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Hey Guys ! ^_^ Suggest me the main character for my upcoming fanfic pleaseee ~ I 'm an EXO-L , so here are my some caharacter for my FF . Poll, juseyo ~

  • Se Hun
  • Baek Hyun
  • Chan Yeol
  • Suho

About Me

Hye , I'm the new baby in here :-) I'm an EXO-L , SONE ,ARMY , and many more . Multifandom , right ? XD My friends describe me as a fun person to be with . They said that I'm a clever but dorky girl .XD . But , in reality , they also said that I had this cold expression when I have nobody with me . Okay , I admit it . My friends also said that I am cute , pretty and sooo K-WORLD XD It's normal , I think ? kkk . Don't bash me right now or you'll get my revenge soon . I'm just this way and owh , almost forgot . I'm a Happy Vaccine !~~ Well , what can you say when my Ultimate Bias in EXO happen to be our MR Happy-Go-Lucky , Park Chanyeol ? XD My very first fanfic will be out soon, so manhi manhi gidarilkkeyo ~ I think I need to stop now before I start spazzing , huh ? XD Ok then , wait for my FF and stay to love me , okay ? Saranghaeyo yeorobun-nim ~ <3 <3 ^_^