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What should I name my new story? *feel free to offer some other suggestions in the comments!*

  • Identify Me
  • Bidding Wars/Rose Wars/Identity Wars (something to do with wars? idk)
  • The Price of Love (so corny omg i'm sORRY)
  • The Rose of Victory (see if you can decode this muahaha)

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what up dudes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The name's ellie, a.k.a muzikmaster. don't judge, i made the username when i was young when i thought i was cool 
The name just stuck I guess? But I promise my fics are (hopefully) better than my username. (¬_¬;)
A little bit about me: I'm south korean-canadian irl and have been a k-pop fan since the womb a.k.a wayyy back before anyone thought it was cool and music videos were uploaded in 240p on Youtube by 3rd party channels and then you see me just on my box computer trying to get the damn thing to load.... ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) 
yeah i'm old (T▽T)
I don't have any other writing accounts on other sites except AFF, though I do have Twitter. If you see other people that have this username on places like wattpad, tumblr or such, they're not me. My stories are only written on this account only.
TL:DR; I used to go by the usernames Keylicious and Pink_Melody wayyy back when I was writing on
don't search me up pls too much secondhand embarrassment (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
I listen more to guy bands than girls, but it depends on the group. Rap, pop, R&B, jazz, a dash of rock, a pinch of classical and the occasional ballad does the trick!
I listen to a whole bunch of k-pop songs and watch dramas too but mostly only when they're completed....
I also read manga and watch anime (Inuyasha and Sailor Moon are timeless)!
If you like what you see, subscribe, drop a comment and I hope you enjoy reading my stories! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

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[ B O Y S ]
  astro    jinjin, sanha (all of them tbh)
  bangtan    jungkook
  b.a.p    zelo, daehyun, yongguk
  day6    wonpil
  db5k    jaejoong, junsu
  exo    lay, kai, baekhyun
  golden child    jaeseok (now ex-member), seungmin, tag
  ikon    bobby
  infinite    myungsoo, sungyeol
  monsta x     i.m, jooheon
  nct    jaehyun, mark
  onf    wyatt
  seventeen    vernon, dokyeom
  shinee    key, onew
  shinhwa    dongwan
  stray kids    changbinnie (and a lil bit of jeongin...)
  wanna one    kang daniel
  winner    seungyoon, mino
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  rappers    tablo, zico, penomeco, bang yongguk, rap monster, yoon mirae/tasha, reddy, bewhy
  solo artists & indie    k.will, iu, dean, zion.t, yeseo, hyukoh
  non-korean artists    gorillaz, earth wind & fire, bee gees (basically a lot of r&b, pop, jazz and soul), yiruma, chopin, etc.
  j-pop / japanese    perfume, flower, noriyuki makihara, kenichiro nishihara, nujabes, dj okawari, e-girls, melody., round table ft. nino
  k-actors    ji changwook, seo kangjun, jisung, lee sangyoon, cha taehyun, song joongki
  j-actors    sakaguchi kentaro, kento yamazaki, taishi nakagawa, sota fukushi, dean fujioka
  c-actors    yang yang, zhang han, jing bo ran, hu yi tian
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[ G I R L S ]
  apink    eunji
  blackpink    jennie
  f(x)    amber, victoria & luna
  ioi    chungha, sejeong
  loona    kim lip, jinsoul (the lovely ladies of loona odd eye circle)
  mamamoo    moonbyul
  oh my girl    binnie
  red velvet    wendy, joy
  twice    sana (사나 없이 사나 마나?)
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a few things you should know:

♥ If you don't like the way I write, you're not obligated to read. I encourage and appreciate constructive criticism, but flat out rude remarks or comments will not be tolerated.

♥ Unfortunately, I don't accept friend requests! Sorry guys! 

♥ I don't write for popularity, subscribers, or fame. I began to write because of my passion for it, and I intend to continue writing simply because I love to! :)

♥ I DO NOT give out copies of any of my stories out so that people can read it on seperate devices/print it out to read later or translate. If you're still unsure, please ask me for permission via PM!

♥ My stories and posters/graphics are NOT to be distributed, copied, saved, reproduced, etc., without my permission. 

♥ I don't write //yuri stories. 

♥ I update when I have time, motivation or when I want to - juggling life and writing isn't easy, so please don't rush me! ;_;

♥ Please don't criticize or put authors down. 

♥ Plagiarism will never be tolerated.

♥ I believe that writing is about communicating the author's feelings and ideas, therefore I don't take requests for stories (aside from in my scenario shop)! I'm sure there are other authors who will take requests on AFF.

♥ Thank you to those who respect my wishes as an author and abide to these rules! :)



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