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Hi lovelies! I hope you're having a lovely day~

If you scroll down, you'll find a few tidbits you might find interesting.

If you want to learn more about me or you're a stalker, the "All About Me" section is right down below :D






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About Me

About me, scroll. Hi, my name is Nicole, but you can call me Nicki or Nic if you like! I'm an above average girl living in the mad city because she slipped into the diamond life too damn hard. Band and music, in general, is my life, and I'm slowly learning K-Pop dances on my own. I write gay fanfictions about guys who don't know I exist for fun.
Free-ranger RPer, meaning I don't like to do the whole group chat thing, I usually to 1 on 1! Hit me up on LINE if you want a cute animal spam and endless snuggles, or you wanna get down and dirty with some --
I mainly write NCT and Seventeen fanfictions, specifically Taeten, Johnten, and Junhao. Polyamorous relationships and angst are my guilty pleasure (as well as specialty), and I love writing love triangles just as much. Fluff and cliché tropes with a bit of spice ease the heart from all the rated bull I write. My favorite kinks are white, so highlight if you'd like to see. If not, read on!
I would die for 2 tops 1 bottom, , crossdress/cosplay, bitting, thighs, daddy and master. I'm open to reading a lot of things, just not as open to heteroual centered stuff or stories that glorify dark , like abuse and .
You can find more tidbits about me down below!

Age: 「14」
Height: 「5"7 or 170cm」
Mood: 「Tired & Inspired」
Interests: 「Band, drawing, dancing, writing, etc.」
A few important things you should note about me:
Excuse my ing profanity. If you're not a fan of cursing, just tell me and I'll restrain myself around you! Just don't be rude about it, okay :D
♠ I am absolutely fully capable of a lot of things, but I am particularly not good at replies. I am a serial late replier, I'm practically devious for it. So if I don't respond very quickly, I'm not ignoring you on purpose! I just take a long time to get to it D:
♠ The last and most important thing of all, I have mastered the art of spontaneous updates. I don't update on a schedule like other authors, I update when I can because my life is hectic. I have a life too, and I'm especially bad at updating at May-June, and August-September. Please be patient with me :D
Fandoms, scroll. I stan a lot of talented groups, that's the gist of it. Whether they're a staple name in the K-Pop industry, or they're extremely underrated, they all deserve mass amounts of love. Please remember to love and treasure each and every member, and that they work relentlessly.
They're all so dedicated to their music and their fanbase, I admire them so ing much. So please, respect all of them, they all work so hard for our entertainment, they don't deserve all that unnecessary negativity.
I support all former members of any group, whether they disbanded or left.

Boy Groups I Stan:
NCT, Seventeen, A.C.E, Monsta X, SHINee, BTS, EXO, VIXX, History, INX, Topp Dogg, Day6, B.A.P, Winner, etc.
Girl Groups I Stan:
f(x), MAMAMOO, Stellar, Red Velvet, 2NE1, CLC, EXID, Ladies Code, Dreamcatcher, etc.
Recommendations, scroll. Troubleshoot Me by MissMae on Ao3. This is a lovely Johnten fanfiction that is really funny in my opinion. Ten is simply adorable in his ways to try and have an excuse to meet Johnny.
Bad Blood by Kiiesaa on AFF and Ao3. I've been dying to read a demon themed NCT fanfiction, and this fanfiction is everything I'd want to read in a fanfiction of that AU. The characters are memorable, the development of the relationships is interesting, and it has me wanting more with every update. This is perfect for any Johnten shipper!
My I - Seventeen (Jun&THE8 Duet)
Bias 1. Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyakul--!! To start off, he's my favorite smol lil' bean with a lovely pion for dancing! He's a fluffy ball of smiles wrapped up in cuteness and toppings of hotness. I would die for his dancing, and a ing comeback come on SM where the hell is NCT U?! It's been over a year I miss Ten you can't deprive a 10VELY of Ten!!

He's my muse, and I love him to death. I mainly write fanfictions about him and the other NCT members, namely Taeyong, Johnny, and Jaehyun! Can you scream polyamorous relationships for me?!

I ing swear, SM better not sleep on this talented boy or I can and will go ballistic ape on them :D
Bias 2. THE8, Xu Minghao, Seo Myungho, all synonyms for perfection.
He protec, but he also attac (THUGHAO)-- I mean, have you seen how he can go from squishy baobei to oh my daddy in mere seconds! He's an amazing dancer too~ I love this .

I love the Chinaline ship with all of my heart, but sadly there aren't a lot of fanfictions centered around them D: Lowkey also ship Hao with Gyu but shhh no one has to know that--

Pledis, four words.Stop sleeping on him.
Bias 3. Kim Seyoon... Wow... Where do I start with him? Should I start with his incredible dancing skills, thicc thighs and incredible body, honey voice, drop dead gorgeous visuals, mysterious personality, or the entire package? Because frankly, I love every bit of him.

I have yet to write a fanfiction on A.C.E (though I have a good amount planned), #WowSon4Lyfe they're such cuties together I cri.

A.C.E is a fresh new boy group with lots of potential, so please slow them lots of love!
Bias 4. I love Johnny. Flat out, just "I love Johnny". I love his sense of humor, his personality, his parrot impressions, the way he speaks Spanish dear God just take me now!! His looks and his talent levels are off the ing charts as well~

Lowkey very sad by the fact that not a whole lot of people read or write Johnten while I love Johnten D; Oh well, can't please everyone, now can you?

This applies to every group, but love and respect all members. Words hurt, and Johnny of all people doesn't deserve this .
Bias 5. Mark Lee is absolutely fully capable and he's making me go through a longass ride because of his cute self. I tried to resist him since my bias list was already long enough, but he blew it up and captured my heart with his rapping, smiles, and adorable gestures. This boy is truly a gem.

I'm sorry but I can't decide between Markhyuck and Markno-- Mark is just cute with everyone.

As much as I love Mark, this boy needs a goddamn break SM. Let Mark rest. He works so goddamn hard he shouldn't be getting jack.
Bias 6. Mingyu is such a cutie. He could kill me and I'd die smiling. He's got the looks of a Greek God, and he always slays everyone. Have you ever seen a man so beautiful? He's such a beagle and so full of energy, I love this long, tan, and handsome puppy~

Meanie is so cute. Mingyu is cute, and so is Wonwoo. But sorry not sorry, bottom Mingyu for me--

He deserves more recognition for his powerful rapping and adorakable personality, not just for his looks. Like, for reals.