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Should I write LeoxOC or LeoxVIXX member for my next M-Rated story?

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Please don't advertise on my wall! 

About Me

Hi everyone! I'm a junior university student who fell into the hole of K-Pop in 2010. I've been listening to it, and writing about it, ever since then. 

I absolutely love writing (albeit I rarely ever have the time to sit down and flesh out my feelings properly), so I use this website to post my works after I've worked on them for a bit. 

I mainly write in the Starlight fandom as VIXX is my ultimate bias group (Hongbin stans, where you at?!), but I have written in Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee, and EXO before. 

And yes, if you're wondering, most of my stories are oneshots. This is because of my time restraints, and because many of the ideas that get conjured in my mind are not long enough to be developed into a multi-chapter story. ;-; However! If you ever want to request something, simply let me know on my wall or send me a message. I'd be glad to write something for someone. ^^ That's what I did when I initially took a year or so hiatus a bit back. 

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