Personal Message

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry for my lack of inactivity at the moment, but I'm seriously considering this writing-thing to become my source of income ^^; I'm currently working on several original projects, and I hope I can count on your support and understanding for the lack of new exo stories. However, I do have some story ideas to post here, but I don't know when I'll be able to get them just yet, so keep a weather eye out on the horizon!

Also, I've set up an instagram account (even though social media is still beyond my comprehension OTL) if you'd like to follow, look up @myth.hikari! I'm hoping it will be a nice platform for direct communication with those who enjoy The Fallen as well ^^ 

Thank you <3

About Me

Hi, Nin-Nin here!

I'm not really sure what I'm doing, I'm new to this, so please go easy on me ^^; 

Currently really into kpop, so I'll be writing about that mostly, provided inspiration strikes. Could be all sorts of stuff, drabbles, one-shots, AU's or random stuff that pops up in my head >u< I write for fun, so hopefully it'll show in the stories :)

I'm slowly putting up The Fallen on wattpad and Ao3 too, so if you see a version of The Fallen on those sites, don't worry: it's just me trying to get that story out there ^^.

Follow me on instagram: @myth.hikari!