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Hello, my fellow townspeople of K-POP (why am I so weird today?)! Thank you for taking some of your time to check out my mediocre profile!

BTS is my favorite band in K-POP. I have been supporting them since debut, since I'm Korean XD <--- and yes, I had to start with this because BTS is bae :)

I also fairly like EXO, but not as much as BTS! 

Seventeen is a group I have started to like recently, but I'm already obsessed with them! @[email protected] 

I also subscribe to A LOT of fanfics (I have more than 600 subscriptions), so if you want to recommend some, you are welcome to do so! ^^ I prefer Fantasy and Comedy (and of course, EXO and BTS), but as long as I think it has a good plot, I will subscribe!

I hope we get along well! I like making new friends <3 If any of you would like to leave their fanfiction suggestion on my wall, you are welcome to do so. Feel free to add me as a friend, I don't bite! ^^