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Personal Message

Check out: lilith the phoenix and thanks in advance



I live in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me.



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About Me

Hello there ✌️, friends call me Mei or MejiChan which obviously has nothing to do with my real name, 97liner and a college student taking accountancy as a course. /do accountancy they said, it will be easy they said/ /living hell/ 

More facts about me:

  • I'm fantasy trash person cause we need fantasy to survive the reality. I'm addicted to anything releated to supernatural and fantasy stuff by that I mean stories, fanfics, movies and TV shows.


I'm open to any good fantasy fanfics suggestion featuring EXO!

  • I'm a loyal KISSme and Kiseop is my perfect illusion is that guy even real?!

  • I adore EXO as well, those 12 dorks with epic superpowers ruined my life with their perfection and Mr Chogiwa is my bias.

  • I got a soft spot for this adorable puppy that killed me with his overload cuteness and black hair /look at that smile / 

  • By my two previous facts you can conclude that I'm a ChanBaek/ BaekYeol shipper 


  • EXO is a kpop  band where you choose one as bias and get 11 for free /ot12/ /getting emo/ 

  • I'm a golden star, Jung Sooyeon is my ultimate female bias of all the time My GorJess 

  • I also like other Kpop bands such as: Laboum, BTS, Got7, Infinite, teen top...


  • I can speak 4 language: Arabic, French, English and a little bit of Italian.
  • My hobbies are: Listening to music, drawing, writing and maybe dancing 
  • I'm a friendly and kind person until you get on my bad side.
  • I love making new friends so feel free to send me a friend request and speak with me. 
  • My wattpad account and twitter account.
  • Feel free also to add me on my aff joint account with my lovely friend HelloitsMira called TheMagicRealm where we will be soon posting our epic fanfic, stay tuned and thanks in advance ❤️.