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Title for the Baekyeol/Chanbaek side story

  • No Strings (but I'm Attached to You)
  • You Want It Easy (I Want It All)
  • It's Simple (Just Pretend It Is)
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I started writing in 2015, i think? Now I have one finished chaptered fic under my belt and currently mid-way into finishing my second one.


It's a welcome surprise that people actually like reading my fics because I'm so new at this and I've a lot to learn. Which is my comments give me life and they're my fuel for writing better. So please do drop me a comment or message about what you think of my fics or my writing (good or bad, i can take it, i'm a big girl  ;) )


Friend requests are welcome  :)  but will be accepted if we've actually talked or you're a reader of my fics  ^^


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KPop is my sweet escape