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Last time to make sure from ALL my readers - Should I add Shin Sekyung to the story or not?

  • No, no, no! Please don't add her to the story!Don't change because of her!
  • I think you should add her in the story to create a twist...
  • Don't care as long as you make the story good. :P

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Hi!  My name is Choi Minju but you can also call me Nikka as well. :)

Not really my real names, just so you know. ^^  Just in case for indentity protection.

I really like to read fanfics, especially ones from SHINee, so you could say I'm a great SHINee fan.

I blame my sister for showing me their Replay video in 2009 during the summertime. :P

I hope to make friends here as well as chat to other people who read/write fanfics.

I'm sort of a critic sometimes when it comes to reading stories, so feel free to post on my Wall if you want a review from me. ;)

UPDATE DISCLAIMER: There may be no guarantee that I may definitely give a review. I choose selectively over what story peaks my interests. This disclaimer, however, shouldn't discourage you over whether or not to leave a post on my Wall for a review. Due to recent college life, I am a tad bit busy so I may or may not be able to review your story in the future.

Thanks for visiting here~ *bows*

About Me

personality: tomboy (but not lesbian...although I'm not really picky), caring, & a bit sweet


  • food: spicy dishes, dessert goods, bakeries, too much sugar, mayonaisse, mustard, ketchup, chocolate, sour taste
  • hobbies: singing, dancing, surfing the web, watching T.V., sleeping, eating, writing, reading, running, jogging, skating
  • music: KPOP, CPOP, hip hop, rock, alternative rock, rap, country, jazz, classic, opera, reggae, R&B, techno, screamo

family life: parents and a younger sister (I'm the oldest)

education: currently in  2nd year at CSUDH

religion/spirituality/beliefs: Roman Catholic…but honestly I believe in other stuff as well

goals/dreams/plans: to become a singer/entertainer in Asia and/or a writer for a book

what is important to you: friends & family - includes loved ones and internet buddies

talents or skills:

  • musical: vocals, keyboard instruments (drumline=glockenspiel [bells], chimes, vibraphone, marimba, xylophone), violin
  • artistic: sketch, paint, basic creativity
  • sports: ….not my best forte, but I like basketball, soccer, badminton, street hockey, & dodgeball
  • drama: …not the best thespian actress in high school, but I could always try to improve on film someday….

groups or affiliations or online communities you belong to: I frequently or sometimes go on Twitter, SFI, AFF, LiveJournal, tumblr, & YouTube.

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