About Me

I'm an actress, singer, dancer, blogger, youtuber and writer from London. I love to be creative, watch asian dramas and latin american dramas/telenovelas and anime, read manga, listen to all sort of music. A Kpopper, Jpopper, Jrocker and a Rocker. I JUST OPENED A PATREON ACCOUNT SINCE I HAVE WORKING VERY HARD TO ENTERTAIN YOU WITH MY STORIES AND I WANT TO CONTINUE WALK THAT PATH IN WRITING MORE AMAZING STORIES https://www.patreon.com/amujanetv Speaks fluent English & Spanish, Speak Basic Japanese and Basic Korean :D WARNING: I have Dyslexia so if you see in my stories that many of my sentences does not make sense that's why and once I finish some of my stories I will try to re read my stories. I also do YouTube videos on my main channel Amu Jane TV :D I also have a Facebook FanPage Amu Jane TV I also have the Animo app so please follow on Kpop Animo and some of the Animo app too ;D Ultimate Bias groups: VIXX - Leo = Starlight BTS - Suga & Jimin = ARMY GOT7 - JB, Jinyoung & Jackson = IGOT7 Boys Republic - Wonjun & Sungjun = ROYAL FAMILY TOPP DOGG - Natka =TOPP KLASS CROSS GENE - Takuya & Shin = CandY iKON - B.I = IKONIC Bias Wreckers so far... Yugyeom from GOT7 Taemin from SHINee Suwoong from Boys Republic Minsu from Boys Republic A-Tom from Topp Dogg The entire group of SEVENTEEN Other groups I like: SHINee - Jonghyun TVXQ/JYJ - Junsu EXO - Kai (Kris & Luhan) F(x) - Amber Red Velvet - Yeri Mamamoo - Hwasa SISTAR - Hyolyn Ladies' Code - Ashley