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I am in love with SS501. They are my number 1 band. I love young saeng's shyness/mysteriousness, kyu's smile and sweet-ness (not a word, whatever), leader's tireless attitude and soccer skills! (hehehe! er for soccer guys), baby's humour, jung min's iness... Ahhh, I just love them.


Now after I finish sounding like a total stalker/fangirl/annoying person... other groups I like/biases.


Fei Lun Hai! <3 Jiro and Aaron

Bang Bang Tang! (The old one with still six.) <3 Ao Quan and Wang Zi

Okay, I can go on and on with the taiwanese but these are my fave two. I like Wu Yue Tian, SHE, Hey girl(disbanded) Choc7.... And then I like Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai and Wilber Pan and Genie Zhuo and... A whole lot more. But I guess I have to move on....


Of course, SS501!! Kyu is my fave right now, but they're all my faves! This pic is old, but cute <3

B2ST! <3 Dongwoon and Kikwang

U-Kiss! <3 Kibum and Kevin

SHINee! <3 Taemin

Super Junior! <3 Leeteuk and Heechul

Doo dee doo, other bands include: 2pm, 2am, f.t. island, c.n. blue, oh, G.NA! And.. ahh, haven't really explored the girl groups yet. But 2ne1's good.

And then it comes to ENGLISH!

U2 and The foo fighters and the killers and british sea power!! But I like their songs and but they aren't too hot. >.<

About Me

You can call me Shar, Sharon, Shan (chinese name) or any other one you can come up with as long as it's not osborne... Or shannon... And I'm probably all your guys' dongsaeng...

I am proudly Canadian and Asian(half chinese and half viet)~Dunno how I have so many halves!~ and... hehehe I'm half American too. =J I'm a er for those nice guys who the main girl doesn't fall for! I always like them and have my heart broken when the main girl rejects them =G

I like crafts, reading, anything with string. Oh, and WRITING! I LOVE SOCCER/BADMINTON! And jumping hurdles!! Heheh, I love them even though it's instant bruise. Especially on a cold day. Oh! And singing taiwanese, and attempting korean songs.

I like stories that involve adventure and science fiction and fantasy. =J And romantic stories, the happy ones. I'm not sure about rated ones nowadays, I guess I'm too young for them. And and and... Oh, and I like the stories that have my favourite idols in them! (ss501!) Please tell me if you want me to read your story or something, because I've got loads of time on my hands. Now not as much, high school... but.. STILL.

And.. forgot to mention FOOD! FOOD IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE, though I had to separate with it for thirty hours, it wasn't that hard! (30 hour famine. I don't recommend doing it because it messes you up. and I didn't raise that much money AND I had school. Pretty much a bad experience, but I couldn't give up!)  Anyways, my name is actually a fruit! SHARON FRUIT! I love those =J and, pizza, chips, junk food. And also fruits and... Any kind of food that isn't spiders and bugs and ... biproducts. I LOVE BEEF JERKY! =J And seaweed =J. KIMCHI IS THE BEST! Oh, and I'm in love with chocolate. White, dark, milk, with caramel.. Yummm. Ahhh, I just want to eat even by reading of eating. hehehehe =P.

And I also forgot... I like to learn languages, currently learning french, spanish, and Korean(by watching dramas, hehe). I already know cantonese and mandarin. I want to learn: Japanese, Korean (like, fluently, not just random phrases like saranghae), Vietnamese, Latin, Portuguese, German, and.. any other that can fit. I don't think I'm gonna accomplish all that in school, but, yeah, I'm learning. People think I have no life, but I just want to understand others.

I think that's all about me! I edited my profile and saw so much random crap! Yeah, I'm random! Deal with it! Nahh, not that mean. Anyways, please comment on my wall or something.