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About Me

Hey~ this is SonElf07's bias^^

My bias in Girls Generation is.......... Tiffany~

In Wonder Girls is......... Sunmi And Sohee~ (It's sad cause Sunmi has left WG :_:)

In 2ne1 i like...... MInzy~

In T-ara my bias is....... Eunjung~ (Hey, do you know the WooJung couple? you know, from WGM? that's my favorite couple besides SiFany... how bout you? do you like WooJung? what's your fav couple?)

In Brown Eyed Girls i like...... Ga In~

In F(x) i like..... Sulli~

I also like A pink a bit (especially yookyung and na eun, bomi)



oh! and i hate my unnie! she likes to use my account and subscribe to a fic! i'm not even 18 yet! aish unnie you're sooo annoying! and i dont care if you see this :p but sometimes i do love you as my beloved sister :))

Okay, lets start talking about boybands!~~^^

I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR. I mean duhh, who doesn't know these talented guys?

In SJ i like... Wookie~

(Its soooo cuteeee~)

I also like this gif

I'm like "God,thank you for creating such a beauty" XD but seriously that is hot

In beast I like Yoseob~~

Isn't he cute??? ~^^~

2pm.... Chansung :D

hmm yea so I think that's it...