something of just horror movies, but I also have ones that aren’t horror and some concert DVDs. Those movies are actually considered my pride and joy, since I’ve put a lot of money and effort into expanding it ^^

My inspiration for writing comes from very different places with each story. For example, Worse Than A Fairy Tale was inspired by CD by the band Drop Dead, Gorgeous, while Soul Meets Soul When Eyes Meet Eyes was inspired by a story I worked on last year that was itself inspired by a series of books called ElfQuest. In reality, everything I do or see causes some sort of inspiration for a story, and I always have at least 10 different ideas in my head every day, but only the best ones that stick with me get made into a story or oneshot.

Some people ask me often how I write so well, so I’ll answer that too. In my honest opinion, I don’t write very well, and there’s always room for improvement; but that might just be the whole ‘you are your biggest critic’ thing coming to life. All I do is try my hardest to perfect each idea I get, and that’s all an author really can do :]. Another thing that has probably helped me with how I word things and all of that is the fact that my mother writes too, and has actually been offered to have someone publish a few of her stories but never has since she doesn’t feel those particular stories are good enough to publish. So, in my upbringing, I was always around someone that constantly wrote, so I guess it just kind of rubbed off on me. She would always critique my stories or poems for my creative writing class and give me pointers on how to improve, so she takes most of the credit for why my way with words is the way it is.

I mainly write Super Junior fics, purely because they are incredibly easy to write about, and all around enjoyable. I do occasionally add in other members of other bands as well when I find ways too, so sometimes it’s not just the 15 members of Super Junior :]. I also mainly write /boyxboy, because they’re more fun and controversial to write about than the regular romance type of thing. I ship any and all pairings, though my main OTP is KyuMin (I also happen to really enjoy KyuMi). I don’t mind writing any and all pairings if it’s asked of me :] since all of Super Junior is rather close anyway.

I don’t mind being anyone’s BETA reader if you need me too, and I’m always open for giving out advice and pointers if you want them :] Just don’t be shy~ and leave a comment on my wall or something.