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males: lai guanlin, zhang yixing, oh sehun, yoo seonho, dean, zico, onew, jin, jimin, zelo, dk, hanbin, dino, shownu, hyungwon, junhoe, mark lee, renjun, haechan, taeyong, etc etc.

females: jennie kim, rosé, jisoo, lisa, yoona, sunny, seulgi, yeri, heize, taeyeon, jeongyeon, momo, krystal, luna, amber, etc etc.




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hi, welcome to my profile. i'm an exo-l, wannable, and a blink. i used to go by laysbagofchips because my ultimate bias is zhang yixing but i'm currently obsessing over lai guanlin and he might as well be another ultimate bias at this point lmao so until the day wanna one is no more, i'll keep laysbagofchips at rest until then. my favorite girl group is blackpink because i've loved them since their debut; they even debuted on my birthday. my bias is jennie, but they're all my girls. i rarely write on here anymore lmao but i do covers with my friends on here. i'm a part of Dream Entertainment under the group Girls United and a part of its subunit, Blue Moon. i'm also a part of BA Entertainment and LME, though i'm more active in the first two i mentioned. i guess that's it? feel free to friend me if you'd like :D