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popular/or my fave stories written by me:

ft. member nam ethan, jung maj, lee vino, kwon jaekwan, guk jangmun, yoo maru

status: story ongoing

company: woolliment
royal chronicles

ft. han woncheol, Yeong Ahin, Choi Hyunjun, Wa Samin/Gisu, Han Changsung/n2C, Gong Taehana, and Seok Yongsoo

staus: story onging

company: highgrnd label

ft.  park seyeon, granada mary, jang hyunmi, lee via, nam erin, kang sulli, kim hyemi, moon chaerin, kim haneul

status: closed/hiatus

company: woolliment
concealed identity
favorite story

When fate and destiny plays them with or against one another, how many lives will be lost, how many will be spared, and how many will be saved?
she has the handcuffs
most upvoted, chapters, and commented story

A woman in her late 20's; trying to grab ahold of two careers, as a teacher and mentor simultaneously she encounters three men that won't disturb just her way of life, but destroy it. 
the dead wayfarers
series I
A zombie apocalypse broke out in North Korea for unknown causes. The world were infested with zombies, better known as wayfarers, in a short amount of time.
Yoo Seungho's family of seven also fell victim. From the outside Seungho seemed decent and weak, but his main goal to keep his brother alive turned him into a heartless and cold person.
Due to his wise decisions, he earned the position of leading his many peers and growing circle. However, in the past Seungho made a bad decision and now they want him.
the dead wayfarers 2
series II

After being separated from his only known friends and family, a new environment was forced upon Seungho. Through heartaches from the past and strange experiences, Seungho is one of the few human beings who'd prefer to travel the world on feet; in a world where more than half of the population are dead wayfarers. 

Find out if Seungho will be able to reunite with those he once cherished and had lost or will that reunion never come to pass?


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Bias list (not in order, except 1 and 2nd place)
infinite: sunggyu / infinite
Lovelyz: baby soul / lovelyz
Golden child: jangjun, joochan, y / Golcha
Hotshot: ko hojung
Imfact: Jeup
t-ara: jiyeon

SUJU: yesung / heechul
history: jaeho
shinee: jonghyun
tvxq: max
2pm: jun.k
big bang: daesung
ss501: kyujong
teen top: Niel/l. joe/chunji
sistar" bora / Hyorin
secret: jieun
fx: amber
red velvet: seulgi
bap: yongguk / jongup / youngjae / daehyun
btob: changsub
100%: chanyong/changbum/jonghwan
speed: yoohwan
zea: dongjun / Kwanghee / siwan / hyungsik
beast: kikwang/yoseob
the boss: mika
u-kiss: eli
topp dogg: p-goon/b-joo/a-tom/nakta
ft island: jaejin
monsta x: kihyun

inspirit & lovelinus & Golcha's fan
A little about me!
first off i am not interested in roleplays, so if you post any roleplays on my wall you'll get this: 
[checking this out after getting an ad on my wall] layout looks great and this looks fun but sadly i do not do roleplays. either way, best of luck!

Secondly i'm a big time woollim stan, i've been following woollim artists for seven years but became a stan six years ago (2010) after infinite debuted. however, i've always followed nell and epik high before they left. i still support epik high. so if you're a woollim stan then don't be afraid to drop by and say hi!
i'm also a big time final fantasy, kingdom hearts, naruto (or should i say gaara), k-drama, j-drama, c-drama, tai-drama, thai lakorn, hmong movie fan so friend me! 
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  Thank you goldenblood for the awesome DP!

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