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Personal Message

I' m an ELF and will forever be part of the Saphhire Sea. My bias is Lee Hyukjae (look at the section below XD) cuz he's just too handsome, cute, adorable, a dork, y and oh so yummy XD Who can resist him??!!!!!!!!!!! So yea i fell for his charming spell :))))) I only write fic about eunhae/haehyuk and will sometimes write about kyumin, but rarely. I love to make new friends so please don't hesitate to add me....i don't bite...well i only bite Hyukkie XD

I'm more active on twitter so follow me there also and i do follow back. 

Thx everyone that read my fic and luving them. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That's all...hope to make many more friends here :)))))))


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Enough say about me??? Or do I need to repeat myself XD