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Hey everyone who's reading this, some of you might have noticed that I'm coming online less frequent, and that I don't visit your stories frequently anymore. About that, sorry, maaf, mianhae, duibuqi, paiseh. I know I've told most of you a lot in my comments already, but I'm just gonna say it again for those who don't know. I'll be having a major(-ish) exam next year, all through November till the first week of December, so the whole of next year I'll grow increasingly inactive on AFF. I'll still come online to check out for updates AT LEAST twice a month(more like once a week, if I'm honest with myself), but sorry if I don't seem as active as I was this year anymore. I still love all you awesome authors out there who write amazing stories that I fall head-over-heels in love with(in fact, you guys are probably one of the reasons I'm still sane[by fangirl standards] despite everything in life). I will resume my activeness IMMEDIATELY after I reach home after my last paper, don't worry! Also, after the exam......I MAY or MAY NOT consider crossing the border from reader to author......just saying! Anyway, -changes topic at lightning speed- I'll miss you guys, see you all next year! XD

About Me

"Okay, so, there was this one day at school when we got our new trainee English teacher, and obviously an introduction was called for(to be honest, by that point I was already so tired of introducing myself to the point that I no longer feel awkward around a new teacher). She asked for the usual name/nickname/etc thingy, then added "describe yourself with one word". Now here's a fun and interesting part, and since she was going around the class and it was awhile before my turn, I was there discussing with my partner-in-crime friend and we were thinking how we'd describe ourselves and there's like so many words I'd like to use and I would, like, settle for 'bookworm' then change it to 'weird' the next minute and yet the next minute change it to 'blurcase' or 'evil' or 'happy-go-lucky' or even /changes breath cause I haven't used a '.' in ages/ 'science-freak'.(funny how I use '.' right after I decide to change breath /facepalm/) Funnily enough, it was just as she was turning to ask me to introduce myself that the best ever word occurs to me: MENTAL. Yup, ladies and gentlemen, J here is completely and wonderfully MENTAL."

||So, what do you humans think about that supermega long paragraph above? XD That's basically an intro to me, JayneLeeSS, going by the shorter nickname of J. I'm never good at describing myself, but I HAVE noticed how my profiles on all pages that requires profiles tend to 'explain' my personality better by the way I talk, so it would be easier for anyone to get to know me if I write them from a first person point of view. For instance, you get to 'see' how much I talk, how I do very weird and stupid stuff and am basically a pabo half the time of my existence(so, if you notice I'm acting like an idiot for more than half the time you've known me, it's probably because I'm making up for when I was younger and was so idiotic I didn't know how to act like an idiot wait what did I just say O.O), and I even included some words that people may or may not use to describe me. That's one of my finest profiles, if I do say so myself. /slapped/ XD I actually have a lot of other hidden sides and personalities, but since I think I've already been talking too much, just talk to me to get to know me more. I won't bite, don't worry. Unless you're food, then I'll bite you.||

{Whew, I thought she was never going to stop talking! She talks too much, that girl. /rolls eyes/ Anyway, Valanna talking here. Call me Val, Valanna, whatever, I don't really care, so long as I know you're talking to me. J calls me her dark side, in case you guys were wondering, which is just stupid. I'm not dark, I'm the same skin tone as her. /rolls eyes again/ You probably don't want to know me though, cause I probably don't want to know you either, so don't bother contacting me. I'll still have to get to know you, though, if you talk to J, which is annoying, but who knows, I might find you interesting after all. Are we done with the intros yet? Done? Good. Now for the love of whatever god you pray to, leave me alone.}

[Hi everyone, Angelina speaking here. I really love it here on AFF, everyone I've met so far is so nice! I'm so glad to finally be able to formally introduce myself. My name is Angelina, though the others prefer to call me Angie because it's shorter. Jayne refers to me as her good side, but seriously I'm not all that good. I just tend to point out the bad sides to her decisions and lead her down a path I hope is right. I hope the rest of you out there are nice people too, and I can't wait to get to know you people! XD Talk to me sometimes, although admittedly I always get to talk to you if Jayne talks to you. :D Well, that's all for now. Bye!]

/distant bickering as Val complains that Angie just encouraged more people to talk to J when Val very expressively just told them NOT to/