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Nara means land or nation in korean 

but if you say this faster it sounds like nal-a, which means fly 

fly to the sky with me :)


I have also been known as the following:

haneul_nara, ggomaontop, nodirectioninthesky


Please do not spam or advertise.

But otherwise, welcome.

To reality. 



Songs that reach beyond the lapse of time. 

"Song of the past: Resentment - Beyonce"

"Song of the present: Through the Rain - Mariah Carey" 

"Song of the future: 나비소녀- 엑소 " 

Live it up and don't ever turn it down.

Because there's joy, happiness, fullfilment and laughter in that direction.

Don't ever let anyone tell you what to do. 

it and do the opposite of what they tell you to do. 

Live without regrets.

Take chances.

Because that's the only way you'll ever enjoy life.

This be how awesome my life is on a daily basis. 

****I would do that in public****

Me: Chen

My sista: Suho

Society: Luhan

That hobo on Telegraph: Kris

 That one high kid: Chanyeol

Welcome to my life.

Also this is my reaction to people in general, so don't be too offended. 


You're not there, and you can't give up until you don't have any more tears, blood and sweat left to shed.

Don't you ever look up and wish you could be there so bad? 

If you've never had that moment, then what's the point of life? 

I'm talking about something that you'd give anything up for. 

Passion 열정.

Determination 투지함.

Willpower 의지력.

Perseverance 인내함.

are ALL you will ever need to succeed.


Everyone has a dream. Do you have the courage to follow yours? 

There will be times you experience failure and defeat no matter how hard you try. 

 That's just life; don't ever be scared of it. Get back up.

 Be like Chen when life decides to throw lemons.

And don't worry, because you're never alone.



About Me

It ain't a habit, if you don't got it, you'll just never get it. 

It's a way of life. 




Is it bad that I would do anything to keep that precious smile on your face? 

It's hard to explain, but you mean so much more to me than you will ever know.

I want to be what you are to me, for others. 


You were born to conquer that stage. Now do it. 

And don't worry, because I'll always be here, with you <3