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Who do you think is the best boyfriend for Park Shin Hye?

  • Jang Geun Suk
  • Jung Yong Hwa
  • Lee Hong Ki
  • Baek Sung Hyun

Personal Message

Please check out my fanfic stories:


1. My Bestfriend, My Love (GeunShin Couple)  --- Completed

2. Forever and Always (GeunShin Couple)  --- Rated M ---- Completed

3. When Sparks Fly (YongShin Couple)

















About Me

Hhhmmm... what can i say about myself?


Well, here are the facts!!!


Twilight Related Facts


1. Totally obsessed with twilight saga (both books and movies)

2. Read all the 4 books of twilight for the nth time

3. Has a complete collection of all the books related to twilight (official books of course) including:

        - Twilight

        - New moon

        - Eclipse

        - Breaking Dawn

        - the short second life of bree tanner (interesting story)

        - twilight saga: the official guide

        - twilight: director's notebook (by catherine hardwicke)

        - twilight and new moon complete illustrated movie companion

4. Watched all twilight movies for the nth time (memorized all the sequence and script)

5. Favorite twilight movie: New Moon

6. Favorite twilight book: Breaking Dawn


Non-Twilight Related Facts:


1. Love to read historical novels

2. Favorite authors:

      - Lisa Kleypas

      - Julia Quinn

      - Julie Garwood

      - Jacquie d' Alessandro

      - Samantha James

      - Suzanne Enoch

 (has to stop there or else the list will be endless =D)

3. Owns a cabinet (or two) full of books

4. Loves to collect dvds and vcds

5. Loves to listen to music

6. Fave Movies not related to Twilight or Harry Potter:

      - What Happens in Vegas (totally hilarious)

      - If Only (totally bawled over these)

      - The Notebook (fell in love with Noah... the perfect man.... my dream man)

      - Three Idiots (Indian Movie - very funny but the insights are simply amazing... and touching... wish I had friends like them)

      - Taken (a father's love knows no bounds.... like my dad... i'm sure if I'll get lost he'll move heaven and earth to find me)

      -  A Walk To Remember (wish I had someone who will do anything for me... even marry me knowing I'll be gone soon.... *sob sob*)

      - The Last Song (fell in love with Liam Hemsworth)

     - Lorenzo's Oil (a story about the mother's struggle as she fought to help find cure for her son's illness... i think it was leukemia and it had no cure before

7. Some of My Fave Classic Movies

    - Somewhere in Time (still bring tears to my eyes... until now)

    - An Affair To Remember (I had the hots for Cary Grant...)  

    - Sound of Music (just love the Von Trapp kids... felt sorry for them for losing their mom... just like me... but unlike them, I don't think I can accept anyone as a stepmom)

    - Casablanca (it was mentioned in one of the books I read in high school and it got me interested enough to check out... and liked it)

    - The King and I (the king is the one who portrayed as the Pharoah in 'The Ten Commandments' which I also watched)

    - Gone with the Wind (these two lovers are the worst pair... both too arrogant and unyielding... and selfish and unforgiving... no wonder they were separated at the end)

8. Not really into Horror Movies but I watched a few flick like

     - Jeeper's Creeper 1 and 2 (JC1 was a little bit scary esp when the guy went down the drain and found all the bodies there.... JC2 was thrilling because of all the chase scenes)

     - Drag Me to Hell (it was funny when the old hag tried to bite the girl... only to find out that she did not have her dentures on... quite pointless to bite, don't you think so... it might even have been ticklish if it was not a revolting idea, what with the saliva dripping from -- yuck!!!)

     - Bride of Chucky (some parts were quite funny but creepy... hated it when the mirror fell down on the couple in their water bed....totally gruesome)


Harry Potter Related Facts:


1. Totally crazy over these series

2. Read all the 7 books of Harry Potter

3. Found Daniel Radcliffe to be adorable at the first movie (Sorcerer's Stone)... not so adorable after the third movie ='(

4.Fave Spell: Expecto Patronum --- wish I could conjure a dolphin... my fave animal... seems stupid actually if you think about it ='( 

5. Fave Spell for Enemies: Avada Kedavra --- fitting, isn't it? especially if you're very furious hehehe

6. Wish I can be as clever and as naughty as the Weasley twins =)

7. Fave Book: Prisoner of Azkaban (revealed many secrets in Harry Potter's life)

8. Fave Movie: Sorcerer's Stone (cute and innocent harry.... love the invasion of the mails and owls)

9. Least Fave Movie: Prisoner of Azkaban (they changed it too much that many secrets were not mentioned... had memorized the book only to be disappointed with the movie... after that I didn't even bother to read the book again so I won't be disappointed)


Asian Related Facts:


1. Crazy over Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa

2. Went gaga over "You're Beautiful" and Heartstrings

3. Watches fave clips of "You're beautiful" and "Heartstrings" before sleeping

4. Mooning over Mike He

5. Fave Korean Series:

      - Heartstrings

      - You're Beautiful

      - Endless Love 1 (Autumn in My Heart)

      - Endless Love 2 (Winter Sonata)

      - Endless Love 3 (Summer Scent)

      - Endless Love 4 (Spring Waltz)

      - Personal Taste

      - Boys Over Flower

6. Fave Taiwan Series

       - Devil Beside You

       - Why Why Love

       - Fated To Love You

       - Easy Fortune Happy Life


The Pinay In Me


1. Love to eat mangga-apple with bagoong (hhmmm yummy ---- makes my stomach growl)

2. Love to climb trees

3. Love to play patintero, hide-and-seek, jerry base, jackstone, jumping rope and chinese garter (well, during my younger years)

4. Love to stroll at the rice fields (totally promdi)

5. Some of My Fave Tagalog Movies

      - Here Comes the Bride (my stomach hurt after watching this movie)

      - And I Love You So (it actually made me cry)

      - Anak (loved the way Claudine played the rebellious daughter)

      - My Big Love (I love Tony and Sam tandem... lots of chemistry... wish they will make another movie together)

      - You Got Me (Another Tony-Sam movie)

6. Not really fond of tagalog teleserye... too much violence and it takes too long to finish.... but doesn't mean it's not good... not just what i'm looking for

7. Believes that there are many talented filipinos that are not yet discovered

8. Proud of filipino talents like Charice, Arnel Pineda, Leah Salonga and Apl d Ap

9. Likes Sarah G., Juris and Rachel



The Kid In Me


1. Love to watch spongebob squarepants and the backyardigans in nickelodeon with my nieces

2. Still keeps the stuff toys given to me at christmas parties

3. I prefer to receive stuff toys as gifts instead of pocketbooks (many think that i want to receive p-books as gifts just because i love to read --- totally mistaken.... i hate it when they give me books... well, except if they know my fave authors, then it's acceptable... but most of the time they give me books that are totally worthless...a waste of time to read)

4. Love to watch Barbie Movies (I have a complete collection of all the Barbie Movies... yipee!)

5. Some of my fave kid movies:

       - Never Ending Story

       - Home Alone (don't know how many parts there is.... but I love all where Macaulay Culkins starred in)

       - Baby Geniuses (if this movie is actually true... then we are in big trouble)

       - Baby's Day Out (totally hilarious.... the goons are incredibly stupid!)



New Obsession


1. Writing short fics for AFF

2. Watching youtube for new songs


Well... that's it so far.... what I wanted to share with you... other obsessions are personal heart