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List of Stories and their Statuses:

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*The "Total Chapters" will only be available in the 'Completed' section.

*Many, if not all, of my stories have SLOWBURN (slow-paced love) as a tag/genre, therefore, I do not have it listed.

Currently Publishing:

Mirai [ Ryosuke Yamada+Mirai Shida Supernatural, Fantasy  SEMI-HIATUS/EDITING ]


Dance With Me [ Minho+Yuri 14 Ch  AFF Dance, Secrets ]

OkiKagu: Sadistic Love [ Okita+Kagura  3 Ch  NOT PUBLISHED ]

 Yuna Inspired: Our Virtual Family [ Ryosuke Yamada+Mirai Shida  45 Ch ► Living Together, Babies ]

Yuna Inspired: Our Virtual Family [ Luhan+OC ► 45 Ch Living Together, Babies ]

My Sister [OCs ► Oneshot ► Family ► NOT PUBLISHED ]



You don't have to like me, my writing, or my work, but I ask you to respect my hard work as we are fellow readers, writers, and/or authors. I would also like for you to respect my readers who take their time reading this lame work of mine by not plagiarizing in any way or bashing their comments or responding rudely to them.

Please abide by all the common sense you have regarding plagiarism.

That is if you have any.

Thank You.

About Me

  1. I try to publish no more than two stories at once (I learned early on that I cannot update two stories on a daily basis).  I also don’t really like publishing without a schedule; however, having or not having a schedule is not a motivation for me because I am easily motivated and easily influenced by my passion to write.  (please refer to this blog).  I have been and I am occasionally tempted to freely publish my stories, but I know it’s something I am not fond of.  In the far future when Life has more of its chains on me, I may consider publishing freely.
  2. I write because I have a passion for writing, and I want to peacefully share them.
  3. Typies is the affectionate name I give to my supporters, readers, subscribers, ghost readers, etc.
  4. Please do take notice that I prefer and I write better with slow-paced, love relationships because I have, more often than not, seen fast-paced relationships end sadly and unhealthily.  Also, despite being an author or a writer (depending on the story as some are influenced by personal things (Yuna Inspired Story series)), I want to make my stories as relatable and as realistic as possible, especially in regards to interpersonal relationships.
  5. I honestly hate the way I write because I'm such a literal person that my writing isn’t as metaphorical or symbolic and well-described as many, other, great authors out there, so please do excuse that for I apologize in advance.
  6. I can honestly say that one hundred and infinite percent of all of my stories will NEVER be the product of plagiarism.  I promise to always credit original owners (this is usually in the case of using pictures).  Being a writer or author on here, plagiarism is something I despise with a passion.  It’s a disgusting act because, in most cases, it’s usually another person who shares similar interests as you whom had stolen your own “child.”  Therefore, you can feel “safe” when you read any of my stories.  If you have doubts, feel free to question me.
  7. I do not and will not write for karma (Asianfanfic’s “currency”), or for subscribers, or for “fame”.  I reiterate #2: I write because of my passion for writing and to let my “creativity” and “imagination” be shared with my beloved comunities.
  8. There is no ulterior or underlying motives when I write alternative versions of the same story.  One of the reasons why I will occasionally have a Korean version of a Japanese version or vice versa is because I want to share my stories to both communities on AFF (Japanese lovers and Korean lovers).  Like I've clearly stated above, I don't write for karma or for subscribers [my life and writing are not affected by those two factors].  Another reason for having alternative versions is so that if a Kpopper (is that even a word used on here...or is it just me?) likes the plot of a Japanese story but cannot relate to the characters because of little knowledge about the Japanese entertainment industry, they might not read it.  The same can be applied to Jpoppers.  In short, the alternative versions of my stories are meant for different audiences who would prefer reading the story with characters/peoples they can relate/imagine reading about.  And no, you don't have to read both.  They will be majorly written the same but just with different names and possibly (very little) changes of dialogues.
  9. I do have accounts with other writing sites (such as WattPad), but I hardly go on there because I do not want to increase my chances of having my stories plagiarized.  Also, AFF is the most user-friendly writing site I love (I am not tech-savvy).  The best place to reach me is on here because I always visit this site when I am free.
  10. For the Yuna Inspired Story series (YIS series, pronounced 'yes'), you can read it in any order (in regards to the installment unless told otherwise).
  11. Most of my pairings are pairings I personally like (ex: Yamashi/Minyul). There may be a few exceptions...
  12. Writing is my form of escape.  It is my form of expression.
  13. I don’t like having my stories be only for subscribers because I too have come across tons of stories that I would love to read, but can’t because I have to be subscribed to it.  Also, this is my form of respect to my silent/readers and/or subscribers who wants to stick with me or with the story because they have a choice and not because the story requires them to.
  14. I occasionally write/collaborate with my personal best friend, Yuna.  She, however, has no direct hands-on with the story and when we work together, the story is always a part of the YIS series.
  15. I do not beta my stories, and I currently have no plans on using a beta.  I do want a beta, but my schedule is not quite guaranteed.  This is why I am very apologetic if there are plenty of errors within my stories, and I apologize in advance.

Together, let's get into a world of dreams, illusions, and fantasy where creativity and imagination await us.

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