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Do you agree with how Woohyun handled things in chapter 19? And why?

  • Yes, I understand him
  • No, he was harsh!

Personal Message

To my AFF Family;

Thank you for always encouraging me ♡♡♡ all writers need someone as amazing as my readers 
Thank you for loving my fics ♡♡♡ though sometimes I go overboard with the plot
Thank you for always commenting ♡♡♡ your comments are always special to me
Thank you for being a big part of my account since I started writing ♡♡♡


About Me

I'm an amateur writer who happened to have a lot of thoughts in her head and decided one day to create an account in to share them.

I started writing in 2015, it was a hectic unbelievable journey, and I never thought I'd make it this far, it was only because of my aff family support ...  Thank you all


This step itself was a big deal to me that I don't regret, the support I've received through comments is beyond amazing making me want to write more. So here I am with Fic no. 10


A little about my Fics

I write fics that are unreal sometimes

I touch sensitive issues in life

I love mpreg and angst, but I don't mind writing fluff and comedy?

I only write INFINITE fics, Woogyu is my bias but I love other couples too