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Exo or BTS?

  • Exo (D.O. fanfic)
  • BTS (Suga fanfic)

Personal Message

Hi! My name is Yendi, I'm from Mexico. I love kpop, my favorite group is Boyfriend, and my bias is Youngmin.

Still, I've been in the kpop world for quite a while, so I've grown up love for other groups also kkk


Other groups I like and bias.

Shinee - Taemin 

Vixx - Leo

Got7 - Mark

Teen Top - L. Joe

100% - Changbum

B1A4- Jinyoung

Exo - D.O.


BTS -Jungkook (stil getting to know them though)

My first language is Spanish, I'm still learning English, hope you understand. 

About Me

Kpop (specially Boyfriend) fanfic writer. My goals are to improve my writing  day by day and to be able to transmit a possitive message through my stories; all of this while the readers enjoy an interesting and entertaining plot. English isn't my first language, so I try my best to study Grammar, in order to reduce this type of mistakes in my writing. Hope you understand.