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Hi , I just made an account to bascially comment and subscribe to the stories I read. Before I used to be a slient reader but then I kind of felt bad because the authours put a lot of effort into writing. The least I could do is comment. so here I am :D

Saw this on Tumblr , made me LOL so much XD  * Credits : Heartramen *  





Ha ha Jae's laugh is soo cute <3 Yunjae <3


About Me

I been into kpop for more than 2 years now and I am still addicited to it as I was before.  I luv the music , luv the bands and really luv the skinship between boy band members ;)  yes I am one of those girls who love  

*edit* -  more than 4 years now :D 

Anyway I will name my fav pairing in some of my fav boy bands - they are in no order , just from the top of my head 

Ft Island - Jongki  




They are soo cute together :D  both have such oppostie personality but somehow they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, thus complmenting each other. 


Dbsk - Yunjae 


I swear they are like the most popular kpop couple. Even after dbsk disbanded , there as still 1000 of new  fanfics about them. I am not suprised , the interaction between these 2 r really amazing.  I ship a lot of couples but Yunjae is the only couple that I belive is real. There is something about their hugs and their subtle shows of affection... 

Super Junior - Eunhae 


I adore the friendship between these 2. They always been close and they still are.  fishy and anchovey :D


oh and i also quite like eunsihae. its fun to see siwon ing eunhae ;)



Big Bang  - Gtop


I find Gtop cute and the secret garden paraody was hot ^^ , the kiss was cuteeee 

Mblaq - joomi 


Joomi or the baka couple as I like to call them are adorable together.  I also wonder about Mir's habit/ of trying to kiss joonie all the time ;) 

Teentop - Chunjoe 



I recently got into Teen Top and instantly chunjoe became my otp. They are both so adorable , cant stand the cuteness :D 

Infinite - Myungjong 



aww L and sungjong <33 L sometimes treat sungjong really nicely and sometimes roughly , as you can see from the pictures. I like it when he is rough ^^ ke ke lol 

BAP- Banghim 


Bang Yong Guk and Himchan fom BAP , the appa and the umma of the group :D They are my latest addiction lol  Bang and Hichannie are so cute <3 Thier couple name is epic , I mean BANG-HIM , really? it can't get any better than this :D 


tumblr_mgworm6IOF1qzh5sno2_250.gifSeKai -   exo taoris sekai baekyeol exootp - chapter image


I love Sehun and Kai , especially when they are together. I love how close they are <3 


tumblr_m9bp5zCzaF1rt21j5o1_r6_250.gif  tumblr_m9bp5zCzaF1rt21j5o2_r8_250.gif



Omg the two maknaes are soo cute together . Panda and Baby <3 



OMG KAIHUNTAO + Laughing Luhan <3 


I have a lot of others kpop otps  too , I will put them up when i have time

Getting to know Kpop led me to Jpop which I enjoy too , and is it a suprise that I also have otps in Jpop?  guess not :D 

Kat-Tun - Akame 


 Akame has always been together even when they were young and I found them really adorable.Its quite sad how they are not in the best terms right now >< *pouts* 

Kat-Tun - Kokame 



I find them funny when they are together and I like the way Koki takes care of Kame. 

I aslo have other otp , not just in Kpop and Jpop.  Before I got into Kpop and Jpop , I used to watch a lot of animes and read manga. so I have quite a lot of random and werid otps. 



Like Sasunaru 


but seriously , their friendship is cute. and Naruto is still trying to get Sasuke back.

oh and i dont knw why but sasunaru reminds of me jongki


not only do they look alike , their personalities are quite similar. well I know sasunaru is not real life but still. Jonghun is mainly calm and quite like Sasuke while Hongki is bubbly and loud like Naruto. 


so its bi for now. I will put more of my fav otps up when i have time <3